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How to Make Android TV Faster [Updated 2023]

by Natalie
How to Make Android TV Faster

Android TV box lets you use Android TV OS on a non-Android TV. By using the TV box, you can not only gain access to all the apps that are available on it but also most of the features available on Android TV. When compared with other streaming devices like Firestick, Apple TV, and more, Android TV has a lot of advantages. Like any other streaming device, the Android TV box also suffers from slow speed. This may be due to less storage space, overheating, too many apps running in the background, and too much cache data. In order to solve the slow speed of the TV, read the methods below, where you will get to know how to make your Android TV faster.

Methods to Make Your Android TV Box Faster

There are two methods you can use to increase the speed of your Android TV box, and they are:

  • Using Software Fixes
  • Using Hardware Fixes

How to Increase the Speed of Your Android TV Box Using Software Fixes

To make your Android TV faster using Software fixes, use the methods below:

1. Remove Unused Apps

If you have installed too many apps on your Android TV box, it will take a large amount of internal storage and this means your remaining storage space will be less. This will cause your TV to be unresponsive, slow, and sometimes even laggy. To solve this problem, you need to delete the app on Android TV.

1. Launch your Android TV and go to the Apps section.

Select Apps - How to make Android TV faster

2. Choose the app that you want to remove.

Choose any app - How to make Android TV faster

3. Press and hold the Select or Enter button on your remote.

Select Uninstall

4. On the menu that pops up, select Uninstall and click on OK.

Select OK
Alternative Method For Removing Unused Apps

1. Open your Android TV and go to Play Store.

2. Select My Apps in the left-side toolbar.

3. Choose the app that you want to uninstall and select Uninstall.

2. Disable Automatic Software Updates And App Updates

Whether it is Automatic software updates or App updates, it will take up resources and bandwidth in the background. This might cause your Android TV box to slow down when streaming movies and TV shows from apps like Netflix. So, you need to disable automatic updates for both your Software and Apps.

Disable Automatic Software Updates

1. On your Android TV home screen, navigate to Settings.

2. Scroll down to System Software Update and select Automatic software update.

Select System software update

3. Turn it off and the automatic software update function will be disabled.

Select Automatic software update

If you are using the older version of Android TV OS, update your Android TV or Android TV Box to its latest version.

Disable Automatic App Updates

1. Launch your Google Play Store on your Android TV.

2. Select Settings and click on Auto-update apps.

Select Auto update Apps - How to make Android TV faster

3. Turn off the feature.

3. Clear Cache & Data

If you find the app that you are currently using is running slow or sometimes unresponsive to your commands, then you need to clear the cache. This will not only clear the cache data but will also fix any temporary glitches.

1. On your Android TV, go to Settings and select Apps.

2. Select the app that you want to clear the cache data.

3. Click on Clear cache and Clear data.

Select Clear Cache - How to make Android TV faster

3. Click on OK and your cache will be cleared.

4. Turn Off Usage Diagnostics & Location Tracking

If you want to make your Android TV box faster, then you can consider turning off Usage Diagnostics and Location Tracking. This is because most of the apps normally fetch your location data in the background and send the info to Google. This process will regularly consume resources and bandwidth whenever you use an app, so try turning it off.

1. Go to Settings on your Android TV.

2. Under the Personal section, select Location.

3. Select the Location Status and turn it Off.

4. Go back to Settings and select Usage & Diagnostics.

5. Click on the toggle to turn it Off.

5. Restart your Android TV Box

It may be because of some system-generated lags or some other issues like the CPU is undertaking processes that are no longer needed and wasting a lot of resources or more. You can solve these problems easily by restarting your Android TV Box.

1. On your Android TV remote, press and hold the Power button until you see a menu appearing on the screen.

2. From the available options, select Restart and click on OK.

3. Your system will begin to restart.

6. Close Your Apps properly

Many people think that on Android TV, just pressing the home button when using apps, you can not only close the apps but also return to the home screen. But this is entirely wrong. When you press the home button, you only go to the home screen and the app keeps on running in the background. This means the apps that you thought were closed are taking up unnecessary resources and slowing down your TV’s performance. So, always remember that to close the apps, press the back button and not the home button.

How to Increase the Speed of Your Android TV Box Using Hardware Fixes

1. Use the Manufactures Power Adapter

Android TV Box Power Adapter

As you may know, different models of the same brand may have different power ratings because of the differences in the hardware. This also applies to the Android TV box. If you use the power adapter of a different model of a TV box or other power adapters on your current Android TV box, it will lead to overheating of your device, under performance of your TV, and other malfunctions. So, I advise you to use the power adapter that comes with your Android TV box.

2. Use a USB Cooling Fan

As long as it is an electronic device, it is always prone to overheating. It may be due to constant use of the device for long hours or some other reasons that cause your device to overheat. Although the Android TV box has a lot of effective components to avoid overheating, like a heat sink and cooling fans, it can’t avoid the problem of overheating. The result of overheating your device is a lag in performance. The most suitable and easiest way for you to solve the overheating problem on the TV box is by external cooling. A USB fan that is compatible with the Android TV box can be used to reduce the heat. All you need to do is plug the USB fan into the USB port on your TV box.

3. Expand your Storage

All Android TV box comes with limited internal storage and it is normal for you to suffer from insufficient storage space. The TV box gives the option of increasing the storage in the form of a micro SD card slot or USB port or providing compatibility for hard drives. While some others have gone a step forward by making an external storage device as internal storage. You can store movies, TV shows, and more on the external storage and use the internal storage only for apps or use the new internal storage for storing either the apps or anything related to entertainment. This way, you can have more free space on your internal storage and this will improve your TV’s performance.

4. Use LAN Connection

Connect LAN to Android TV box

Just like many other smart TVs out there, the Android TV box relies heavily on the internet, and if the internet connection is slow, you can easily notice the lag in the TV’s performance. So, make sure that the WiFi connection you use is 5GHz WiFi because it provides a faster speed. Also, use a wired connection for your Android TV instead of the WiFi.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I speed up my Android TV box?

You can uninstall the rarely used apps or update the Android TV Box to its latest version to speed up your Android TV Box.

2. How to make Android TV faster in Developer Options?

As of now, there are no settings available in the Developer Options to make the Android TV faster.

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