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How to Install Android TV 12 Beta

by Natalie
How to Install Android TV 12 Beta

Android TV 12 includes some great features, and the existing features were optimized, making it easy to use and providing a wonderful experience to the users. Currently, Google has only introduced the beta version of Android TV 12. However, Google has confirmed that the official version will be available later this year. So, if you are planning on trying out the Android TV 12 beta version before the official one, follow the methods below.

Pre-Requisite for Installing Android TV 12 Beta

Before installing Android TV 12 beta, different prerequisites need to be fulfilled. After that, you can install the Android TV 12 beta on your device.

1. Askey ADT-3 Developer Kit

Since the Android TV 12 is available only in beta form, you need a device called the Askey ADT-3 Developer Kit. It is a device used by developers to test their Android TV apps. It is a streaming media player available to users with Android 10 out of the box and available in over 40 countries. You can also buy a separate Askey ADT-3 Developer Kit for your device at $79.00.

2. USB Drivers

Android TV 12 Beta can be installed only by flashing the beta build. As you know, you need to connect your device to the laptop or PC to flash it. You will also need to ensure that the laptop has the correct USB Drivers to install the beta build. If you don’t know your OEM USB drivers and how to install them, Google has made it easy by providing the necessary details. If you cannot find your device from the list, install Google USB Driver.

3. Google Chrome

To install Android TV 12 beta on your ADT-3 dev kit, you can use Google’s Android Flash Tool website. Unlike other Flash tool sites or apps, using the google website is easier, and it makes all the complicated flashing easy for you. If you want to use Google’s Flash website, you need to install the Google Chrome browser.

4. Stable Internet Connection

Since the Android TV 12 beta size is quite large (600 MB+), you need to have a stable and good internet connection. Ensure that your connection is good, and there should be no interruption.

How to Prepare ADT-3 Dev Kit for Android TV 12 Beta

As you know, the ADT-3 Developer Kit works in the same way as Android TV. We need to access its developer options to enable USB Debugging and unlock the Bootloader. Once you finish setting up and connecting the ADT-3 devkit on your TV, follow the steps below to prepare for installing the Android TV beta:

1. On your Android TV home screen, navigate to Settings using the Askey remote.

2. Select Device Preferences and click on About.

Select Device Preferences

3. Scroll down to Build and click on it 7-8 times using the remote, and you’ll see a prompt saying, “You are now a developer.”

Select build -install Android TV 12 beta

4. Go back to Device Preferences and select Developer Options.

Select Developer Options

5. Navigate to OEM unlocking and enable it. You will see some warnings or prompts on the screen. Select Accept on them.

Select OEM unblocking -install Android TV 12 beta

6. Also, enable USB Debugging under Developer Options.

Select USB debugging

You have now finished preparing ADT-3 Dev Kit, and it is ready to begin the installation of the Android TV 12 beta.

How to install Android TV 12 Beta

1. First, plug the USB output of the Askey ADT-3 into your laptop’s USB port.

2. Launch your Google Chrome and visit google’s Android Flash Tool.

Note: Make sure that you have installed the necessary USB Driver on your device before going to the next step. Otherwise, the next step won’t work.

3. Select Allow ADB access on the prompt that appears.

Allow ADB access -install Android TV 12 beta

4. Click on the Downward arrow icon and select your device.

Select Downward arrow

5. Before you select the device, you need to approve the connection from your TV. When prompted, select Allow or Always Allow to complete the connection and select your device.

Select Allow

6. Once the connection is established, select Add device.

Select Add Device -install Android TV 12 beta

7. Select ADT-3 paired and click on the Connect on the pop-up menu that appears.

Note: If you don’t see your device, you don’t have a proper USB driver installed on your PC. Abort the process and install the proper USB Driver before you proceed. If you are asked to Reselect the device, repeat the above process.

Select Connect

8. Now, select the device name, and a build menu will open up. From the list of Android TV 12 beta builds, select Android 12 Beta 3 as it is the latest one available for installation.

Select Android 12 Beta 3 -install Android TV 12 beta

9. Click on Install build.

Note: You can use the edit button to change the settings you want, but we recommend leaving it alone and going with the default settings.

Select Install Build -install Android TV 12 beta

10. Read the warnings to know what will happen during the installation process and know that this installation will delete the ADT-3 and install Android TV 12 beta. Select Confirm.

Select Confirm

11. Select I Accept on the License terms.

Select I Accept

12. The installation process will begin, and please do not remove the device from the USB port or the power outlet.

Preparing your device -install Android TV 12 beta

13. Read the warnings and select Start on the window that appears.

Select Start

14. It will start downloading the Android TV 12 beta build.

Downloading software -install Android TV 12 beta

15. After downloading, your Android TV 12 beta will start the flashing and rebooting process. During this process, you will be asked to select something from the options shown on your screen. Do not select anything and leave it alone because the tool will take care of everything.

Installing Software

16. In the final step, you need to lock your bootloader to complete the process. Select Start.

Select Start - install Android TV 12 beta

Your Askey ADT-3 device will reboot, and you will see the Android TV 12 boot animation on the screen. It will be followed by a setup screen which you need to finish the setup to get to the home screen. Now, you can unplug the ADT-3 dev kit from your computer. If you want to confirm whether the installation of the Android 12 build was complete, look for the installation message on your Android flash tool screen.

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How to Flash the Android 12 Build Manually

Although using the Android Flash tool is relatively easy, there are times you end up encountering errors. Due to these errors, the Android Flash method won’t work. Then the only solution for this problem will be manually downloading and flashing the Android TV 12 beta yourself.

The first thing you need for flashing beta builds on your device is Google SDK Platform Tools. Next, download and extract the folder on your computer. Now, download the Android TV 12 beta build for your ADT-3 device. Like the above method, you need to install the proper USB Drivers for your PC or laptop.

Although manually flashing builds looks easier, it is only easy for proficient developers. For first-time users, it is quite hard. So, we recommend the above method, which looks tough but is quite easy. However, if the above method proves inconsistent, try downloading the above files and manually flashing Android TV 12 beta using the commands.

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