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How to Watch Solar Movies on Android Smart TV

by Natalie
Solar Movies

Solar Movie is a free entertainment application where you can watch films, live TV shows, sports, documentaries, and series segregated into genres such as romance, action, thriller, comedy, romcom, non-fictional, and more. To enjoy immense entertainment and be free from ads, you need to upgrade to monthly or yearly plans. The app supports streaming content on devices such as PCs, laptops, Android, and iPhones. You can even install Solar Movies on your Android TV to watch content on bigger screens.

Features of Solar Movies

Solar Movies offer various features to the users. Some of the important features are listed below.

Unlimited content

With the Solar Movies application, you can stream and watch unlimited content on your Android TV. However, there are certain limitations under the free version. When you have subscribed to available plans, you can watch unlimited content without any ads or pop-ups.

Personalized Algorithm

Similar to social media and music apps, you will get the film and series recommendations based on your activity, reducing your time searching for new content. It is a unique feature you can’t find with other streaming apps.

Offline Content

Another important feature is that you can download content and watch it offline anytime. You can download the content within the platform and need more storage space for it.

Video Quality

You can watch free content of high quality. Even you can watch the content on 4K if you have subscribed to any plans. The users can also modify the video quality depending on their preferences.

Profiles & Security

It is a unique and best feature in this streaming app. With this feature, you can create profiles for your family members and relatives. You can set a unique pin so that others can’t access it.

Install VPN for Solar Movies

Solar Movies is a third-party streaming site, and its application is not available on the Google Play Store of Android TV. So, you have to install it with the help of the Downloader app. While installing the app from unknown sources, you must need a good VPN to protect and secure your device. It will replace your original IP address with a virtual one, so your identity will remain hidden when someone tracks your device. VPN also helps in accessing the geo-restricting media content with ease. For Solar Movies, try installing any of the following VPNs on your Android.

How to Install Solar Movies on Android TV

1. Click on Apps on the home screen of your Android TV.

2. Under the Apps section, choose Play Store.

play store on android tv

3. Click on Search and type Solar Movies using the on-screen keyboard.

4. From the search results, select Downloader and click on Install.

installing downloader

5. The downloader app will be installed on your Android TV.

6. Again, go back to your home screen and click on Settings.

7. Next, click on Device Preferences -> Security & Restrictions.

devices & preferences option

8. Click on Install Unknown Apps, choose Downloader, and turn on the toggle.

enabling downloader to install solar movies

9. Launch the downloader app and paste the Solar Movies Apk URL for Android TV.

pasting solar movies android tv url

10. Click on Go. The download process will begin.

11. Once downloaded, click on Install.

12. Click on Open. Now you can stream and enjoy watching the content on your Android TV.

How to Cast Solar Movies on Android TV

Casting Solar Movies on Android TV is an alternative way where you can stream and watch the content on your Android TV.

1. Before starting the process, you need to enable the Unknown Sources option on your smartphone. You can enable it by going to Settings -> Security -> Unknown Sources

enabling unknown sources to install solar movies

2. Now, go to any browser on your smartphone.

3. You need to enter the app name on the browser’s search bar and click on Search.

4. From the search results, click on any trustable site and download the apk file.

5. Click on Install after downloading the apk file.

6. After installing, ensure your Android TV and smartphone are connected to the same network.

7. Open the app and play any content. Click on the Cast icon while playing.

8. Click on your Android TV name from the list of devices.

9. Finally, you can stream and watch any content on your Android TV.


PopcornflixPopcornflix is the best alternative to Solar Movies. This app allows you to watch content for free without subscription plans. It also comes with the Kids mode, similar to Netflix.

pocornflix apk

XumoXumo is one of the most liked entertainment apps by people. It covers channels like live TV shows, news, sports, movies, web series, animation, and more. Moreover, you can stream and watch content in the app for free.

xumo tv apk

Tubi TV Tubi TV is one of the best alternatives. You can watch premium content for free in high quality. It is supported by many devices and has a minor drawback. It is not an ad-free streaming app.

tubi tv

YesMovies – In YesMovies, you can search the content apace using the search filters. In addition, the app has a simple and clean interface, so you can navigate inside the app more easily.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to download Solar Movies on Android TV?

Solar Movies is not available on Google Play Store. You need to download it sideload by using the Downloader.

Is Solar Movies safe?

No, the Solar Movies app is not safe because the app streams the content from geo-restricted regions and also can cause harm to your privacy.

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