How to Connect PS4 Controller to Android TV

by Natalie

Playing games will always make us stress-free. Nowadays, digital gaming is more popular among adults and children. There are plenty of games available to play. To get the best playing experience, people use gaming controllers and gamepads. PlayStation is one of the most popular gaming controllers used by millions of people. It is available in different models like PS3, PS4, and PS5. You can connect and play games with PlayStation on any device, such as smart TVs, laptops, PC, smartphones, and more. If you own a PS4 controller, learn how to connect the controller to the Android TV.

How to Connect PS4 Controller to Android TV

The PS4 controller is a wireless controller, so you can connect it easily via Bluetooth.

1. Press the Home button on the Android TV remote.

2. Tap Settings and click on Bluetooth.

enable bluetooth to connect ps4 controller to android tv

3. Enable Bluetooth on Android TV and tap the Add Device option.

4. Now, take your PS4 controller and press the PS and Share buttons until the light bar starts flashing.

press the ps and share buttons to connect ps4 controller to android tv

5. When your TV recognizes your controller, it will be displayed on the screen as a Wireless Controller.

select the controller on the tv

6. Press OK on the remote and your PS4 controller is connected to your Android TV.

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How to Set PS4 Controller Keys on Android TV Box

To set PS4 controller keys, you can use the Button Mapper app on your TV. You can install the app from the Play Store.

1. Install the Button Mapper app and launch it on your Android TV.

2. Tap Add Buttons under the column buttons.

tap add buttons to connect ps4 controller to android tv

3. Click Add buttons and a pop-up window will appear with a Click a Button option. It will appear on the screen immediately after pressing the button.

press the button to add

4. Tap the button you added and choose the actions that you want to use for the button, like Single tap, Double tap, and Long press.

choose e the action to connect ps4 controller to android tv

5. Click Enable the Customize switch to initiate the remapping.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you connect the controller to Android TV?

Yes, you can connect any gaming or keypad controller to Android TV via Bluetooth.

2. Can I play games on Android TV?

Yes, you can play games with the gamepad on Android TV.

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