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How to Fix Plex Not Working on Samsung Smart TV

by Natalie
Plex Not Working on Samsung TV

Plex acts as a server where you can save and watch media files like movies, TV shows, music, photos, and home videos. Plex doesn’t host any content. It works on a client-server model. Plex is one of the best streaming platforms and a favorite of most users. Though it is a popular app, Plex is not optimized for Smart TVs. Due to this, the Plex app is not working on Samsung TV frequently. Don’t worry, you can follow some of the troubleshooting methods to fix the issue.

Ways to Solve Plex Not Working on Samsung TV

Users face issues with the Plex on Android TV and other smart TVs like Samsung TV. The most common issue about the Plex is the app doesn’t load on the TVs and faces errors. To come out of this frustrating issue, you can follow the best troubleshooting methods given below.

  • Check Internet Connection
  • Restart the Plex App
  • Clear Cache on Samsung Smart TV
  • Update your Plex App
  • Reinstalling Plex
  • Try Logging Out and In
  • Disable VPN
  • Issues on Plex Server
  • Restart Samsung TV
  • Update Samsung TV
  • Reset Smart Hub
  • Factory Reset Samsung TV
  • Contact Samsung Support

Check Internet Connection

Most of the time, due to a sluggish network, the Plex app struggles to stream the content on your Samsung TV. It can also be a problem due to the router or multiple devices connected to a single internet router. Samsung TV provides the user a feature to check the internet connection.

1. Press the Home button of your Samsung TV remote and go to Settings.

2. Select General -> Network Status.

3. You can see the status of the internet connection in the Network Status.

checking network status.

4. Connect your router to any other device. If the router functions well, then the issue will be on Samsung TV. If the router doesn’t work, then you can troubleshoot the router by restarting it.

Restart the Plex App

If you are facing a run-time error or the app gets hanged while streaming movies, then you should close and restart Plex on your Samsung TV. These minor issues can be resolved just by restarting the app. When you relaunch Plex and if you didn’t come across any issues, then it must be a kind of minor bug on Plex.

Clear Cache on Samsung Smart TV

At times, the cache can be a major issue when the app doesn’t perform well. Clearing the cache can help the app to function without the interruption of any issues.

1. Press the home button on your remote.

2. Select Support and go to Device Care.

3. Under Device Care, the storage will be scanned.

4. Next, go to Manage Storage and select Plex.

5. Select View Details -> Clear Cache.

Now, you can try launching the Plex app and check the app is performing well.

Update your Plex App

Updating apps will fix most of the minor issues. You need to update the apps on a regular period to prevent outdated issues.

1. Press the Home button of your Samsung TV remote. Go to Apps.

Apps section

2. Select the Settings icon.

Settings icon in Samsung TV

3. Enable the Auto-Update feature by pressing the Enter button on your remote.

auto updating apps

4. Plex and other apps will get updated automatically whenever there is an update.

Reinstalling Plex

If you still face the issues, the other possible way is to uninstall and reinstall Plex on your Samsung TV.

1. Go to Apps on your Samsung TV.

Apps menu

2. Navigate and select the Settings icon.

3. Select the Plex app and delete it.

4. You will be asked for confirmation again. Select Delete.

5. Again, press the home button on the remote.

6. Go to Apps and select the Search icon.

search option in Samsung TV

7. Enter Plex and select it from the search results. You can see the app’s descriptions, screenshots, and other info.

8. Select Install.

9. Once it is installed on Plex, launch the app and log in using the credentials.

Try Logging Out and In

You can try this simple method to solve the issue. Try logging out from Plex and logging in again to the app.

1. On Plex, select the Profile icon.

2. Select Log Out from the list of options.

3. After that, launch the app and log in using your credentials.

Disable VPN

Using the Plex app, with VPN enabled can also be a source of the issue for not working on your Samsung TV. Disabling VPNs can help you stream and watch movies without any issues. The steps to disable VPN on Samsung TV are given below.

1. Go to Settings -> Network and Internet.

2. Select the VPN option from Menu.

3. Lastly, choose Disconnect to disable VPN on your Samsung TV.

Issues on Plex Server

Sometimes the issue can also be with the Plex servers. When their servers are down, it is difficult to use the app. You can’t stream the content or even you can’t log in to the app. Under these circumstances, you should wait for some time for the servers to get back to normal functioning.

If the Plex app doesn’t load for a long time, you can contact Plex Support to resolve it. You can also check the official Twitter handle of Plex to know about the issues.

Restart Samsung TV

If you don’t find any issues with the app, then you can start troubleshooting your Samsung TV. You can just restart your TV and check the app by launching it.

1. Press the Power button on the remote to turn off your Samsung TV.

2. Unplug the TV’s power cable from the power socket.

unplugging Samsung TV cable from power socket

3. Hold back for a few seconds and then plugin in the cable into the power socket.

4. Turn on your Samsung TV to check if the issue still persists.

Update Samsung TV

Updating your TV is necessary as it keeps the device updated and you can use more apps that are compatible with your TV. The app may not function due to the outdated version of your Samsung TV. Hence, updating your Samsung TV can help to resolve this issue.

1. Press the Home button on the remote.

2. Open Settings and select the Support icon -> Software Update.

software update menu in Samsung TV

3. Select Update Now. Your Samsung TV starts to check for updates.

update now option

4. Once there is an availability of a new firmware update, you can start the download process by selecting Yes.

updating new firmware in Samsung TV

5. After installation of new firmware, the Samsung TV restarts. Now, you can open the Plex app to check whether the issue is resolved.

6. If you choose the Auto-Update feature, your Samsung TV gets updated automatically with new firmware.

Reset Smart Hub

You can reset Smart Hub on your Samsung TV to fix the issue. Also, you should know that resetting Smart Hub will bring your Samsung TV to the default factory settings. You can reset the Smart Hub only on Samsung TV models from 2016 to 2019.

1. Press the home button on the Samsung TV remote.

2. Go to Settings and select the Support -> Self Diagnosis

self diagnosis option in support

3. Then select Reset Smart Hub.

reset smart hub in Samsung TV

4. You will need to enter the PIN to begin the reset process.

5. Enter the default PIN as four zeroes (0000) if you haven’t set any PIN.

entering pin to reset smart hub

Factory Reset Samsung TV

Doing a factory reset on Samsung TV will delete all apps and memory and will restart afresh.

1. On the remote, press the Home button.

2. Go to Settings -> Support -> Self Diagnosis.

support menu in settings

3. Under Self Diagnosis, select Reset.

reset option in Samsung TV

4. Enter the PIN to perform a factory reset. If you have forgotten the PIN, you can use the default PIN as mentioned on the screen.

entering reset pin

5. Select Yes, when asked for a confirmation.

resetting Samsung TV to factory settings

Your Samsung TV will be reset and install the Plex app afresh and check whether the issue has been resolved.

Contact Samsung Support

If the issue doesn’t resolve after all troubleshooting methods, you can contact Samsung customer support to look out for the issue. The support team can either contact you by phone or come in person to resolve the issue.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is the Plex app not working on my Samsung TV?

It may be due to the outdated version of the Plex app or network issues.

2. Why is the Plex app not loading on Samsung TV?

If the internet connections are too slow, the Plex app will not load on your Samsung TV.

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