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How to Fix Peacock TV Not Working on Samsung Smart TV

by Natalie
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Peacock TV is one of the leading American streaming platforms that is owned and operated by NBCUniversal. If you want to unlock all the content on Peacock TV, the premium costs around $4.99 per month and $49.99 per year. Peacock TV app is available for Smart TVs too. Nowadays, smart TVs are not that reliable due to the OS differences and different UIs. Similarly, Peacock TV is not working properly on Samsung Smart TVs. A lot of Samsung TV users are getting performance issues with the Peacock TV app. If you encounter any such issues, you can fix them easily.

Why Peacock TV is Not Working on Samsung Smart TV

In the Peacock TV app, there are a lot of factors responsible for smooth streaming. If any of those parameters are not behaving properly, you will have issues. The issue on Peacock TV is mainly due to,

Peacock TV Account

The account credentials that you are using to access Peacock TV may be the reason. You might have entered the wrong username or wrong password.


VPN and streaming services are always a cat and mouse race. Sometimes, the VPN will bypass the Peacock TV’s geo-restrictions and allows you to stream content without any restriction, But if the usage of the VPN of detected, the Peacock TV will have streaming issues.

No Internet

Make sure that your Samsung TV is getting a sufficient internet connection from the WiFi router.

Fixes for Peacock TV Not Working on Samsung Smart TV

Check out the troubleshooting methods to fix the app and services issues on your Samsung Smart TV.

  • Device Compatibility
  • Check internet
  • Check Servers
  • Geo-Restrictions
  • Restart Peacock TV App
  • Update Peacock TV App
  • Reinstall Peacock TV App
  • Clear Cache on Samsung Smart TV
  • Restart Samsung TV
  • Power Cycle Samsung TV
  • Update Samsung TV
  • Reset Smart Hub
  • Reset Samsung TV
  • Contact Support

Device Compatibility

Peacock TV is a relatively new app. With that, the Peacock TV is compatible with selected Samsung Smart TV models. You can install and access the Peacock TV on Samsung Smart TVs that are manufactured from 2017 or later models. In older models, you can AirPlay the Peacock TV app. So, make sure that your Samsung TV is compatible with the Peacock TV app.

Check Internet

Poor internet connection also can make the Peacock TV app buffer and might stop working on Samsung Smart TV. The internet must be smooth and sufficient for the Peacock TV app. The recommended internet speed for Peacock TV is 3 Mbps. For high-quality content, you need at least 8 Mbps. You have to check the router speed and make sure that your Samsung Smart TV is getting enough internet.

Check Servers

You can check the status of your Peacock TV server from the official website or from the DownDetector. On the DownDetector website, you will get the current server status of any streaming platform. Go to the DownDetector website and search for Peacock TV. If there are any issues with the Peacock TV server, you have to wait until the issue is resolved. If the servers are working fine, you can try other fixes.

Server Status


Just like the other streaming services, Peacock TV also has geo-restrictions. Peacock TV is only available in the USA. This restricts the users from watching the content outside the USA. To jump over this hindrance, you can change your location using any of the VPNs like NordVPN or ExpressVPN. Install the VPN on your router and try accessing the Peacock TV app. Sometimes, the Peacock TV app will detect the VPN connection and won’t allow you to stream any content. In that case, disconnect the VPN network and try again.

Restart Peacock TV App

You can try closing the Peacock TV app on your Samsung Smart TV and try accessing the app after a while. Close the Peacock TV app and do something for a while other than streaming. After 20-30 minutes, open the Peacock TV app again and check if it is working or not. The on-demand video titles might have too many streamers. Due to this, you will get overload issues. If that is the case, you have to try streaming the content after a while.

You can also try logging out of the Peacock TV app on your Samsung Smart TV and log in later. This will remove temporary glitches on your Peacock TV account.

Update Peacock TV App

Updating the Peacock TV app on your TV will enhance the performance and allow you to stream without any bugs. If the app or service is still working on its older version, it may not have the new features. To access the app with the new features, you need to update it.

