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How to Use Safe Mode on Android TV Box

by Natalie
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Every smart device has a fail-safe mode to check if all the software and hardware are working fine. For Smart TVs, you can enable the Safe Mode to check if your device is whether it is working properly or not. In Android TV, you can enable the Safe Mode to fix certain issues like third-party app interventions, Bluetooth on Android TV, other connectivity issues, and minor bugs. Booting Android TV on Safe Mode will disable all the third-party apps.

How to Turn On Safe Mode on Android TV

1. Turn off your Android TV.

2. Turn on your Android TV and long press the Power button on your Android TV remote until the Google animation appears.

3. When it appears, press and hold the Volume decrease button.

4. Now, your TV will boot into Safe Mode.

5. You can see the word SAFE MODE on the bottom left corners of your TV screen.

How to Remove or Turn Off Safe Mode on Android TV

1. Go to the Settings menu on your Android TV.

2. Choose About and select the Restart option.

3. Tap the OK button to restart your Android TV.

4. After the restart, your TV will turn on in normal mode.

Types of Safe Mode

  • Safe Mode – You can choose this option if you cannot access the OS on your device properly. You cannot use the internet connection or local TV connection while using the mode.
  • Safe Mode with Networking – In Safe Mode with Networking, you can use the internet connection to fix the issues on your device.
  • Safe Mode with Command Prompt – You can use this mode if the taskbar, start screen, menu bar, or your desktop itself does not work properly.

In Android TV, only one Safe Mode is available. Safe Mode with Networking and Safe Mode with Command Prompt is not available for Android TVs.


1. Does Safe Mode remove the virus on my device?

Yes, you can put your device on Safe Mode and remove the virus.

2. Does Safe Mode delete anything?

Yes, Safe Mode will delete apps and files that are not working properly on your device.

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