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Best Universal Remote Apps for Android TV

by Natalie
Universal Remote for Android TV

In the olden days, each device has its own remote control. For example, In Sony Smart TV they have its own remote that ships along with the TV. Every smart TV brand has its own set of remote controls. As technology is growing rapidly, some smartphones come with IR blasters. With the help of an IR blaster on your smartphone, you can control almost all the modern-day smart TVs. If your Android TV remote is not working, you can use these universal remote apps to control the TV. By installing the universal remote control apps on your smartphone, you can control any brand of smart TV, like Android, LG, Samsung, and more, with ease.

Some of the best Universal Remote controls for your Android TV are listed below.

  • Android TV Remote Service
  • Google Home
  • Anymote
  • Mi remote
  • Yatse
  • Sure Universal Remote
  • Unified Remote
  • Smart TV Remote
  • Cetus Play
  • Twinone Universal Remote Control

Android TV Remote Service

Android TV Remote Service is the best universal remote app for Android TV. Earlier, the app was named the Android TV Remote Control app. Later on, the name was changed to Android TV Remote Service along with the new UI and more advanced controls. With the Android TV Remote Service app, you can control TVs like Sony, Philips, JVC, and more. Advanced controls like turning on Android TV without a remote, using Google Assistant on Android TV, and more. The app also features D-pad and touchpad controls.

Android TV Remote Service

Play Store Link: Android TV Remote Service.

Google Home

This is one of the best, simple, and smartest remote apps to use. If you are a frequent user of casting and screen mirroring, the Google Home app is really a useful app for you. With the Google Home app, you can get full control over the casting content on Android TV. Play a movie, video, or even music and cast it to your Android TV. Once you have cast the screen, you can adjust the volume and playback controls. Apart from that, you can also control other Google smart devices like lights, thermostats, cameras, WiFi, and more. You can also set the routines in the Google Home App. Though it can’t act as a primary remote control, you can still manage and control some simple stuff. This is one of the best universal remote control apps for Android TV so far.

Google Home

Play Store Link: Google Home.


Anymote is one of the universal remote control apps used to control different brands of Android TV. It also helps in connecting various appliances such as DVD players and ACs. Anymote comes with a bundle of features where you can control many devices. Anymote can be used as a remote control app for any device that comes with an IR Blaster. The app also has the option to control online streaming platforms like Netflix on Android TV. In the Anymote app, you can create a custom remote profile for different devices. Anymote is free with limited features. To get unlimited features, you need to pay $6.99.

Anymote universal remote app.

Play Store Link: Anymote

Mi Remote

The biggest advantage that every MI smartphone user has is that they have IR blasters for every model. As the company is introducing many smart devices, you can control them using Mi remote app. If you have a Mi Android TV, the Mi Remote app is the best remote app for you. In Mi smartphones, the remote app will be pre-installed. By using this app, you can control the camera, Mi TV, Mi Box, AC, fans, DVD player, projector, and more. You can even install the MI remote control app on other brands of smartphones such as Samsung, One Plus, Nothing, and more.

Mi universal remote app for android tv

Play Store Link: Mi Remote


If you have Kodi on Android TV, Yatse is the best remote app for you. By using the Yatse app, you can easily navigate between apps like Kodi and Jellyfin. Though Kodi has an official remote app, you can use this app to get the best experience. Yatse is the most recommended remote control app for server apps like Plex and Emby. Apart from Kodi and media servers, you can also use the app to control casting functions on Android TV. To get advanced server controls, you need to buy the premium worth $6.49.


Play Store Link: Yatse.

Sure Universal Remote

Sure Universal Remote is one of the best universal remote control apps for Android TV. The app has more than ten million downloads in the Play Store. Some of the advanced features like Google Assistant and Alexa on Android TV are available on the Sure Universal Remote app. As the app has the support of DLNA and WiFi, you can easily stream the media files such as audio, video, and images to your Android TV with the help of built-in media players.

Sure universal remote app for android tv

Play Store Link: Sure Universal Remote.

Smart TV Remote

The Smart TV Remote control app needed an extra setup when compared to other remote control apps. It can support numerous TV brands that are running on Android. The most notable feature of this remote control app is that you can customize the control options and the layout of the remote to your preference. You can also use this app to control other home appliances such as smart LEDs, fans, and more.

smart tv remote app

Play Store Link: Smart TV Remote.


The CetusPlay functions differently from other apps. It works on WiFi and is mostly used to control Android TV and Fire TV devices. The only limitation of the app is that you have to install the CetusPlay app on both your smartphone and your TV, ads may run through the app, which may cause some disturbance to many users. You can remove the ads completely from the app when you have switched to the paid version, which costs $5.99 per month.

cetus play remote app

Play Store Link: CetusPlay.

Twinone Universal TV Remote

Twinone Universal Remote Control is a completely free remote control app. The app’s design is simple and users can use it without any hassle. This app can be used as a remote control for most Android TVs and TV boxes. Twinone remote app is the only app that features the default Numpad in the remote layout. Also, the app offers a lot of customization options, like changing the color of the buttons, editing the button’s placements, and more.

twinone remote app

Play Store Link: Twinone Universal TV Remote.

These are the best universal remote for Android TVs and other smart TVs. Pick the remote app based on your preferences and control your TV without the remote. Apart from these apps, if you know any other remote app to control the Android TV, mention that in the comments below.

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