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Tizen OS vs Android TV – Which is the Best Smart TV OS?

by Natalie
Tizen OS vs Android TV

Today, we have a lot of streaming devices available. It includes Android TV, Apple TV, LG Smart TVs, and Samsung Smart TVs. These operating systems are indeed different from each other and better than one another. With this bigger selection of operating systems to choose from, it is quite common to be confused. Have you ever thought of the same comparison? If so, this section will be of help to you. The following section will compare two of the popular operating systems: Tizen OS vs Android TV.

What is Android TV

Android TVs are Smart TVs that run on an Android-based operating system developed by Google. Since its launch, it has been of great use in Google-based devices for the past years. The same operating system is used on various Smart TVs and Android TV boxes. Android TV comes with a built-in Google Play Store, and you can download applications from it. It includes popular apps like Hulu, Philo, YouTube, Disney+, Paramount+, and HBO Max. However, the Play Store on your Android TV is not as big as your smartphone. To compensate for the same, you can sideload apps to it.

Tizen OS vs Android TV

What is Tizen OS

Tizen is an irreplaceable Smart TV operating system available today. It was developed by Samsung and Intel. The Tizen OS is a Linux-based operating system. Apart from Samsung Smart TVs, Tizen OS is supported on smartphones, tablets, and PCs. In comparison to other operating systems, Tizen starts up faster. It comes with a 64-bit processor and provides you with the best video quality. It makes Tizen the most-used Smart TV operating system out there.

Tizen OS vs Android TV

Tizen OS vs Android TV: Interface

The interface on Tizen as well as on Android TV might be a little similar. The Android TV home screen focuses more on the apps on your device. You can find sections of show recommendations for you. It has a very simple & ordinary interface, and anyone can use it easily. You can search for any app you like on the search bar and find them as well.

Tizen OS vs Android TV

Tizen OS is not a lot different from your ordinary Android OS. However, it has an exclusive feature that helps you customize the device. To be more specific, Tizen OS lets you choose a primary highlight color. Unlike Android TV, Tizen gives you a better browsing experience and scrolls smoothly. Tizen has a laid-out status bar, and the Android TV has a Google-based search bar.

Tizen OS vs Android TV

Tizen OS vs Android TV: Available Apps

Android TV has the built-in Google Play Store with apps dedicated to your TV. You can find all your favorite apps here. If you can’t find any app in the Play Store, you can sideload it by using the Downloader app. Additionally, Android TVs come with the built-in Chromecast feature. So, you can cast apps from your smartphone on your TV and enjoy them. There are many choices for streaming when it comes to the Android TV OS.

Samsung Smart TV apps

Tizen OS comes with an in-built app store to download several apps. It is easy to download and install apps on your Smart TV with just a click. You can find different categories like Watch for Free, Editor’s Choice, and What’s New. However, the number of apps on your Tizen OS might not impress you as much. It has very few apps compared to Android TV, and you can’t install any Android apps on it. Also, you can’t sideload apps to your Tizen OS at all.

Tizen OS vs Android TV: Gaming

Tizen OS isn’t the platform you need to choose if you are interested in gaming via TV. Tizen does have around sixty different games in its app store. However, they aren’t designed for your TV but your smartphone, including retro games. Also, there is no way to add any other game to it.

At the same time, Android TV OS has better games for you. It includes both mobile-friendly games and games with better graphics for your TV. If you feel that isn’t all, you can choose NVIDIA GeForce and similar devices to enjoy games on your device. Also, you can mirror games on your TV from your PC.

Samsung Smart TV games

Tizen OS vs Android TV OS – Which is the Best One?

Both Tizen OS and Android TV OS have contrasting features. Tizen has a clear interface and runs smoothly. If you aren’t looking for a big collection of apps, you can choose Tizen OS. On the contrary, Android TV gives you a rich collection of apps for you. In addition, you can cast apps on your TV and sideload additional apps. It is all up to you to choose the right OS for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is Android TV better than Tizen OS?

If you are looking to access more apps and games, Tizen might not impress you at all. At the same time, Tizen OS has a few better features than Android TV OS.

2) Does Tizen support voice control?

You can access Google Assistant, Alexa, or Bixby on Tizen-based devices.

3) Does Samsung have Android TVs?

All the Samsung Smart TVs run on the Linux-based Tizen operating system.

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