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How to Get Windscribe VPN on Android TV

by Natalie
Windscribe VPN Android TV

Online security will always be a serious concern. Thanks to the popular VPN services today, we can ensure that we receive the security we deserve online. Still, it is necessary to choose the best VPN service so that we get the best features. In that context, let’s talk about  Windscribe VPN which safeguards your devices online. The most attractive factor of Windscribe is its free tier. The free tier offers you a maximum of 10GB of bandwidth every month. Let’s move on to learn about adding the Windscribe VPN on your Android TV.


Free Tier

  • The free tier of Windscribe gives you access to servers from 10 different countries.
  • Also, get 10GB/month with a confirmed email address.

Customized Plan

  • You can customize your VPN subscription based on the number of servers you need access to.
  • You need a minimum of $2 for a subscription and pay $1 per month for every server you need.

Pro Plan

  • Pro Plan gives you access to all the features and locations.
  • Also, get access to unlimited bandwidth and connect to around 58 countries.

Windscribe VPN on Android TV

Windscribe has its own official app on the Android TV platform for download. So, it is a lot easy for you if you wish to access Windscribe VPN.

How to Add Windscribe VPN on Android TV

#1. Power on your Android TV and connect to your WiFi.

#2. Launch the Google Play Store and select the Search menu.

Home screen

#3. Search for the Windscribe app using the search bar.

Google Play Store

#4. Pick up the Windscribe app icon from the search results.

Windscribe app icon

#5. Start downloading the same by clicking on the Install button.

Windscribe VPN Install

#6. Next, wait for the download to finish.

#7. Launch the Windscribe VPN and sign in to your account.

#8. Connect to a VPN network and stream the content without any restrictions.

How to Sideload Windscribe VPN on Android TV

Installing Downloader on Android TV

#1. Turn on your Android TV and launch the Google Play Store.

Google Play Store

#2. Select the Search icon and search for the Downloader by AFTV news app.

#3. Pick up the Downloader app icon from the suggestions and click on Install.

Install Downloader on Android TV

Enabling the Unknown Sources

#1. Launch the Android TV Settings from its home screen.

Settings Android TV

#2. On the menu, click on the Security & Restrictions option.

#3. Select the Unknown Sources option from the menu.

#4. Click on the Downloader app and turn on the toggle.

Installing Windscribe VPN on Android TV using Downloader

#1. Launch the Downloader app on Android TV.

#2. Select the Allow option as a prompt appears on your screen.

#3. Type in the Windscribe VPN Android TV APK URL.

#4. To download the Windscribe VPN APK, click on the Go option.

Go button Downloader

#5. Start installing the Windscribe VPN on your TV and wait for it to complete.

Install Windscribe VPN Android TV

#6. Once the download completes, launch the Windscribe app and sign in to your account. Stream your favorite video content without any restrictions.

Windscribe Alternative

If you aren’t satisfied with the features of Windscribe, you can sign up and use the following VPN that are freely available on Android TV.

  • ProtonVPN
  • Hotspot Shield
  • Zenmate

If you want to use the premium VPN services, try the following ones.

Other Supported Devices

Windscribe on devices

Anyone can access Windscribe on any one of the following devices.

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android phone
  • Tablet
  • Windows PC
  • Mac
  • Web Browsers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Windscribe work on Android TV?

Yes, you can download and access Windscribe VPN on your Android TV.

Is Winscribe VPN good?

Yes, Windscribe VPN has all the features that you are looking for. Above all, you have different subscription tiers and you can customize your subscription.

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