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How to Install SmartTubeNext Apk on Android TV

by Natalie
SmartTubeNext Apk on Android TV

SmartTubeNext is the right choice if you’re searching for a YouTube alternative. It is a free third-party app that hosts immense videos similar to YouTube. SmartTubeNext is open-source software and compatible with devices running on Android-based operating systems by downloading the apk file. Moreover, the app gives you premium features with ad-free and subscription plans. As the app is not available officially on Play Store or App Store, you need to download the app from trustable sources on the internet. You must sign in with the Google account to use the SmartTubeNext app. By doing so, you can get search history and subscriptions from YouTube.

Features of SmartTubeNext Apk

Well-Sorted Categories – The SmartTubeNext app’s home screen comes with various categories such as News, Cartoons, Lifestyle, Gaming, Entertainment, Comedy, the latest videos, and more. It is convenient for the users to watch the videos more quickly than wasting time in search of videos.

Free from Ads – While watching YouTube videos, you may be interrupted by ads that will be more annoying. Sometimes, you can’t even skip the ad to watch the video. You need to subscribe to a Premium plan to get rid of the ads.

Google Play Services – You can use the SmartTubeNext just by installing the app on any device and utilizing its features, independent of Google Play Services. For other apps and YouTube, you would require to install Google Play Services to get the full premium benefits.

Multi Linguistic – With the SmartTubeNext app, you can switch between the languages and locations. If you love watching the content from other countries, change the location in the settings and reopen the app.

Video Player & Video Quality – Like YouTube, you can watch videos of high quality such as 1080p, 4K, and even 8K. You can adjust the streaming settings conveniently depending on your needs. Also, you can change the interface of the video player like preview settings, button behavior, etc.,

Great UI – There is no complexity in using the SmartTubeNext. The app’s user interface is clean, and you can use the app with ease. You can also change the user interface according to your preferences. You can change the app color, enable animations, alter the card styles, sort channels, and more.

Playback Feature – The app gives you the playback feature, i.e., when you switch over an app from SmartTubeNext, the video will turn into P2P mode or play as audio in the background while using the other app. It is the most amazing feature, and you can set the settings based on your choice.

How to Install SmartTubeNext Apk on Android TV

As the app is not officially available on the Google Play Store, you can install SmartTubeNext on your Android TV by sideloading it with Downloader.

1. Go to Apps and select Google Play Store.

google play store on android tv

2. Enter Downloader on the search box.

3. From the search results, select Downloader and Install it.

installing downloader

4. A small prompt will appear. Select Allow to access media files by Downloader.

allowing permission to downloader

5. Now, go to Settings -> Device Preferences -> Security & Restrictions.

security and restrictions option in settings

6. Select Install Unknown Sources and enable Downloader by selecting the toggle.

enabling downloader

7. Launch Downloader on Android TV and enter the SmartTubeNext Apk URL using the on-screen keyboard.

entering smarttubenext apk url

8. Click on Go.

9. The apk file will begin to download. Once the downloading is over, select Install.

installing smarttubnext apk

10. After installing the app, select Open.

11. Now, you can use the app on your Android TV after signing in.


NewPipeNewPipe is one of the best alternatives to the SmartTubeNext app. It is also an open-source app where you can watch and download both audio & video files. It is a free app and is also known as an unofficial client of YouTube.


YouTube VancedYouTube Vanced is another alternative app with an AMOLED black theme. Similar to the SmartTubeNext app, you watch the videos without any ads, and it supports external media players.

YouTube Vanced

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SmartTubeNext Apk free?

Yes. SmartTubeNext Apk is completely free, and there are no subscription plans. So you can enjoy watching videos with premium features.

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