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How to Remap Android TV Remote Buttons Quickly

by Natalie
Remap Android TV Remote

Android TV is the best smart TV that you can use to enjoy all your favorite media content at home. Android TV comes with a remote control to navigate easily on the TV. The remote has dedicated buttons for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube. With the remote, you can perform various actions like mute, volume up & down, forward, rewind, and many more. The most interesting feature of Android TV is that you can remap the Android TV remote according to your wish. Look into this article to know how to remap the Android TV remote to add quick shortcuts.

How to Remap Android TV Remote

To remap the Android TV remote, you need to install the Button Mapper app. It is a free app available on Google Play Store.

1. Turn on your Android TV and connect the TV to a strong internet connection.

2. Open Play Store and tap the Search icon.

3. Search for the Button Mapper app with the help of the on-screen keyboard.

4. Next, click Install to get the app on your Android TV.

5. Once installed, click Open to launch the app.

tap open to launch button mapper app

6. Now, the app will ask you to enable the Accessibility service. Click OK in the prompt.

click ok in the prompt that appears

7. Go to Settings >> Device Preferences >> Accessibility >> Button Mapper and slide the toggle to on.

enable unknown access for button mapper app

8. Next, launch the Button Mapper app and click on the Home button.

tap the home button to remap android tv remote

9. Turn on the Customize option. Then, select the pattern to use the button. For example, choose Double tap for the Home button.

click double tap to remap android tv remote

10. Next, select the action that you want to perform. Choose the Screenshot option from the list you get.

click screenshot to remap android tv remote

11. Now, press the Home button twice on the remote. It will take a screenshot.

12. In the same way, you can remap the other buttons on the Android TV remote.

take screenshot on android tv

How to Remap the Volume Buttons to Change Tracks

1. Launch the Button Mapper app, turn on the Customize option and select Long Press or any other action you want.

click volume buttons on the screen

2. Go to the drop-down menu where Actions is located and change it to Media.

tap long press to remap android tv remote

3. Choose Next Track.

choose next track option from the screen

4. That’s it. You can long-press the volume up button to change the next track.

How to Change the Default Buttons on the Remote

1. Open the Button Mapper app and click on Add Buttons.

click add buttons to remap android tv remote

2. Press the button on the remote that you want to change. For example, press the Prime Video button.

press the button to remap android tv remote

3. The select button will be registered. Click on the button to open.

4. Now, you can choose the pattern to use for the selected button.

click on the button to open

5. Then, you will see a lot of commands under six categories like Actions, Applications, Shortcuts, System Media, and Advanced.

choose the actions that you want

6. Select the action you want to do with the button, and you are done.

turn on customize option to remap android tv remote

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I remap buttons on Android TV?

You can use the Button Mapper app on Android TV to remap buttons.

Can you reprogram a remote control?

Yes, you can reprogram a remote control on your Android TV.

How to control Android TV without a remote?

Without a remote, you can control Android TV with a PC.

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