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How to Watch FIBA Basketball World Cup on Android TV

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How to Watch FIBA Basketball World Cup on Android TV

FIBA is one of the most watched Basketball sporting events similar to the NBA. The tournament was conducted over 4 years once, with the participation of many countries. The grand event of the 19th FIBA Basketball World Cup hosting in the Philippines, Japan, and Indonesia on 25th August 2023. The fans started booking tickets to experience the live event with the incredible craze. Since it is one of the biggest events this year, many streaming platforms are getting the rights to stream the live event of FIBA matches. You can download the ESPN app to catch up on the live events of the FIBA Basketball World Cup on your Android TV.

Since the ESPN app is officially available on the Google Play Store, you can download the app without any hassle. If you own an ESPN+ subscription or TV Provider compatible ESPN, you can watch all the matches on your Android TV without any delay.

How to Install ESPN on Android TV

As mentioned above, you can download the ESPN app on your Android TV to stream the live events of the FIBA Basketball World Cup.

1. Turn On your Android TV and connect it to a strong WIFI.

2. Highlight and select the Apps option from the home screen on your Android TV.

Go to Google Play Store

3. Launch the Google Play Store application and click the Search icon.

Search for ESPN app on Android TV

4. Enter ESPN using the on-screen keyboard and select the app from the list of apps displayed on the search result.

5. Click the Install button to get the app on your Android TV.

7. Once the app is installed, click Open to launch the app.

How to Activate ESPN on Android TV

1. Open the ESPN app on your Android TV.

2. Click on the Settings option on the app and choose Account Information.

Select Account Information option

3. Now, choose any of the activation methods listed below.

  1. Activate Using TV Provider
  2. Activate Using ESPN Account

Activate Using TV Provider:

4. Click the Provider Account option and choose your TV Provider from the list.

Choose Provider Login button

5. Now, enter the login details of the TV Provider into the app and finish the activation process.

Activate Using ESPN Account:

4. Select the ESPN Account button to get an activation code on your TV screen.

5. Open a web browser on your PC or smartphone and visit the activation website of ESPN [https://www.espn.com/activate].

6. Enter the activation code you received on the TV and hit the Continue button.

Enter the activation code and stream FIBA Basketball World Cup on Android TV using ESPN

7. Login with your ESPN+ credentials on the website to finish the sign-in process.

8. Finally, relaunch the ESPN app on your Android TV to stream the FIBA tournament.

How to Watch FIBA Basketball World Cup Outside USA

If you reside outside the USA, then you can stream the FIBA live matches using the NBA app on your Android TV. By subscribing to the FIBA World Cup pass on NBA, you can easily live stream your matches online.

1. Go to the Play Store app on your Android TV and search for the NBA app.

2. Select the app from the results and hit the Install button.

3. Now, launch the app and hit the Sign in button to an activation code [Make a note of it].

4. Visit the activation website of NBA from the browser on your device [https://www.nba.com/activate].

5. Type in the activation code on the website and hit the Continue button.

Activate NBA to watch FIBA Basketball World Cup on Android TV

6. Finally, log in with your account credentials to complete the activation process.

7. Now, launch the NBA app on your Android TV and start streaming your desired match on FIBA.

How to Watch FIBA Basketball World Cup Without Cable

Streaming services are the best way to stream FIBA Basketball World Cup without cable. Most of the streaming services are compatible with the ESPN service. By subscribing to the streaming service compatible with ESPN, you can stream live matches of FIBA with ease. Some of the popular streaming services that offer ESPN channels are listed below.

FIBA Basketball World Cup Groups

The 32 qualified teams were split into 8 groups. The top 8 groups of the FIBA World Cup are listed below in the table.

Group AGroup B
AngolaSouth Sudan
Dominican RepublicSerbia
ItalyPuerto Rico
Group EGroup F
FinlandCape Verde
Group CGroup D
New ZealandLithuania
Group GGroup H
Ivory CoastLebanon

FIBA Basketball World Cup Schedule

The schedule for FIBA Basketball World Cup 2024 was planned between 25th August – September 8, 2023.

August 25Angola VS Italy
August 25Finland Vs Australia
August 25Mexico Vs Montenegro
August 25Latvia Vs Lebanon
August 25Dominican Republic Vs Philippines
August 25Germany Vs Japan
August 25Egypt Vs Lithuania
August 25Canada Vs France
August 26Cape Verde Vs Georgia
August 26South Sudan Vs Puerto Rico
August 26Jordan Vs Greece
August 26Iran Vs Brazil
August 26Slovenia Vs Venezuela
August 26Serbia Vs China
August 26USA VS New Zealand
August 26Spain Vs Ivory Coast
August 27Italy Vs Dominican Republic
August 27Australia Vs Germany
August 27Montenegro Vs Egypt
August 27Lebanon Vs Canada
August 27Philippine Vs Angola
August 27Japan Vs Finland
August 27Lithuania Vs Mexico
August 27France Vs Latvia
August 28China Vs South Sudan
August 28Venezuela Vs Cape Verde
August 28New Zealand Vs Jordan
August 28Ivory Coast Vs Iran
August 28Georgia Vs Slovenia
August 28Puerto Rico Vs Serbia
August 28Greece Vs USA
August 28Brazil Vs Spain
August 29Germany Vs Finland
August 29Angola Vs Dominican Republic
August 29Egypt Vs Mexico
August 29Lebanon Vs France
August 29Australia Vs Japan
August 29Philippines Vs Italy
August 29Montenegro Vs Lithuania
August 29Canada Vs Latvia
August 30South Sudan Vs Serbia
August 30Georgia Vs Venezuela
August 30USA Vs Jordan
August 30Ivory Coast Vs Brazil
August 30Slovenia Vs Cape Verde
August 30China Vs Puerto Rico
August 30Greece Vs New Zealand
August 30Iran Vs Spain


Once the team has qualified for Play Offs, they can play the Quarter, Semi, and Final matches.

Quarter-finalsSeptember 5
Quarter-finalsSeptember 6
Semi-finalsSeptember 8
FinalSeptember 10


1. Can I watch FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 on Android TV?

Yes, you can watch the live matches of the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 on your Android TV by subscribing to ESPN, NBA, fuboTV, or other streaming services.

2. Can I stream live matches of FIBA 2023 in Courtside 1891?

Yes, you can stream the live matches of FIBA 2023 in Courtside 1891.

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