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How to Install Syncler Apk on Android Smart TV

by Natalie
Syncler Apk

Syncler is nothing but a streaming app. Unlike other apps, this streaming app doesn’t host any content. But, you can stream and watch using third-party packages which fetch the links to stream the content in the app. Syncler app is most similar to TVZion in terms of the design aspects. Most users are attracted to Syncler because of its streaming experience and cost-free nature. Syncler apk is available both under free and paid subscriptions. Syncler+ is a premium version, and you can access it by subscribing at $1.25 per year.

Features of Syncler Apk

Syncler Home – Syncler Home is one of the premium features in the Syncler app, where you can use advanced filters like genres, new movies in HD, recently released, and more.

Voice Controlled Search – You can search the content in Syncler using the voice control feature. It is one of the best features available in this kind of streaming app.

Compatability – Syncler app is designed especially for Android TV. You can stream and watch the content with this application on any brand of your Android TV.

Integration – The app supports integration with other apps. It can be integrated with Trakt, Real Debrid, Premiumize, and external players like MX Player and VLC Player.

User Interface – The user interface of the Synlcer app is simple, and anyone can easily use it without any hassle. At times, you will be getting ads which is very much less when compared with other streaming apps.

How to Install Syncler Apk on Android TV

Before starting, ensure that you have the Downloader app on your Android TV. If not, you can install the Downloader app on Android TV from the Google Play Store.

After installing Downloader, you need to enable the access to download the apps from unknown sources on your Android TV (SettingsDevice PreferencesSecurity & RestrictionsInstall from Unknown SourcesDownloader → Turn on).

1. Once you have enabled it, launch the Downloader.

2. Enter the Syncler Apk URL for Android TV and click on Go.

3. Select the Download Apk installer. The download process will begin.

downloading syncler installer

4. After the download process gets over, click on Install.

5. Go to the Apps section and select Syncler Installer.

6. Open the installer. Now, you can see that the Syncler Apk has started downloading.

7. Then, you will be asked for permission. Click on OK.

allowing permissions for Syncler Apk

8. Click on Allow when you get a prompt for accessing media files.

9. Now, you need to enable the Syncler option under settings.

enabling syncler on android tv

10. Get back and click on Install. After installing it, you can open the app.

Steps to Setup and Use Syncler Apk

As already mentioned above, Syncler does not host any content. You need to use any provider packages like Kosmos to collect links from the available sources on the web. With these links, you can stream and watch content using Syncler.

1. Open Syncler and select Settings on the left side. To access the left-side menus, press the Back button on your Android TV remote.

settings in Syncler apk

2. Select Provider Packages under Settings.

provider packages on Syncler Apk

3. Choose Kosmos or Express based on your preferences

choosing provider packages

4. You will see a code on the screen. Note it down.

noting the code

5. Open the browser on any device such as mobile, PC, or laptop and enter the code in the box similar to the image given below.

entering the code

6. Click on Next.

7. On the next page, enter the Kosmos or other package provider URL and click Done.

entering provider package url

8. Go to the Syncler App on your Android TV and click on Done.

code gets authorized

9. A notification will appear at the bottom screen stating that the package is installed. You can also check in the Summary menu under Provider Packages.

provider package notification

10. Click on Play on any content to start watching.

play menu in app

11. Once you click on Play, the package providers start to fetch the links to stream.

fetching content url

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Syncler app?

Syncler app is just a streaming medium that doesn’t host any content. You need provider packagers to fetch the links from the internet. Once fetched, you can stream and watch it with Syncler App.

Is Syncler Apk available for Android TV?

Yes. Syncler Apk is available for Android TVs and other TVs running on Android OS.

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