How to Flash Android TV Box with USB

by Natalie

Flashing an Android TV or Android TV Box is equivalent to resetting the entire OS of the device. There are many ways to flash an Android TV Box. But, flashing an Android TV Box using a USB drive is the simplest and working way. When you flash your Android TV Box using a USB drive, all the information and the data on the device will be deleted.

Risk of Flashing your Android TV Box

Risk of flasing your Android TV Box

Flashing your Android TV Box involves more risk than you may know. Before flashing your TV, make sure that you are ready to face the below-mentioned limitations.

  • When you flash a device, you can’t claim any warranty for the device. So, if the software gets damaged while flashing, you have to deal with that all by yourself.
  • After flashing the device, you may not install apps and games as usual. You may have some UI changes in the TV.
  • For a flashed device, you will not get any updates from the official forum.
  • Flashing is not a 100% successful process. If it fails, you can’t do anything with the TV or the Box.

Types of Flashing Packages

There are three types of flashing packages for smart TVs. Flash package depends on your TV model.

  • Local Upgrade Flash – You can use this pack for self-cleaning your Android device.
  • Online Upgrade Flash – This package requires assistance from the support team.
  • Forced Flash – You can use this type when you cannot access the TV.

Steps to Flash Android TV Box with USB

  • Set to Recovery Mode
  • Reset Android TV Box
  • Download Flash Package
  • Flash Using USB

Set Your Android TV Box to Recovery Mode

The first step for flashing your Android TV Box is to go to recovery mode. To turn on recovery mode on Android TV,

1. Turn off your Android TV or Android TV Box.

2. Then, turn it on.

3. While the TV or the box is turning on, long press the Home and Back buttons on the remote for almost ten seconds. For Android TV Box, hold the Pinhole Reset button.

4. The Android TV logo will appear and will boot on recovery mode.

Factory Reset Android TV Box

When your Android TV Box is in recovery mode, you need to reset your Android TV factory settings.

1. In the Android Recovery screen, press the Wipe data/factory reset option.

Factory reset

2. A warning pop-up will appear. Click Yes to confirm it.

3. This will erase all the stored data in your Android TV Box.

4. Now, click on Reboot system now.

Reboot System Now

5. Wait until the restart is completed.

Download Flash Tool

Now, you need to download the flash tool on a USB drive. As of now, there are three flash tools available for Android TV and Android TV Box.

  • Amlogic Series Flash Tool
  • Allwinner Series Flash Tool
  • Rockchip Series Flash Tool & Driver

1. Connect the USB drive to your PC and format it.

2. Open the web browser on your PC and download the flash tool of your preference.

3. Extract the flash tool on your PC.

4. Copy-paste the extension file to the USB drive.

Flash Android TV Box Using USB

1. Go to your Android TV recovery mode.

2. Connect the USB drive to your Android TV.

3. Select the Apply update from SD card option.

4. Now, you will get the USB directory. Choose the flash tool that you have extracted.

4. After selecting, your TV will display a screen similar to the one mentioned below.

Restart Android TV Box

5. If the flashing is done completely, your Android TV box will restart automatically.

6. After the restart, your Android TV run on the new version.


1. How do I reprogram my Android Box?

Yes, you can reprogram your Android TV Box by flashing the device.

2. What does jailbreak mean on the Android Box?

Jailbreaking an Android TV Box refers to bypassing the developer restriction on the device. In a jailbroken Android TV, you won’t have any software restrictions.

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