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How to Stream Sportstream on Android TV

by Natalie

With the advancement in technology, we can stream almost anything from the latest movies to live sports matches. When it comes to sports, there are a lot of apps, channels, and websites to stream live matches. One of the best websites for streaming live sports is Sportstream. It is a streaming website where you can stream live sports matches for free. You can stream live matches of games like Baseball, Football, Ice-hockey, Rugby, Racing, and more. You can also watch matches from leagues like the Champions League, LaLiga, LIGUE, Premier League, NFL, MBA, UFC, etc. Sportstream offers you streaming without any delays or buffering in the middle. You can stream it on devices like Android, Firestick, Android TV, and more with the help of a web browser.

Features of Sportstream

  • You can stream live sports matches in good quality.
  • It offers you many links for smooth streaming of the match.
  • It allows you to stream the matches ad-free.
  • There is no need for any subscription or registration.
  • You can use the search bar to search for any sporting event.

How to Stream Sportstream on Android TV

1. Turn on your Android TV and select Apps on the home screen.

2. Go to Play Store and enter Downloader on the search bar.

Select Play Store

3. From the suggestion list, choose the app and select Install.

Select Install to stream Sportstream

4. Press the Home button on your Android TV remote to return to the home screen.

5. Navigate to Settings and select Device Preferences.

6. Click on Security & Restrictions and select Unknown sources.

Select Unknown sources

7. Enable the Downloader app so that you can install apps from unknown sources.

Enable Downloader

8. Open the Downloader app and enter the URL of the Google Chrome apk.

Select Google Chrome to stream Sportstream

9. Select Go, and the app will download on your Firestick.

Enter the URL to stream Sportstream

10. Click on Install and wait for the installation to finish.

11. Launch the Google Chrome app and click on the search bar.

12. Enter Sportstream and from the search results, choose the official website.

13. Select the live match and enjoy streaming it on your Android TV.

Alternatives for Sportstream

Below are some of the alternatives for Sportstream:



Streamhunter is an easy-to-use streaming website where you can stream live sports matches and get recent updates on all sports-related news. It has a search box where you can search for the league matches. Streamhunter offers live matches of games like Football, Boxing, Tennis, Hockey, Basketball, Handball, and more. It is a comprehensive streaming service that allows you to watch live sporting events worldwide.

Stopstream TV


Stopstream TV is a live sports streaming website that provides live matches of games such as tennis, fighting, racing, baseball, football, and others. It allows you to watch matches in various resolutions such as 720p, 1080p, 4K HD, and 8K Ultra HD. You can change the timezone based on the country you are in to determine the exact time the match begins. It also has multiple servers for each game, so you can switch to a different server if the one you’re on isn’t working properly or is buffering too much.



Sportp2p is a well-known live-streaming platform. It allows you to watch live matches from leagues such as Seria A, Champions League, Premier League, and Europa League, among others. Although Sportp2p also streams Ice Hockey, Rugby, Soccer, Tennis, and other sports, it focuses primarily on Football. So, if you enjoy football, Sportp2p is the site for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Sportstream illegal?

Yes, Sportstream is an illegal streaming website as it offers free live sports matches without the consent of the copyright owner.

2. How to solve Sportstream not working?

1. Check your internet connection.
2. There might be a problem with the server, so change the server or wait until the server gets fixed.
3. Enable VPN connection while streaming on the Sportstream platform.

3. Is there a Sportstream apk available for Android devices?

No, there is no Sportstream apk available.

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