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How to Find Mac Address on Android TV Box

by Natalie
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MAC (Media Access Control) address is the unique address that you can find on every smart device. The primary use of the MAC address is to verify the physical address of your device. MAC address consists of six sets of characters and each character is separated by colons. The main difference between IP address and a MAC address is that a MAC address identifies the physical existence of a device, whereas the IP address finds the network connection for the device. Knowing the MAC address of your Android TV will help you in situations like warranty claims, troubleshooting the TV, and more.

Steps to Find MAC Address on Android TV Box

1. Press the home button on your TV remote.

2. Click the Settings icon on the home screen.

Settings on Android TV

3. Under General Settings, choose the Network & Internet option.

Network & Internet option

4. Choose the WiFi network that your Android TV is connected to.

5. Now, you will get the WiFi information. Go to the MAC address and make a note of it.

MAC Address on Android TV

How to Change MAC Address on Android TV Box

If you want to change the MAC address on your TV, you have to root your device first. After rooting, you have to sideload the Terminal Emulator app on Android TV. Then, open the sideloaded app on your Android TV and change the MAC address. By changing your MAC address, you can access public WiFi and you can access the internet more privately. You can also reset your MAC address by using the Terminal Emulator app.


1. What is the use of changing the MAC address?

Changing the MAC address improves the bandwidth speed and also prevents your device from being cracked.

2. Is the IP address the same as MAC address?

No, both are different. An IP address is based on your internet connection. MAC address is based on your device settings.

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