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How to Stream Sportrar TV on Android TV

by Natalie

Sportrar is an online site that streams sports events for free. It streams Football, Tennis, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Baseball, Volleyball, Handball, Fighting, and more in high quality. Sportrar has more than 200+ TV channels. With Sportrar, you will get the match fixtures, highlights, and the status of each match. Moreover, it gives you the option to change the date, to watch the previous matches, and to know the upcoming schedule. It covers all international, national, and league matches. The interface is pretty neat and simple. You can also select the time zone based on your location. To watch your favorite sport on this site, you need to register on it.

Features of Sportrar TV

Neat User Interface

The site comes with a simple and neat design. The options are clear and not more complex, unlike other sports streaming sites. You can navigate easily through the site as they have given separate tabs for each sport. It is hard to find these features on other sports streaming sites.

Match Info

The site gives better match information when compared with the alternatives. If you have selected a sport, you can get all info with the options like All Games, Live, Finished, Games on TV, Not Started, and Selected. It also shows the start time of the match. When you click on a specific game, for example, Football, it gives you the duration of the match, players who scored the goal, and their bio-data too.


Similar to live discussions on YouTube, Sportrar provides the users a forum to discuss the progress of the live or an upcoming match. To participate in those, you need to register and can find it under the streaming section. This is also one of the features which are unavailable on other streaming sites.

How to Stream Sportrar TV on Android TV

1. Go to Apps and open a browser on your Android TV.

entering Sportrar URL on browser

2. Enter Sportrar URL on the search box and search.

3. Now, the site will appear on the screen.


4. Register on the site, and then you can able to stream and watch your favorite sports matches.

5. Click on the match that you want to watch. You will be directed to the live match screen.

How to Screen Mirror Sportrar TV on Android TV

1. Connect your smartphone and Android TV to the same WiFi network.

2. On your smartphone, go to the Sportrar website.

3. Sign in or register your account.

4. Play any live match video.

5. Now, go to Notification Panel and tap the Cast icon.

Sportrar Screen mirroring

6. On the list of devices, choose your Android TV.

7. Now, the match will appear on your TV screen.

Alternative Streaming Sites


Streamwoop is a free sports streaming site where you can watch all matches either live or replays on high quality and you can experience the premium features of the site for free. It doesn’t require any registration.



Sportlemon is also one of the best sports streaming sites. You can stream and watch your favorite sport in high quality, without the interruption of online ads, and free of cost.


VIPRow Sports

You can use VIPRow Sports as an alternative to Sportrar. In VIPRow Sports, you can watch national-level league matches from all sports for free. It provides multiple streaming quality and other rare features, such as a Dark theme.

VIPRow Sports

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to watch Sportrar on Android TV?

You can watch either on the browser using Sportrar URL or by screen mirroring the smartphone.

2. Is Sportrar TV free?

Yes, you can stream and watch matches on Sportrar for free. But, you need to create an account on the platform to stream the video content.

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