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How to Fix Samsung TV Error Code 102

by Natalie
Samsung TV Error Code 102

The error code 102 on Samsung TV indicated that the TV had given out while connecting to the hub server. Due to this, some application widgets may not support working on the Samsung TV. It is a rare issue and occurs in a few Samsung TV models. If you go through your TV settings, you can find that the subnet mask, gateway, and IP address information were missing. If the error code 102 occurs with any network, you need to turn off your TV for about half an hour. Next, turn on the TV and connect to the network. If you witness the same error again on your TV, the issue is raised because of software failure. In this article, we have shown all the possible ways to resolve this error code along with its cause.

Steps to Solve Samsung TV Error Code 102

To solve the Samsung TV error code 102, you need to follow the below-given steps.

  • Restarting the TV
  • Inspecting the router
  • Checking Hub Server
  • Updating the Samsi
  • Resetting the TV
  • Checking the Wi-Fi module

Restarting TV

The Samsung TV Error Code 102 may look like a huge problem. But you can resolve it easily. You can resolve the error code issue by restarting the TV.

#1 First, press the ‘Power‘ button on your Samsung remote to turn it OFF.

#2 Unplug the power cable from the Samsung TV.

#3 Wait for 5-7 minutes.

#4 Now, plug in the power cable back to the TV.

#5 Turn on your Samsung TV to check whether the error code is resolved.

Inspecting the Router

Another reason for the cause of error code 102 is the loose connection of the router. You need to check whether the connection is perfect or not. If you still see the error code even with the fine connection, you need to restart the router.

#1 Reboot the router. After that, wait for a few seconds without turning it ON.

#2 Now, you have to check whether the router is compatible with the TV adapter. If not, eliminate the encryption.

#3 Allow DHCP to get into the required settings by itself.

#4 Next, you need to modify the frequency from 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz or from 5 GHz to 2.4 GHz.

#5 MAC address is blocked by Access Control. To prevent the block, you need to disable it. Another possible way is by whitelisting the address.

#6 Right now, you can easily find the MAC in Service Request section in Samsung. You can reach the section by going through support.

Check Hub Server

The problem with the Hub server rises when it gets failure, surcharged, or it goes under maintenance. Under these circumstances, you have to wait for the hub server to get back to normal. There are some rare cases where the users need to change the DNS manually.

#1 On your Samsung smart TV menu, go to Settings -> Network.

network option in samsung tv

#2 Then go to Network Settings.

#3 Finally, click on IP Settings.

IP settings in samsung TV

#4 Select DNS.

changing dns in samsung tv to resolve error code

#5 Now, manually enter the public IP address. You can enter either Google’s ( or Yandex’s (

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Out of Date Firmware

One of the reasons for getting error code 102 in Samsung is out-of-date firmware. To get rid of this, you need to update the software on your Samsung TV.

Method 1

#1 Go to ‘Settings‘ on your Samsung TV.

#2 Next, click on ‘Support,’ then ‘Software Update.’

software update option in samsung tv

#3 You can see the option ‘Update Now‘ if you receive any new updates. Click on it. Depending on the firmware size and internet connection speed, the installation process will take the necessary time.

updating software in samsung tv to solve error code

Method 2

In this method, you will update the software on your TV with the help of using an External USB drive or LAN cable.

#1 Go to the official website of Samsung to download the latest firmware on your PC or laptop.

#2 You have to download the firmware compatible with your TV model. Copy the downloaded file to a USB drive.

#3 In the next step, connect the USB drive to your Samsung TV.

#4 Go to the Software Update window on your TV, and you can see the option ‘Update via USB.’

#5 Once the installation process gets completed, the TV will restart.

Resetting TV

To resolve the error code 102 on your Samsung TV, you can reset the TV. The error code occurs when there are incorrect settings on your TV. You can reset by two different methods.

Method 1

#1 First go to ‘Settings.’

#2 Then click on ‘Support.’

#3 Under ‘Support,’ click on ‘Self Diagnosis.’

#4 Now, click on the ‘Reset‘ option.

resetting samsung tv to solve error code

#5 You will be asked for a four-digit pin. Enter the default code in the boxes to begin the restart process.

entering default pin to begin reset process

Method 2

You can try this method only when the error code doesn’t resolve, even after resetting your TV.

#1 Press and hold the power button on your Samsung TV for a few seconds till it gets off and back to ON state again.

#2 Then, instantly press and hold the power button on your remote until it gets into the restart process.

#3 By following this method, it permanently deletes the user preference, list of channels, glitches, etc., from your TV.

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Check the Wi-Fi Module

If none of the methods resolve the issue, you must check the Wi-Fi module on your Samsung TV.

#1 Click on the ‘Support‘ section.

#2 Next, select ‘Contact Manufacturer.’

#3 Now, go to the MAC address.

You can see the MAC address with numbers. If you find dashes or zeroes in the MAC address, there are two possibilities. First, the Network adapter may stop its function. Next, Your Samsung doesn’t come with a built-in Wi-Fi module.

If you see anyone from the above two possibilities, it is sure that the wireless device is broken. So instead of buying an external adapter, you can use a LAN cable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to solve Error Code 102 on Samsung TV?

You can follow the above techniques to resolve the error code 102 on your Samsung TV.

Why the Error Code 102 appears on Samsung TV?

The Samsung error code 102 occurs because of the malfunctioning of the hub server, router, Wi-Fi module, or outdated firmware.

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