YouTube Not Working on Samsung TV: Best Fixes

by Natalie

YouTube is the #1 used platform to watch movies and other related videos. It offers personalized recommendations and keeps you stay up-to-date with the latest news, trending videos, and more. It is free with ads, while the basic YouTube Premium costs about $11.99 per month and offers a free trial for new subscribers. Of all the regions, Argentina and India are said to be the less expensive countries to have the cheapest YouTube Premium. YouTube on TV may stop working due to some software or technical glitches. It is always recommended to contact the support center, but before that, it is recommended to carry out some troubleshooting options on hand when your YouTube is not working on your Samsung smart TV.

How to Fix YouTube Not Working on Samsung TV

The possible fixes you could try on your Samsung TV to fix the YouTube app not working issue are listed down.

  • Power Cycle Samsung TV
  • Check for YouTube Server Status
  • Check your Internet Connection
  • Update YouTube
  • Reset Samsung TV
  • Reset YouTube
  • Reset Samsung Smart TV’s Smart Hub
  • Reinstall YouTube
  • Clear Cache Memory
  • Disable VPN Service
  • Contact Support

Power Cycle Samsung TV

We can power cycle our Samsung TV with two methods.

  • Using Remote
  • Using Power Source

Using Remote

Long press the power button on your Samsung TV remote and wait until your TV turns off completely. After some time, turn on your TV again and see if the app is working or not.

Using Power Source

The power source is the large circuit board found in the wall.

1. Disconnect the main cable of your Samsung TV from the power outlet.

2. Press and hold the Power button of your TV for some time.

3. Connect back the power cable to the power source after some time.

4. Turn on your TV and check whether YouTube is working on your Samsung TV or not.

Check YouTube Server Status

Apps found in Smar TV can also stop working due to the bad server status. You can check the server status of YouTube on the official site or through the Downdetector, a third-party website that shows the server status and the problems quoted in each app.

YouTube not working on Samsung TV- Downdetector

Check your Internet Connection

The internet connection on your TV may scatter due to network glitches. If you are in a region where the climate is unsuitable for a good internet connection, you must check it often for a smooth connection. Also, try to refresh the screen by right-clicking or pressing F5 on your Keyboard. You can even disconnect and connect your TV to WIFI with the highest bandwidth.

1. With your Samsung TV remote, go to Settings.

2. Then search for the Network Settings. It will be found in the General Menu, or use the search bar to type and search it.

3. Select Network Status. You can also view what type of network connection you are using, how many days you are using the internet, and how much storage is used will also be displayed on the screen.

Update YouTube

Apps that are running on the old version may stop working sometimes. It is vital to use the latest and updated version of the app on the Samsung TV. You can update the app from Play Store.

1. On your Samsung TV, go to the Smart Hub.

2. Then, click on Featured.

3. After that, select the YouTube app to update, or you can update all the apps at a time.

4. Finally, tap on Update to finish the process of updating.

Reset Samsung TV

You can also reset your Samsung smart TV to make the apps work back to their original stage.

1. Press the menu button on your TV remote to start the process.

2. Choose Support and click on Self Diagnosis.

3. Then, click on Reset and enter the TV pin you have framed for your Samsung Smart TV.

4. The factory reset menu will appear on your TV screen and confirm it to complete the process.

Reset YouTube

1. On your home screen, open Settings.

2. Under the TV category, select the YouTube app.

3. Clear the data memory and cache memory and click OK.

4. After that, click on Force Stop.

5. Again, open the app and check whether it is working or not.

Reset Samsung TV Smart Hub

If YouTube is still not working on your Samsung TV, try to reset the smart hub. It deletes all the files on your device.

1. Initially, press the home button on your remote.

2. Then go to Settings and click on Support.

3. Choose Device Care from that and select Self Diagnosis, followed by Reset Smart Hub.

4. Finally, your Samsung TV’s Smart Hub will be reset.

Reinstall YouTube

You can reinstall YouTube if it freezes, stop working, or it becomes unresponsive. However, before starting this process, you have to uninstall YouTube on your TV first.

1. Turn on your TV and press the home button on your TV remote.

2. Launch the Google Play Store on your Samsung TV and search for YouTube.

3. Finally, click on Install to download the YouTube on your Samsung TV.

Reinstall YouTube

Clear Cache Memory

When your data and cache memory is full, the apps on your device may not work in some instance. You have to delete the unwanted or unused files day by day to save the storage memory of the apps on your device.

1. Initially, click on the home button on your Samsung Smart TV remote.

2. Then, go to Settings and click on Apps followed by System Apps.

3. Choose the app which you want to clear the cache memory.

4. Finally, tap on Ok to confirm the process.

Disable VPN service

Although smart TVs support VPN (Virtual Private Network) service, sometimes they may not be compatible with it.

1. Take your Samsung TV remote control and click on the VPN installed on your TV.

2. Open the VPN and wait for a few seconds and let the options and the apps load.

3. Then, search for the off switch or button.

4. Finally, turn off or disable your VPN service on your TV. You can also turn it on by clicking on the switch again.

Contact Support

If none of those above-mentioned steps solve YouTube not working on Samsung TV, you shall try to contact the YouTube Support Center. You can type your unsolved issue on the describe your issue box, or you can browse the topic if you are not confirmed with the keyphrase. You can look for the common queries and their answers to fix up the issue. If that doesn’t help you out, you shall contact Customer care.

Contact YouTube Support

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1. Why YouTube is not connecting with my Samsung Smart TV?

First, update the app and your TV. Check whether the model of your TV is capable of running apps like YouTube.

2. Why is YouTube not showing pictures on my TV?

The black screen issues can occur when its software is outdated or because of an improper network connection.

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