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How to Take Screenshots on Android TV

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How to Take Screenshots on Android TV

It is possible to take screenshots on Android TV, just like on smartphones or tablets. Android TV has a lot of tips and tricks that most users are unaware of. Among those, screenshots are one of them. There are no difficulties with taking screenshots on the TV. However, all the methods to take screenshots aren’t applicable to all Android TVs.

Because some TVs won’t have built-in screenshot features while others have it. So, to take screenshots on Android TV, you can try different methods and see which method fits your TV the best.

Different Methods to Take A Screenshot on Android TV

You can take screenshots on TV using different methods. The methods are:

  • Using Remote
  • Default Screenshot Option
  • TV Remote App
  • Button Mapper App
  • Third-Party Screenshot App

How to Take Screenshots on Android TV Using Remote

Press the Power and Volume Down buttons at the same time. If you hear a capture sound or see a capture animation, then it means that the screenshot has been captured successfully.

Press the Power and Volume Down buttons to Take Screenshots on Android TV

Take Screenshots on Android TV Using the Default Screenshot Option

Some Android TVs come with a built-in Screenshot feature. To access this feature, press and hold the Home and Power buttons (various from TV to TV) until you see a pop-up menu.

Press the Home and Power buttons

Here, select the Screenshot option. Your Android TV will ask you whether to ‘Save to Photos’ or ‘Save and Share.’ Depending on your need, choose the option you want.

Select Screenshot

Take Screenshots on Android TV Using the TV Remote App

Nowadays, most Android TVs come with their own remote control app. These apps usually have a lot of options, including the screenshot function. All you need to do is connect your remote control app with your Android TV. Then, tap the Screenshot option to take a snap of your TV screen.

Android TV remote

Take Screenshots on Android TV Using the Button Mapper App

The Button Mapper app is available on your Play Store and can be used to remap custom actions to your hardware buttons like volume up, volume down, or more. By using this app, you can set which button you want to use for taking screenshots on your TV. Open the Button Mapper and assign your preferred key to take a screenshot on your Android TV.

The Button Mapper App

1. Launch the Google Play Store on your Android TV.

2. Search for the Button Mapper and install it.

3. After installing, hit the Open button to launch the app.

Select Install to Take Screenshots on Android TV

4. Now, you need to enable the Accessibility Services to use the app further. For that, follow the below steps.

  • Settings → Device Preferences → Accessibility → Find the Button Mapper app → Enable the toggle near the app.

5. Once again, open the app and assign the button (Volume Up/Down, Back, and Home) of your choice for the screenshot function.

If you want to launch an app, take a screenshot, or adjust the brightness, you can even do it with a single press, double press, or long press by adjusting the customization option. Remember, you can also install the Button Mapper app on an Android smartphone and connect it to the TV app in order to take the screenshot on your TV.

Tap the Screenshot option

Take Screenshots on Android TV Using the Third-Party Screenshot App

Although most Android TVs come with their own remote, there are still some TVs that don’t have their own remote app. This is where CetusPlay comes into play. It is a TV remote app that can be used to control most Android TVs or TV boxes. This app also has all the features that other TV remotes have, including screenshots.


1. Make sure that connect the Android TV to a WiFi network in which your smartphone is connected..

2. Download and install CetusPlay on your Android TV from the Play Store.

3. Enable the USB debugging option before launching the application by following the below navigations.

  • Settings → Device Preferences → About → Build → keep clicking on Build up to 7 times → go back to Device Preferences → Developer Options → Enable USB debugging.
Enable USB debugging

4. Launch the CetusPlay app on your TV and accept the necessary permissions.

5. Now, you need to install CetusPlay on your smartphone from the Play Store.

6. After installing, open the app on your phone and navigate to the hamburger menu icon at the top-left corner.

7. From the available devices, select Android TV.

8. Once the connection is established between your TV and smartphone, tap the Screen Capture option from the mobile app.

Tap the Screen Capture option

Tip: You can use a file manager app like Solid Explorer on Android TV to manage and access the screenshot files

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to view the screenshots that you have taken on Android TV?

To view screenshots on the TV, go to Photos & Videos > Screenshots. Here, you can see the screenshots you have taken.

2. How to take Netflix screenshots on Android TV?

You can’t take screenshots while streaming Netflix on Android TV.

3. Does ‘Hey Google take a screenshot’ work on Android TV?

No, ‘Hey Google, take a screenshot’ only works on Android smartphones and tablets.

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