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YouTube Not Working on Sony TV – Best Fixes

by Natalie
YouTube Not Working on Sony TV

YouTube is the most popular video streaming app in the world. You can stream all kinds of videos from the app like music, technology, lifestyle, vlogs, and much more. Moreover, anyone can create YouTube channels and earn money from the videos that they make. It is a great platform for individual creators. YouTube is available on almost all devices. But, sometimes, you won’t be able to stream the videos properly on the app because of the technical glitches. If you have Sony Smart TV and the YouTube app is not working on your TV, here are the best fixes to rectify the problem.

How to Fix YouTube Not Working on Sony Smart TV

If you are facing problems like the YouTube app not launching, loading videos slowly, showing an error message, and the app screen freezing, you can use the fixes given below to solve the problem. The given fixes are applied to Sony Android TV, Sony BRAVIA TV, and the other Android TV models.

  • Check the internet connection
  • Update YouTube
  • Clear the YouTube app’s cache
  • Restart Sony Smart TV
  • Factory Reset Sony Smart TV

Check the Internet Connection

If the YouTube app loads the content slowly, you must check your internet connection first. The YouTube app needs a strong internet connection to stream the video. If there is no proper signal in the network, it won’t load the content. So, restart your router and then try again. If not, you can contact the internet service provider and ask them for a reason.

Update YouTube

The YouTube app is being updated often. If the app shows an error message or the app doesn’t launch, you must check whether you have updated the YouTube app on Android TV. If not, make use of the below-given steps to update the YouTube app.

1. Turn on your Sony Smart TV and tap on the Apps section on the menu bar.

2. Open Play Store and move to the Updates section.

3. Search for the YouTube app and choose the app from the search results.

4. Tap Update and the app will be updated immediately.

5. Now, you can launch the app and stream videos seamlessly.

Clear the YouTube App’s Cache

Most often, we don’t clear cache in the app and so more temporary files are stored. Due to this, the YouTube app may not work on Sony Smart TV. So, you can clear the cache and data on the app to make the app work.

1. Click on Settings on your Sony TV’s home screen.

2. Search for Apps from the option you get and select the YouTube app.

3. On the screen that appears, tap on Clear Data and click OK for confirmation.

clear data on the app

4. Next, choose Clear Cache and select OK to delete the cache in the YouTube app.

clear cache if youtube is not working on sony tv

5. Choose the Force Stop option to close the app and press the Home button on the remote.

tap force reset option

6. Now, launch the YouTube app and start streaming on your Sony TV.

Restart Sony Smart TV

A simple restart can fix your problem. So, restart your Sony TV and try streaming on the app. To restart your Sony TV,

1. Unplug the power cable of the TV from the app and wait for a few minutes.

2. After that, replug the cable and switch on the TV.

3. Now, launch the YouTube app stream without any issues.

Factory Reset Sony Smart TV

If the problem persists after trying out all the fixes, finally, you can factory reset your Sony TV. However, the reset erases all the data on your TV.

1. Go to Settings of your Sony Smart TV.

2. Click Device Preferences.

click device preferences if youtube is not working on sony tv

3. On the next screen, scroll down and choose the Reset option.

click reset on the screen

4. Click Factory Reset and choose Erase Everything.

tap factory reset if youtube is not working on sony tv

5. Provide the password and press OK to confirm to factory reset your Sony TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is my YouTube app not working on Sony Smart TV?

It is because of too many temporary files on the app. Clear the cache of the YouTube app and the app will work properly.

2. How do I update YouTube on my Sony Bravia Smart TV?

In Sony Bravia Smart TV, you can use the Play Store to update the YouTube app.

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