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How to Stream Vudu on Android TV / Box

by Natalie
Vudu on Android TV

Vudu is a popular streaming service and digital video store owned by Fandango Media. Vudu is a completely different streaming app. On Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and HBO Max, you will have a monthly or yearly subscription. But in Vudu, you can pay only for the video title you want. You can buy or rent video titles from the Vudu app, and there is no monthly or yearly commitment. With Vudu on Android TV, you will have early access to theater content and TV shows from various networks.

Vudu Pricing

There is no fixed pricing in the Vudu app. You can pay and access the content anytime by buying permanently or renting it for a while. This buy or rent price varies based on the title you choose. Also, Vudu offers free content to stream with ads. In Vudu, you will get bundle offers like four films for $14.99, $4.99 on weekends, and so on.

How to Sign Up for Vudu

Before installing Vudu on Android TV, make sure to have a Vudu account. If you have already signed up, skip this step or follow the step to sign up for Vudu.

[1] Go to the Vudu website on your smartphone or PC.

[2] Hover over Sign in and choose to Create an Account.

Sign up for Vudu

[3] Enter your first name, last name, email id, and password.

Create an account - Vudu on Android TV

[4] Check the box next to the password to verify that you are 18+ years old.

[5] Finally, click on Sign Up to create an account.

[6] On the next screen, tap the Create Free Account button.

Click the Create Free Account button

[7] Now, you have successfully created the Vudu account.

Vudu on Android TV

Vudu is available on almost all models of Android TV and Android TV box. You can simply download the application from the Google Play Store.

Supported Android TVs

  • Sony Smart TV
  • Mi Smart TV
  • TCL Smart TV
  • Hisense Smart TV
  • Sharp Smart TV
  • Philips Smart TV
  • JVC Smart TV

Supported Android TV Boxes

How to Install Vudu on Android Smart TV

[1] Turn on your Android Smart TV.

[2] Choose Google Play Store from the home screen.

Play Store

[3] Search for the Vudu app.

Search - Vudu on Android TV

[4] Tap the Install button on the next screen.

[5] Once installed, launch the Vudu app on your TV.

How to Activate Vudu on Android TV

[1] Once you open the Vudu app, you will get the 6-digit activation code on your Android TV screen.

[2] Now, go to the Vudu activation website (https://www.vudu.com/start).

[3] Enter the 6-digit activation code and click the Log In button.

Activate Vudu on Android TV

[4] After the successful log in, the Vudu app on your Android TV will refresh automatically.

[5] Now, you can start streaming the Vudu video content.

How to Cast Vudu to Android TV

The latest version of the Vudu app comes with Cast support. With that, you can easily cast the app to your Android TV.

[1] Connect your Android TV and smartphone to the same WiFi network.

[2] Install the Vudu app on your smartphone from the Play Store or App Store.

[3] Open the Vudu app and sign in with your account.

[4] Choose the video title that you want to watch on your Android TV.

[5] Now, tap the Cast icon.

Cast Vudu to Android TV

[6] On the list of devices, choose the Android TV device.

[7] Now, play the video title. It will appear on your Android TV.

[8] To stop the casting, tap the Cast icon and choose Disconnect.

How to Access Vudu Web Version on Android TV

[1] Open any of the web browsers on your Android TV.

[2] Go to the Vudu website.

[3] Sign in with your Vudu account.

[4] Choose any of the video titles and watch them on your Android TV.

Stream Vudu web browser on Android TV

How to Watch Vudu on Android TV Outside the US

Vudu is accessible only in the USA. Other than that, the application is not accessible anywhere around the world. If you want to watch Vudu in other countries, you have to sideload the app on your Android TV.

[1] Launch Google Play Store on your Android TV.

[2] Search for the Downloader app.

Play Store

[3] Select the Downloader app and tap the Install button.


[4] From the Play Store, install the Sideload Launcher from the Play Store. Without the Sideload Launcher on Android TV, you can’t access the APK files.

[5] After installation, get back to the home screen and open Settings.

[6] Choose the Device Preferences menu and select the Security and Restrictions option.

Security & restrcitions settings

[7] Choose Unknown Sources and enable the Install Unknown Apps toggle for the Downloader app.

Enable Downloader's toggle

[8] Now, launch the Downloader app on Android TV.

[9] Go to the Search bar and enter the AFTVnews Plugin URL (browser.aftvnews.com) and download it. Without the plugin, you can’t install apk files on Downloader.

[10] Then, enter the Vudu APK for Android TV URL.


[11] Click on Go to download the APK file on your TV.

[12] Tap the Install button to get the Vudu app on Android TV.

[13] Then, install any VPN like NordVPN or ExpressVPN on your Android TV.

[14] Open the ExpressVPN and set the server location to the US.

[15] Once connected, launch Vudu on your TV.

[16] Complete the activation process.

[17] Now, you can watch all the Vudu shows on your Android TV without any geo-restrictions.

Other Supported Devices

  • Android Smartphone
  • iPhone
  • iPad (SD Streaming)
  • Android Tablets (SD Streaming)
  • Chromecast
  • Chromecast with Google TV
  • Fire TV, Stick, and Cube
  • Roku
  • Playstation 3 & Playstation 4
  • Web App (using browser)
  • Windows 10 & Windows 11
  • Xbox 360 & Xbox One


1. How to get my Blu-ray/DVD file’s digital copy on Vudu?

If you have purchased any movies or TV shows from Blu-ray or DVD, go to the Vudu Digital Copy Redeem page. Search for your Blu-ray or DVD title and enter the redemption code inside the Blu-ray/DVD package. Once verified, the title will be added to your My Vudu list.

2. What is the difference between buying and renting in Vudu?

Both buying and renting allow you to watch the video title. The only difference between the both is the time duration. Buying content gives you unlimited access, whereas renting content will be available only for a limited period of time.

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