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How to Install Plex on Android TV / Android TV Box

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Plex on Android TV

Plex is one of the best choices that you need to consider adding to your Android TV. Plex is an ad-based streaming service that also has a premium tier. However, you don’t need a premium subscription from Plex to stream its content. Plex brings to you around 200 live TV channels. These channels include popular sports, news, movies, travel, and kids’ channels. Additionally, you can enjoy a cool collection of thousands of on-demand titles. In this section, let’s learn more about installing and streaming Plex on Android TV.

Plex on Android TV

The Plex streams over 20,000 on-demand titles on a wide variety of devices so that anyone can enjoy it regardless of their devices. Some of the live TV channels on Plex include Nosey, Euronews, Newsmax TV, Kidoodle TV, Cooking Panda, MAVTV, Law & Crime, and ESTV.


You don’t need a pass on Plex to enjoy its free content. However, to get the best of Plex, you need a Plex Pass. There are three types of Plex Pass subscriptions. You can get a monthly subscription at $4.99 and an annual subscription of $39.99. Finally, Plex lets you get lifetime services with a $149.99 subscription.

With a Plex Pass, enjoy the following features.

  • Live TV recording
  • Skip Intro
  • Mobile Sync
  • Premium Music features like Sweet Fades and Lyrics search.

Plex on Android TV

The Plex app is available on multiple devices, including Android TVs. This channel serves you both Live TV and on-demand titles for entertainment.

Plex on Android TV

Plex supported Android TV

Let us explore the Android TV models that support Plex.

  • Hisense Android TV
  • Panasonic Smart TV
  • Sony Smart TV
  • Philips Smart TV
  • TCL Smart TV
  • Sharp Smart TV
  • JVC Smart TV
  • Skyworth Smart TV

Plex supported Android TV Box

We can also access Plex on the Android TV box.

  • Xiaomi Mi Box S
  • AirTV
  • Epson

How to Install Plex on Android TV

1. Launch the home screen on your Android TV.

2. Click on the Apps tab from the home screen.

3. Further, click on the Search icon on your screen.

4. Type down Plex on the search bar and search for the app.

5. Choose the Plex app from the search results and click on Install.

6. Open the Plex app as the download completes.

Plex on Android TV

7. Click on the Sign In option on the Plex app.

Plex on Android TV

8. You will get the Plex Activation Code on your screen.

9. From any web browser, visit the Plex activation link.

10. Sign in with your Plex account and enter the code. Then, click the Link button.

Plex activation code

11. This activates the Plex app on your TV and links your account.

Plex on Android TV Activated

12. The Plex app asks you to Sign Up for Plex Pass. If you want to Sign Up with a Pass, go through the payment procedures. If not, simply click on Not Now.

Plex Pass

13. Start streaming Plex videos on your TV.

How to Cast Plex on Android TV

1. Initially, connect your TV and Android or iOS phone to the same WiFi network.

2. If you don’t have the Plex app, download it from either the App Store or Google Play Store on your Android or iOS device.

3. Complete the login procedures as needed.

4. In the app, play any video of your choice from the Plex app.

5. Click on the Cast icon on your Plex app screen.

6. From the list of devices, choose your Android TV.

7. With this, Plex casts the video on your TV within a few seconds.

How to Sideload Plex on Android TV

1. From your Android TV home screen, open the Google Play Store.

Home Screen

2. From the Play Store, select the Search icon and search for the Downloader by AFTV News app.

3. Once the search results appear, select the Downloader app icon.

4. Click on the Install button to download the Downloader app on your Android TV.

Install Downloader

4. Now, go to the Settings menu from the home screen of your TV.

5. From the Settings menu, select the Security and Restrictions option.

Security and Restrictions

6. Select the Unknown Sources option.

Unknown Sources

7. From the list on your screen, choose the Downloader app and turn on the toggle.

Sideload Plex on Android TV

8. From the Android TV home screen, open the Downloader app.

9. On the Downloader app prompt, select the Allow option.

Sideload Plex on Android TV

10. Enter the Plex Android TV APK URL and click the Go button.

Sideload Plex on Android TV

11. Tap the Install button.

12. Open the Plex app on your TV and watch your favorite content.

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Other Supported Devices

Plex on Android TV
  • Apple TV
  • Google Chromecast
  • Android phones and tablets (Version 5.0 and later)
  • Roku
  • PCs
  • LG Smart TV
  • Samsung Smart TV
  • Vizio Smart TV
  • iPhones and iPads (iOS12.4 and more)
  • PlayStation
  • Portal TV
  • Xbox
  • Amazon Fire TV

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Plex work on Android TV?

Yes, the Plex app works on Android TVs without any issues.

2. How do I install Plex on my Android TV box?

In the Android TV Box, you can install the Plex app from the Google Play Store.

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