How to Control Android TV from Windows PC

by Natalie

Android TV can do a lot to provide us wonderful streaming experience at home. You can install plenty of streaming apps from Google Play Store. It has built-in Chromecast support to cast or screen mirror any content from your smartphone and PC to your TV. While casting, you can only control the content that plays on the TV. Have you ever thought of controlling your Android TV completely from your Windows PC? Yes, it is possible. You can control your Android TV with a PC as well. It is a very easy process. Check out this article to learn the procedure to control your Android TV from a PC.

How to Control Android TV from a PC

Before proceeding with the steps, ensure that you have connected your Windows PC and Android TV under the same network connection. By doing so, you can control your Android TV from anywhere in your home.

Enable Developer Options and USB Debugging

1. First, you have to enable Developer Options and USB debugging on your Android TV.

2. For that, click on Settings on your Android TV home screen and navigate to Device Preferences >> scroll down and click on the Build option.

tap build to enable developer options

3. Tap on the Build option continuously to enable Developer Options on your Android TV.

choose developer options to enable the developer mode

4. Return to the Device Preferences option and open Developer Options.

5. Under that, scroll down and toggle the switch next to the USB debugging option.

turn on usb debugging option

6. Further, go to Settings and choose Network and Internet.

note down the IP address from the screen

7. Choose your WiFi network and note down the IP address of your network. You will need that later.

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Install Scrcpy Tool on PC

1. Download the Scrcpy screen mirroring application on your PC. The app is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

2. When downloaded, extract the zip file to a folder.

3. Open the folder and type cmd in the address bar of the folder, and press the Enter button. A command prompt window will open on your PC.

type cmd to control android tv from pc

4. Now, run the ADB command to connect Android TV Wirelessly.

5. Type adb connect ipaddress (enter the ipaddress that you have noted down).

type the ip address to control android tv from pc

6. You will get an Allow USB debugging prompt on your Android TV. Select the checkbox for the Always allow from this computer button and click on OK.

Note: If you get the prompt in blue color, tap cancel. If not, anyone connected to your home network can control your Android TV.

tap cancel from the screen that appears

7. Once your laptop is connected to the IP address, you will get a message like Connected to ipaddress.

8. To confirm the connection, run the adb devices command.

type adb device to control android tv from pc

9. Further, type scrcpy in the command prompt and hit enter.

10. Once entered, you will immediately see your whole Android TV screen on your PC.

11. Now, you can control your Android TV completely from your PC. With your PC keyboard and mouse, you can install apps, search for anything, play movies, music, etc.

now control android tv from pc easily

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to control Android TV without a remote?

You can control Android TV with your laptop if you don’t have a remote. For complete details, go through the above section.

Can I control Android TV with my phone?

Yes, you can control Android TV with your phone.

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