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How to Fix YouTube Not Working on Android Smart TV

by Natalie
YouTube not working on Android TV

YouTube is so popular that people worldwide use it on all kinds of devices they have. It includes smartphones, tablets, computers, and more. The same is the case with the Android TV as well. You can easily add and stream the YouTube app on your Android TV like any other supported app. However, it is reported that the YouTube app is not working on Android TV properly at certain times. There might be more than just one reason causing the issue on the YouTube app. In the same way, we have a few different troubleshooting tips that can help you fix the issue in concern. Let’s find out how to fix the issue when YouTube is not working on your Android TV or Android TV Box.

YouTube Not Working on Android TV

YouTube Not Working on Android Smart TV / Android TV Box: Troubleshooting Tips

Let’s find useful troubleshooting tips that can help anyone having issues with the YouTube app on Android TV.

Check Your Internet Connection

The first thing that you have to check is your Internet connection. The poor internet connection can cause the YouTube app to slow down and buffer.

1. On your Android TV, launch the Settings menu from the home screen.

2. Next, select the Network and Internet option.

Network & Internet

3. Here, you can check if your internet connection is working fine or not.

If you find that the internet connection is not proper, you can use another one. However, you can try restarting your router before that. Turn off the router for a few minutes and then turn it back on to fix the issue.

Restart the YouTube App

You must ensure that the issue is not with the YouTube app. For the same, it is advised to restart your YouTube app.

1. Close the YouTube app that has issues on your device.

2. After waiting for a few minutes, launch the YouTube app once again.

3. Check if any other streaming application is running in the background, causing YouTube to buffer.

Log In to the YouTube App Once Again

Some of the Android TV users have found that logging into the YouTube app once again helped to fix the issue. So, let’s check it out on our app that has issues. For this, log out your Google account in the YouTube app. Wait for a few minutes, and then log into your account once again. Check if your app is still coming up with issues. If you find that the app is still buffering, you can go on to the next step.

YouTube Not Working on Android TV

Force Stop YouTube App

If the above measures were helpless, the Force Stop of the YouTube app might help you. Force stop will eliminate all the issues associated with the app.

1. From the Android TV home screen, launch the Settings menu.

2. Go to the Apps section and highlight the YouTube app.

3. Next, choose the Force Stop option on the menu that appears on your screen.

Force Stop

4. Also, confirm the Force Stop by clicking on the OK option.

5. Wait for a few seconds and launch the YouTube app again.

If the issues with your YouTube app have not been resolved, you need to move on to the next troubleshooting tip.

Update YouTube App

As we already know, when you leave an app with a pending update, it might cause issues with its performance. So, you always need to use the latest version of any app.

1. On your Android TV, launch the Google Play Store.

2. Click on the Settings option and choose the Auto Update Apps option.

YouTube Not Working on Android TV

3. Enable the Auto Update App at Any Time option.

4. It will perform the pending updates on apps, including YouTube.

5. Now, you need to launch the YouTube app and check if the issue has been fixed. If you don’t feel so, move on to the next step.

Delete the YouTube App Data

If the YouTube app data are corrupted or outdated, you might face issues with the app on your Android TV. So, follow these instructions and delete the app data properly.

1. On Android TV, launch Settings and click on the Apps section.

2. On the menu, select the Delete Data or Clear Data option.

Clear Data

3. Next, confirm the same by clicking on the OK option.

Software Update

Sometimes, the issue you are facing might be because of a pending software update. Since we have eliminated all issues from the YouTube app, we can now focus more on the device software. You will be notified on the top right corner of the home screen whenever a software update is available. Once you see it, click on it and choose the Update option. On the next pop-up, click on the Details option and choose the Update Now option.

Restarting Your Android TV

1. Turn off your Android TV with the help of its remote.

2. Remove the power cord from the power plug.

3. Keep the device unplugged for the next few minutes.

4. After waiting for the desired time, you can reconnect the device to the power source.

5. Turn on your device and check if the YouTube app is still showing the issues.

Note – As all the models of Android TV come with official support for YouTube, it is advisable not to sideload it with the Downloader or Aptoide TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why isn’t my YouTube working on my Smart TV?

The reason for the YouTube app not working on your Android TV must be because of the app, internet, or Android TV. So, follow all the troubleshooting tips mentioned above.

2) Why is YouTube not working on my TV now?

YouTube might not be working because of a pending update or issues with the internet. The above-mentioned troubleshooting tips will help you out.

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