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Android TV vs Roku TV – Which One is the Best?

by Natalie
Roku vs Android TV

Nowadays, we have a lot of streaming devices to choose from. Therefore, it is necessary to compare these devices to understand which one we should choose. In recent times, a lot of Smart TVs are coming with Roku OS. Let’s compare Android TV vs Roku TV based on its specifications and features.

What is Android TV

Android TV is the most-common Smart TV available in the market. These TVs run on the Android OS developed by Google. In Android TV, you will get Google apps like Play Store, YouTube, Play Movies, and so on. To install apps and games on Android TV, you can use the Play Store.

Android TV

The Android operating system is widely used in various smart TV models. It includes Hisense, Panasonic, Sharp, TCL, Sony, and Streaming Boxes like the Nvidia Shield, Mecool Android TV Box, AT&T TV Box, and more. To control the TV, you will get a kit remote.

What is Roku

Roku is a popular streaming device used to connect with a TV using the HDMI port. With the success of Roku OS, a lot of Smart TV brands were releasing their TVs in Roku operating system. TCL, Sharp, Philips, and JVC, to name a few. The UI, availability of apps, and features available are almost similar to the Roku streaming device and Roku TVs.


Roku TV vs Android TV: The Interface

The Roku home screen is very simple and focuses mainly on the apps you have on your device. You can scroll through them and choose the channel you like. You have a few different tabs on the home screen. It includes Featured, Free, My Feed, Movie Store, TV Store, Search, Streaming Channels, and Settings. Also, you can search and find both paid and free apps from the Roku Channel Store.

Roku vs Android TV

Android TV home screen looks a bit cluttered when compared to Roku TV. But, on Android TV, you can easily access all the installed apps and games with ease. On the home screen, you have options like Apps, Search bar, Settings menu, Queued List, and some preinstalled apps like Hulu & Netflix on Android TV. In addition to that, you will get the date and time on the home screen. All the installed apps and video suggestions will appear on the home screen, which makes the TV easy to navigate.

Roku vs Android TV

Verdict: With the availability of apps and recommendations on the Home screen, Android TV has the easiest-to-use UI.

Android TV vs Roku: Apps

Apps and games are the make or break in terms of comparison. In Android TV, you can install more than 10,000 apps from the Play Store. If an app is unavailable on the Play Store, you can sideload the app on your Android TV using the Downloader. You can install or sideload a VPN on Android TV to safeguard your online privacy. In addition to that, you can play games on Android TV. You can play basic games like Minion Rush, Badland, and Crossy Road on Android TV using the remote. For high-end games, you need to use gaming controllers.

Android TV vs Roku: Apps

Roku has a bigger app library in comparison to Android TV. But, most of the apps on the Roku Channel are less popular, with not more than a 2-star rating. Apart from Roku Channel Store, you can’t sideload apps on Roku. And the games available on the Roku Channel Store are very minimal. You can’t install any VPN on a Roku device or Roku TV.

Apps & Games

Verdict: In the Apps front, Android TV is the clear winner.

Roku TV vs Android TV: Supported Brands

Roku OS is available only on a limited number of brands. Roku TVs are available in brands like TCL and Hisense. Whereas Android TV OS is available in almost all countries. Brands like Sony, Philips, TCL, VU, Skyworth, Haier, and more. With more brands, you will get more options to choose from.

Verdict: With the highest number of brand integrations, Android TV is the winner.

Android TV vs Roku TV: Features

Common features like AirPlay and Screen mirroring feature is available on both Roku TVs and Android TVs. But, the Chromecast feature is available only on Android TV. In the streaming quality aspect, both TVs can offer 4K HDR quality. One of the best features in Roku devices is the Private Listening feature. You can listen to the audio by using the Roku remote. A similar kind of feature is available on Android TV, but you have to connect the headphone to the TV itself. This affects the proximity range. Both offer the game mode to play games with fewer input lags. But, the Android TV’s game mode is the best one.

Verdict: In the features front, Android TV has the slimmest edge over Roku TV.

Android TV vs Roku TV: Price

You can buy a Roku TV at an entry price of just $149.00. The costliest Roku TV is $449.00 from TCL. The Android TV also has the same price range. The cheapest Android TV is $149.00. The costliest Android TV is $2099.99 – Sony X91J.

One can’t decide on the TV in terms of price. It is totally up to the end user.

Final Verdict

The right device for one person might not be the same for someone else. The right device for anyone depends on your requirements and budget. Now, you have a clear idea about the two TVs in general. Choose the one which suits your requirement. If you want to play games in addition to streaming apps, you can go for Android TV. If you are a streaming-only user, you can buy Roku TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Android TV obsolete?

Yes, you will get updates in Android TV quite often than the other TV models. By 2023, the Android TV OS might be replaced by the Google TV OS.

2. Is Roku TVs available in all brands?

No, only the TCL and Hisense offer Roku TVs.

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