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How to Solve Insufficient Storage on Android TV

by Natalie
Android TV Insufficient Storage

Generally, Android Smart TVs and Android-powered Smart TV boxes come with lesser storage space. Unlike smartphones and PCs, you can install the apps and games that you come across. However, if you keep installing apps, you will soon find an error stating that “internal storage space is insufficient.” It means that the Android TV storage is full, and you can’t install any apps or games. There are ways to fix or solve the insufficient storage issue on Android TV.

Delete Unused Apps to Clear Space

1. Turn on your Android TV and select Settings on the home screen.

2. Select General settings and choose Apps.

3. Click on See all Apps and choose the app you want to uninstall.

Choose to app to solve Android TV insufficient storage space

4. Select Uninstall and click on OK.

Select Uninstall

By using this way, you can delete all the unused apps to clear a lot of space.

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How to Add More Internal Storage

As you already know, the amount of internal storage available on smart TVs has always been low. Android TV allows you to add and use an external storage device as internal TV storage.

1. Connect your External device (USB Drive) to your Android TV.

Connect the USB

2. On the home screen, navigate to Settings and select Device Preferences.

3. Select Storage and click on the external storage drive.

Choose the new storage

4. Click on Set up as internal storage, and the external device will start formatting.

Now, your external device will be set up as internal storage.

How to Move Apps to the External Storage

After setting up the new internal storage, you can start moving the apps to it.

1. On your Android TV, go to Settings.

2. Click on General Settings and select Apps.

3. Choose the app you want to move and select the new internal storage.

Note: You can’t move all the Android TV apps to your external storage. You can move only the apps that you’ve installed manually.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) How to solve Android TV’s insufficient storage space running out?

You can either delete unused apps or add an external storage device as internal storage to solve Android TV’s insufficient storage.

2) How to increase storage on Android TV?

You can connect your external drive to the TV and change it to internal storage using the settings. In this way, you can increase storage on Android TV.

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