How to Choose the Best Android TV Box for Your Home

by Natalie

An Android TV box is a small device that lets you turn any TV into a smart TV. It’s much cheaper than buying a brand new smart TV. It is a device that allows you to stream media from the internet. Nowadays, everyone is looking for the latest and greatest entertainment system in their home. Whether you’re looking to immerse yourself in a movie or game, you want something that will deliver on the quality and make you feel like you’re part of the action. The motive behind that is installing the best entertainment system in the home. Here is a guide to help you choose and get the most out of your Android TV box.

Different Methods to Choose Android TV Box

If you don’t know how to pick a good Android TV box for your tv, here are the things that you have to look for.

  1. Check the Processor
  2. Check the Storage Option
  3. Check the Video and Display
  4. Check the Network Connectivity
  5. Look For USB Ports
  6. Check the Operating System Version
  7. Check for Google Play Support
  8. Read Product Reviews
  9. Check For Bluetooth Support
  10. Check the Price and Screen Size
  11. Look for Unnecessary Features

1. Check the Processor

Android TV processor - How to choose Android TV box

In the Android TV box, the processor helps to process the videos. i.e., how fast the images flash on the screen. Normal processors process between 30 to 60 frames per second, while premium processors can handle 120 frames per second. Don’t think that FPS doesn’t matter because it determines whether you will be able to see the bullet coming to you in the blink of an eye in shooting games or whether you see a car going from 0 to 60 in 3 seconds without any blurring image. So, the main function of a TV processor is to reduce blurring in fact-paced content like sports, games, and more.

We recommend processors like Samsung’s Neo Quantum Processor, LG a9 Gen 4 AI processor, and Sony Cognitive Processor XR.

2. Check the Storage Option

Almost all Android TV boxes will have a minimum of 8GB of storage and at least 2GB of RAM. Of this 8 GB of storage, one portion will go to the Operating system and system files. This space is called internal storage or system memory. And the remaining space that is available for the users is called User Accessible Storage. The apps that the user installs will be stored in this storage. When you install many apps, the space becomes less, and the system will be prone to slow, glitching, freezing, and other problems. So, the only way to come out of this situation is by deleting the unwanted apps. If you don’t want this to happen, make sure that the Storage Space and RAM are more when buying an Android TV box.

We recommend Storage Space with 32GB and RAM of at least 4GB.

3. Check the Video and Display

In Video and Display, you have to consider many things like whether you want your TV to support 4K streaming, Dynamic Refresh Rate Switching, and 265 Hardware Decoding.

Note: Dynamic Refresh Rate Switching is the thing that enables your display refresh rate to switch to lower refresh rates so that you can save power and extend battery life. 265 Hardware Decoding (H.265), or High-efficiency video encoding, is used to compress videos and pictures to make it easier for them to transmit videos through a network. 265 Hardware Decoding can support up to 8K resolution.

We recommend choosing an Android TV box with HDMI 2.0 so that it can support 4K videos and HD content.

4. Check the Options for Network Connectivity

You need to determine what type of Network Connectivity is available for your Android TV box. Currently, there are two network connectivities available: Wi-Fi and Gigabit Ethernet.

Wi-Fi: It is a wireless technology used to connect devices like computers, smart TVs, and others to the internet. You should have at least an IEEE 802.11ac wireless networking standard protocol. We use 802.11ac instead of other protocols because only this network standard supports the 5 GHz band. This bandwidth is less crowded and does not suffer from high interference. It enables you to watch movies, tv shows, and more without buffering. Also, it would be best if you chose a Dual-band router and a Network Adapter.

Gigabit Ethernet: It is an ethernet technology where the speed can reach up to 1 gigabit per second. It is also defined as the IEEE 802.3ab networking standard.

5. Look For USB Ports

USB Port - How to choose Android TV box

An Android TV box must have a minimum of at least 2 USB ports so that you can connect a Bluetooth device and another device at the same time. Also, make sure that the USB Ports of the Android TV box you select must be USB 3.0 because it is faster than USB 2.0 and essential for those who use external hard drives. Therefore, we recommend choosing an Android TV box with 2 USB ports of 3.0 or more.

6. Check the Operating System Version

Choosing your operating system version is one of the simplest tasks available. The current Android TV version is Android TV 9.0. Choose an Android TV Box that runs on the latest version and supports the ability to update the firmware.

7. Check for Google Play Support

While choosing a new Andoird TV, check whether it supports Google Play or not. Without Google Play, it is a hassle if you want to install Apps.

8. Read Product Reviews

Read Product Reviews

Before you purchase an Android TV box or any other things, try reading the reviews to know what the people are saying about the product. Take some time and do proper research about the product you’re buying. It will help you make the right decision while buying an Android TV box.

9. Check for Bluetooth Support


Nowadays, Bluetooth has become one of the most important features to determine whether you can connect your Android TV box to many peripherals. Without Bluetooth, you cannot connect your TV to smartphones, PCs, tablets, printers, and wireless devices like headphones, speakers, etc. You also cannot transfer files via Bluetooth. So, check whether the Android TV box you are buying has Bluetooth support.

10. Check the Price

While buying an Android TV Box, you also need to consider your budget. Although Android TV Box with all the features is good to use, they cost a lot. First, decide the minimum and maximum range of the budget. Then check for Android TV Boxes within that price range.

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11. Look for Unnecessary Features

Although having additional features is good, some features aren’t practical and unnecessary. It only makes the product more expensive as it is.

We recommend avoiding these features when you choose an Android TV box:

10-bit color: Having more color variations doesn’t make the display better, but it is useless. The TV cannot support more than 1024 color variations, and any more than that isn’t very meaningful.

Dual-Boot: Try to avoid choosing an Android TV box with a dual boot feature. It is unnecessary and a waste of money to have two operating systems in one device.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is an Android TV box?

Android TV box is a kind of mini-box that operates on Android software. It is a device specifically made to stream content on your TV from the internet.

2) Are Android TV boxes any good?

Yes, Android TV boxes are good because they are reliable, easy to set up, provide high-quality content, economical pricing, etc.

3) What is the most powerful Android TV box?

Nvidia’s tubular Shield TV is one of the most powerful Android TV boxes.

4) How to Choose an Android TV box?

You can choose an Android TV box by checking the processor, storage, video & display, network connectivity ports, USB ports, etc.

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