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How to Watch Vevo Videos on Android TV

by Natalie
Vevo on Android TV

Vevo is an American video streaming service named shortly for Video Evolution. The service might be familiar to you already as it is known for providing music videos to your favorite platform, YouTube. Vevo was founded in 2009 by Sony Music Entertainment and EMI. Back then, the only streaming content on the service was music videos from Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group. Today, Vevo brings you everything to complete your idea of a video streaming service. It streams the latest trending videos from all your favorite artists along with the new ones. So, let’s find out how to add and stream Vevo on an Android TV.

Vevo has music video experts who apply their expertise in adding music videos to the service every day. In addition, the music on the service is categorized under genres and moods in 100 themed music channels. You can find music on these channels or search for them by searching for them or the name of your favorite artists.

Vevo on Android TV

Vevo doesn’t have its application on your Android TV. However, you can access it on one of the apps which support it. You can access Vevo on the following apps.

Vevo on Android TV

Supported Android TVs

  • Sony Smart TV
  • Sharp Smart TV
  • TCL Smart TV
  • Hisense Smart TV
  • Philips Smart TV
  • Skyworth Smart TV

Supported Android TV Boxes

  • AirTV
  • AT&T TV
  • Epson
  • Mi Box and Mi Box S

How to Get Vevo on Android TV

To get Vevo on your Android TV, you can download it from a third-party service. So, you can follow the following steps to get the Vevo app on your device.

Installing Downloader on Android TV

1. Turn on your Android TV and launch the Google Play Store.

Google Play Store

2. Click on the Search icon and search for the Downloader app.

3. Select the Downloader app from the list and tap on the Install button.

4. Wait for a few minutes till the app installs on your TV.

Enabling the Unknown Sources

1. Launch the Settings of your Android TV and tap on the Device Preferences menu.

2. On the menu, click on Security & Restrictions and choose Unknown Sources.

4. Select the Downloader option and turn on the toggle.

Vevo Apk on Android TV

Sideloading Vevo Apk on Android TV Using Downloader

1. Launch the Downloader app on your Android TV.

2. Click on Allow when a prompt appears on your TV screen.

3. Carefully enter the URL for the Vevo apk in the respective section of the Downloader app.

Vevo on Android TV

4. Initiate the apk download by clicking on the Go option.

5. Initiate the Vevo APK installation on your TV. Click on Install and wait for the same to complete.

Vevo on Android TV

6. When the installation completes, open the Vevo app.

How to Watch Vevo on Android TV using YouTube

1. Turn on your Android TV and connect to the internet.

2. Click on the Apps tab and the Google Play Store from the home screen.

Google Play Store

3. Next, click the Search icon on your screen.

4. Type in YouTube on the search bar with the help of an on-screen keyboard.

5. Pick the YouTube app from the search suggestions.

6. Click on the Install button to start downloading the app

7. Wait for the download to complete and launch it on your TV.

8. Open the YouTube app and click on the Settings icon on the left side of your screen.

9. Next, click on the Profile icon and select the SIGN IN option.

10. Next, follow the on-screen instructions. You can visit youtube.com/pair and enter the code you get on the screen. Alternatively, scan the QR code from the YouTube app using your mobile.

11. Finally, the app is activated, and you have successfully logged in to your account.

12. From inside the app, search for Vevo and start streaming videos from their YouTube channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vevo on YouTube?

Yes, Vevo is available on YouTube as they have a YouTube channel. So, you can access Vevo videos on YouTube.

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