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How to Setup and Use Parental Control on Android TV

by Natalie
Parental Control on Android TV

Having kids around TVs and smartphones is a hectic task. They will use smart devices and there are great changes that they encounter come across adult content while using it. To prevent this, every smart device has its own parental control features. In Android TV and Android TV Box, you can enable the Parental Control feature to prevent the younger members and other people of your family from accessing the sites that you have considered inappropriate for them.

Though Android TV has kid-friendly apps like YouTube Kids and PBS Kids, parental control is one of the important features. If you think setting parental control on your TV is not effective, you can create a separate profile for your kid and impose all the limitations and content modifications.

This article pens down the complete instructions to setup and use Parental Control on Android TV.

How to Turn on and Use Parental Control on Android TV

1. On your Android TV, Navigate to the Settings option.

Navigate to Settings

2. From the menu of General Settings, choose Channel.

Select the Channel option

3. Scroll down and select the Parental Controls.

Go to Parental Controls

4. Then, create a 4-digit password.

Create 4-digit PIN

How to Use Parental Control on Android TV

In the Parental Control feature on Android TV, you can block the unwanted channel and set program restrictions, and inputs blocked.

Steps For Program Restrictions

1. Go to the Parental Control menu and select the Program Restrictions option.

select the Program Restrictions option

2. Turn on the toggle at the top of the screen.

3. Scroll down and choose Ratings System to enable or disable the preference of country.

Steps For Inputs Blocked

1. From the options of Parental control, go for the Inputs Blocked option.

Click on the Inputs Blocked option

2. Scroll down and choose the input medium.

Choose the Input medium

3. Now, block or unblock the selected input way by selecting it.

Steps For Change PIN

1. Click on the Change PIN option.

Select the Change PIN option

2. Now, enter the existing PIN and verify it.

3. Then, enter the new PIN and confirm it.

How to Set a Restricted Profile PIN Code

1. Press the Home button on your Android TV remote.

2. Select Settings >> Security & Restrictions from the Personal Category.

How to Set a Restricted Profile PIN Code

3. Choose Restricted Profile and then click on the Settings option.

Settings option

4. Create a 4-digit PIN and re-enter it.

Create a 4 digit pin

5. Scroll down to the apps that you want to restrict others from using it.

Select the apps to allow

6. Click on a particular app and select Allowed or Not Allowed.

How to Set a Restricted Profile PIN Code

7. Head back to the previous screen and select Enter Restricted Profile option. Choose the profile that you want to restrict.

Enter Restricted Profile option

8. Now, on the Android TV home screen, you can only see the apps that you have allowed access and other apps will be hidden.


1. How do I set parental controls on TCL Android TV?

You can set parental controls on TCL Android TV using the Settings menu. If you can’t see the Parental Control option, update your Android TV.

2. How do I make YouTube child-friendly?

You can enable the Parental settings on the YouTube app or you can install the YouTube Kids app on your Android TV.

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