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How to Play Games Using Steam Link on Android TV?

by Natalie
Steam Link on Android TV

Steam Link is a platform where you can play games on your Android TV from the steam library. You will get an advantage to play desktop games using this application. To get started, you have to pair a Bluetooth controller or Steam Controller to your Android TV and then connect it to a PC that is running Steam. Ensure that both the devices are connected to the same local network. After that, start playing existing steam games on your tv. You have to connect your Android TV to the router via router for the best gaming experience.


Steam Link app is free to download and use on Android TV. But if you wish to buy a steam set-top box along with a controller, it will cost you $49.99. Some paid games are also available on the Steam store itself, which will be automatically synced and added to your existing account on each purchase.

Steam Link on Android TV / Android TV Box

The Steam Link app is available on the Google Play Store, which is free to download on your device. However, it requires TV running on Android tvOS version 5.0 or above to install it. To play games using the Steam Link, you need to sign in with a steam account. To create a new account, visit store.steampowered.com/login from a browser.

Steam Link app requirements to play games on tv

Steam Link Supported Android TVs

  • Sony Smart TV
  • TCL Smart TV
  • Skyworth Smart TV
  • Philips Smart TV
  • Mi Smart TV
  • Hisense Smart TV
  • Panasonic Smart TV

Steam Link Supported Android TV Boxes

  • Nvidia Shield TV
  • MXQ Pro 4K
  • DIRECTV Stream
  • Xiaomi Mi Box S

How to Install Steam Link App on Android TV

#1. Turn on your Android TV and connect it to the active internet.

#2. Navigate to the home screen and open the Google Play Store.

#3. Tap on the search bar and type Steam Link to search for it.

Search bar on the Google Play Store

#4. Select Steam Link from the list and click on Install.

Steam Link app icon

#5. After it gets installed, Launch the Steam Link app.

#6. A welcome message will appear on the screen. Click on Get Started.

Welcome message of steam link

#7. You have to pair a steam controller or Bluetooth controller on the next screen.

Pair controller on steam link

Note: Click Skip if you have already connected to your tv.

#8. Steam Link will search for nearby computers which run the desktop client. If your Android TV and PC are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, it will be listed here. If you didn’t see anything on the list, choose Other Computer.

Other computer option on steam link

#9. You will get a PIN to pair up with the Steam desktop client.

Pairing code to connect with PC

How to Activate Steam Link on Android TV?

You have to enable the Steam Remote Play option on your PC to play steam games on your tv. It is very useful when you want to play multiplayer games with your friends.

#1. Launch Steam Desktop Client on your PC.

#2. Tap on the steam drop-down menu and click Settings.

steam settings on desktop client

#3. Pick Remote Play on the sidebar and select the box stating Enable Remote Play.

Remote play option on settings

#4. After that, click on Pair Steam Link and enter the PIN received earlier.

enter the code to connect your device with steam link

#5. The steam link is now connected with your PC and Android TV. You can also see the status of your connected device.

status of steam link connected devices

Finally, it will test your internet speed for smooth gameplay. After that, you can see the Steam Link library.

Play Steam Games on Android TV

#1. Steam Link library will appear on the tv screen after testing your internet speed.

Library of steam link app

#2. Click on a game that you want to play. For demonstration purposes, we choose Vanquish.

#3. Now you will see the game info page. Click on the Play option.

Vanquish game info page

#4. After a few seconds, it will launch the game you’ve chosen.

Vanquish gameplay on Steam Link

Start playing your favorite Steam games on your Android TV similarly. But make sure the games are already installed on your PC.

Note – You can also sideload Steam Link Android TV apk with the help of the Downloader app. But, it is not recommendable due to the fact that the sideloaded version may not work perfectly all the time.

Steam Link Supported Controllers

The following are the gaming input devices that are compatible with playing steam games.

  • The Steam Controller
  • Sony DualShock 4 (on Android 9.0 and higher)
  • Microsoft Xbox One S Controller
  • Razer Kishi and Raiju Mobile

Steam Link – Other Supported Devices

  • Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Apple TV
  • Samsung Smart TV

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1) Is Steam Link on Android TV?

Yes, you can download it for free from the Google Play Store.

2) Is Steam the biggest gaming platform?

Yes. It has had nearly 120 million monthly active users since 2020.

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