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How to Install Movies HD APK on Android TV

by Natalie
Movies HD Apk

Movies HD APK offers new movies, series, TV shows, and more video content for free. The app is 100% safe though it has no official app in the Google Play Store. With the Movies HD APK app on your Android TV, you will get endless entertainment as they update new content every week. By using the Downloader app on Android TV, you can install the Movies HD app.

Movies HD APK Features

  • In the Movies HD app, there is no registration process available needed.
  • You can choose the video quality based on your preferences like 360p, 720p, and 1080p.
  • Most of the video titles are integrated with subtitles. You can also download subtitles online with the built-in tool.
  • The app is error-free as it is updated frequently.
  • You can also download video content to watch offline.
  • The app is compatible with the Chromecast support.

Need of VPN

How to Install Movies HD apk on Android TV- VPN

It is safe to install a VPN on your Android TV while streaming video content via APK files. VPN provides a private internet experience on your Android TV. Get any of the best VPNs on Android TV and protect your online presence.

Movies HD APK on Android TV

You cannot download Movies HD directly on Android TV since it doesn’t have any official app. You have to sideload the app on Android TV using Downloader.

How to Sideload Movies HD APK on Android TV

1. Go to the Apps section on your Android TV.

2. Open the Google Play Store.

3. With the search bar, search for the Downloader app.

How to Install Movies HD apk on Android TV- Download the downloader app on Google Play Store

4. Click on the app from the search results.

5. Tap the Install button to get the Downloader app on your Android TV.

6. Using the same steps, install the Sideload Launcher on Android TV to access the APK files.

7. Now, go to the Android TV Settings.

8. Click on the Device Preferences option and choose Securities and Restrictions option.

9. Open the Unknown Sources menu and turn on the Downloader toggle.

Install Unknown apps

10. Then, open the Downloader app on your Android TV.

11. Enter the AFTVnews Plugin URL (browser.aftvnews.com) and download it. Without the plugin, you can’t install any APK files on Downloader.

12. Now, enter the newest Movies HD APK Android TV URL and click the Go button.

Install Movies HD on Downloader app

13. Download the APK file on your TV.

14. Install the Movies HD app and stream your favorite video content.

How to Cast Movies HD on Android TV

1. Install the Movies HD app on your Android smartphone from any of the third-party websites.

2. Connect your Android TV and smartphone to the same WiFi connection.

3. Open the Movies HD app on your Android smartphone and choose the content that you want to cast on your Android TV.

4. Click on the Cast icon on the Movies HD app.

5. After that, select the name of your Android TV.

6. Now, the video content will appear on your TV.

Movies HD Alternatives

If you want to use more free apps on Android TV like Movies HD, there are some recommended alternatives for the app which can give you a similar streaming experience.

HD Movies Now

HD Movies now

HD Movies Now can be considered one of the best alternatives for the Movies HD app. New movies are updated every day in the app. The good news is that HD Movies support all the versions of Android TV. It has an attractive interface with a faster streaming capacity.



If you want to watch award-winning movies and TV shows on your Android TV, you can get the GoMovies app. This app has a huge library of dramas, action, crime, love, fight, cartoon, and much more. GoMovies is really safe to use and allows the user to experience an uninterrupted streaming experience.


1. How can I download HD movies on Android TVs?

All the streaming app offers HD video content for Android TVs. Third-party apps like Movies HD, and Catmouse APK on Android TV also offer HD movies and series.

2. Which is the best app to download Movies HD on Android TV?

You can use the Downloader or any third-party installers to download the Movies HD app on your Android TV.

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