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How to Connect Android TV to WiFi

by Natalie
How to connect Android TV to WiFi

Android TV box is a window to unlimited entertainment. We have a lot of popular apps, including Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, and Disney Plus. You can enjoy watching movies, sports, news, and more on your TV. However, you need to have a stable internet connection to access these apps. It might not be a regular issue but, you might come across situations when you connect it to the WiFi. So, in this section, let’s find out how to connect the Android TV and Android TV Box to WiFi.

Android TV box

How to Connect Android TV to WiFi

1. On your Android TV box, launch the Settings menu.

2. Depending on your device, choose one of the following series of options.

a. Network & Internet >Wi-Fi.

b. Network & Internet >Easy setup > WiFi

c. Network > Network setup > Easy > WiFi

3. Pick up your WiFi network from the list.

4. Following that, choose one of the following options.

  • While connecting manually, choose your network from the list and click on the Connect by scan list option.
  • While connecting automatically with the WPS button, choose the Connect by WPS button option.

5. Next, follow the instructions on your screen and complete the setup.

How to connect Android TV box to Wi-Fi

Android TV Not Connecting to WiFi: Fixes

If you come across any issues while connecting your Android TV to the WiFi, here is a list of useful troubleshooting tips.

Restart the WiFi on Android TV

1. On your Android TV, launch the Settings and click on the Wireless and Network settings.

2. Enter the Wi-Fi settings option and turn off the WiFi.

3. Turn on the WiFi after a few minutes.

Forget the WiFi Network

1. Go to the WiFi settings page on your Android TV.

2. Next, click on the Forget the network option.

3. Get back to the WiFi list and wait for the network to appear on your screen.

4. Type in the network password and connect to the Wi-Fi.  

Advanced WiFi settings 

1. Launch the Android TV Settings and click on the Wireless and network option.

2. Next, click on WiFi settings and then enter the Advanced settings.

Advanced Wi-Fi settings 

3. Next, enter the Proxy server settings and confirm the Android devices without using a proxy server.

4. If you find any IP address or domain name in the proxy section, remove it to resolve the issues with the Wi-Fi connection. 

The above section gave you instructions on how to connect Android TV and TV Box to WiFi. In addition, we have discussed the troubleshooting tips to fix an Android TV that won’t connect to Wi-Fi.


1. How to connect Android TV to WiFi without a remote?

You can use the Android TV Remote Services app or any Android TV remote app to connect your Android TV to WiFi without using the remote.

2. Why is Android TV not connecting to WiFi?

Make sure that the WiFi connection is working properly. Try again after a while.

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