1. Press the Smart Hub button.

2. Select Featured and go to Apps. Long press the app and wait until a menu appears.

3. Select Update apps. Select the Peacock TV app that you want to update.

4. Finally, select Update and the Peacock TV app will be updated.

5. Check whether the newly updated Peacock TV app is working or not.

Reinstall Peacock App

If your Peacock TV app performance is really bad, it is better to uninstall it and install it again. To uninstall the Peacock TV app,

1. Select the Smart Hub button from your remote.

2. Select the My Apps button.

3. Choose the Options icon.

4. Tap the Delete My Apps icon.

5. Choose the Peacock TV app.

6. Select the Delete button and confirm it by choosing Yes.

7. Then, install the Peacock TV app again from the Smart Hub store.

8. Now, sign in with your Peacock TV account and check whether it is working or not.

Clear Cache on Samsung Smart TV

You have to clear the cache files on your Samsung TV frequently to avoid the not working issues. To do so,

1. On the home screen, go to Settings and select Apps.

Peacock not working on Samsung TV

2. Go to the System Apps and choose the Peacock TV app.

3. Then click on Clear Cache and tao OK to confirm the process.

4. After clearing the cache, check whether the Peacock TV is working or not.

Restart Samsung Smart TV

Restarting Samsung Smart TV is similar to restarting Android TV. Restarting is considered the basic troubleshooting step that is to be followed for any issue.

1. Long press the Power button.

2. Your Samsung TV will turn off and turn on again.

3. Then, release the Power button.

4. Now, open the Peacock TV app and stream your favorite content.

Powercycle Samsung TV

You can powercycle your Samsung TV to fix the Peacock TV issue.

1. From the power outlet, disconnect the power cable of the TV.

2. Keep your TV idle for a few minutes.

3. Then, connect the power cable back to the power outlet.

4. Turn on your TV and launch the Peacock app and check whether it is working or not.

Update Samsung Smart TV

Not only the apps and services but your TV should also be updated. Updating your TV will remove the bugs and get access to new features.

1. On your TV remote, press the Power button.

2. From the home screen, go to Settings.

3. Click on Support from the Settings page.

4. Select Software Update.

Update Samsung TV to fix the Peacock TV app

5. Tap the Update Now button.

Click Update Now

6. After the TV is updated, open the Peacock TV and check if the issue is solved or not.

Reset Smart Hub

The main function of your Smart Hub is to access all the functions of your TV. It can even download the app and browse data from the internet. Resetting Samsung TV’s Smart Hub will fix minor issues in the Peacock TV app.

1. Turn on your Samsung TV and press the Home button on your TV remote.

2. Click on Settings and select Support.

3. Select Self Diagnosis and tap on Reset Smart Hub.

Reset Smart Hub to fix Peacock TV not working on Samsung TV

4. Enter the four-digit pin that you have set on your TV. If you didn’t set up any pin before, enter 0000.

Reset Samsung Smart Hub

5. Now, the Smart Hub will be reset on your Samsung TV.

6. Open the Peacock TV app and check if it is working or not.

Reset Samsung Smart TV

Try resetting your Samsung Smart TV as your last fix. When you reset a Samsung TV, all the data and information stored on your TV will be deleted. You might lose some important files. However, resetting a TV will remove all the bugs in the software.

1. Press the Home button on the Samsung TV remote and go to Settings.

2. Choose Support and select Self Diagnosis.

3. Click on Reset and enter your TV pin.

Reset Samsung Smart TV

4. Confirm your selection by tapping the Yes button.

5. After the factory reset, install the Peacock TV app on your Samsung TV and stream all the content.

Contact Support

If you find the above methods not helping to solve the issues, then you directly contact customer support. You can reach Samsung or Peacock TV customer support on their official social media handles. Luckily, both Samsung and Peacock TV have a dedicated help platform.

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1. Why is Peacock not working on Samsung TV?

If your Peacock TV app is not working, restart the app or check the internet connection.

2. Why can’t I cast Peacock on my TV?

The older version of Peacock TV doesn’t have the cast support. You have to update the Peacock TV app to its latest version to get cast and AirPlay support.

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