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How to Block Ads on Android Smart TV

by Natalie
How to Block Ads on Android Smart TV

On Android TV, you can find a lot of apps to stream movies, tv shows, and much more for free. But streaming free content comes at a price, and that is ads. The ads are always annoying, and they will ruin your streaming experience by appearing periodically. Because of them, most users are opting for subscription services. But, there are ways to block ads on Android Smart TV. We will discuss those methods in detail.

Methods to Block Ads on Android Smart TV

There are a variety of methods you can use to block ads on Android TV, and they are:

  • Block Ads on Android TV Using Android Phone
  • By Using AdGuard DNS to Block Ads on Android TV
  • Block Ad URLs via Router
  • Disable Ads From Android TV Homescreen
  • Use Blokada App to Block Ads on Android TV

How to Block Ads on Android TV Using Android Phone

1. Turn on the Android device and go to Settings.

2. Select Security and enable Unknown Sources.

Select Unknown sources to block ads on Android TV

3. Now, go back to the home screen and select your web browser.

4. Enter F-Droid. From the search results, choose the official website.

5. Click on Download to install the app on your device.

6. Install the application and once the installation is done, launch the F-Droid app.

7. Select the Search icon and search for DNS66.

8. Select Install to install the app.

Note: If your Android device asks for permission to install DNS66, allow it.

9. Wait for the installation to be over and select Open.

10. Select Start, and it will turn on your ad-blocker function.

11. Go to the Notification bar and select Hotspot.

12. Connect your Android TV to the phone’s Wi-Fi network.

13. Open the app you want on your TV and stream it without ads.

Note: Even though you won’t see any ads while using this method, you will find that the picture quality and resolution have decreased. It is due to the DNS66 app, which decreases your internet speed.

How to Block Ads on Android TV Using AdGuard DNS

AdGuard is one of the most popular Ad-blockers. Apart from blocking ads, it can also help to protect your device from viruses and save your internet data.

1. First, connect your Android TV to the internet and go to Settings.

2. Select Network & Internet and click on IP Settings.

Select IP Settings

3. Click on Static IP. Enter the default IP address, Gateway IP, and Network Prefix length.

Enter default address

4. In the following DNS1 and DNS2 sections, enter the following codes.

Note: To block ads, trackers, and restricted content, enter and

Enter DNS1 value

5. Save the changes you have made and restart your Android TV.

6. The DNS servers will completely block ads for you.

How to Block Ads on Android TV Using the Router

You can use your Wi-Fi router to block ads. It can be done by adding a list of advertisement URLs under Parental Control Settings. You can ultimately block ads from all the devices connected to the Wi-Fi router.

1. First, log in to your Wi-Fi router using the IP address 192.168.11 or

2. Select the following option, which appears on your TV.

  • Parental Control Rules (DLINK router)
  • Block Sites (Netgear routers)
  • URL Filter (Asus router)
  • Access Restrictions (Netgear routers)
  • Parental Controls (Linksys and TP-Link routers)

3. Add the URLs you want to include in the keyword or URL boxes and select Apply/Save the Changes.

Note: There is a certain limit to the number of URLs you can add to the router. It varies from one router to another router.

4. The router will reboot to apply the changes and start blocking ads.

How to Disable Ads on Android TV Home screen

1. Turn on your Android TV and select Settings.

2. Go to Apps and select See All Apps.

Select See All Apps

3. Scroll down and select Show System Apps and choose your Android TV Home from the list that appears.

Select Show System Apps

4. Select Uninstall Updates.

Select Uninstall updates

5. On your Android device, go to Play Store and click on the Profile icon on the top right corner of the screen.

6. Click on Settings and select Auto-update apps.

Select Settings

7. Select Don’t auto-update apps.

Select Don't Auto Update Apps to block ads on Android TV

It will stop your Google Home from updating itself. At the same time, it blocks home screen ads on your Android TV. Keep in mind that you need to manually update apps on the Play Store from now onwards.

How to Use Blokada App to Block Ads on Android TV

1. Launch a browser on your PC and visit the Blokada website.

2. Click on Download to download the app on your PC.

Select Download

3. Connect a USB Drive to your PC and copy the Blokada Apk file on it.

4. Now, remove the USB Drive from your PC and connect it to the USB Port on your Android TV.

5. On your Android TV, go to SettingsDevice PreferencesSecurity & Restrictions.

6. Select Unknown sources and enable the toggle next to the file manager that you’re using.

Select Unknown sources to block ads on Android TV

7. Now, install the Apk file on your Android TV.

8. Once the installation is done, open the Blokada app.

9. If it asks for an update, allow it.

Select Update

10. After the update, select the Touch to pause option. It will turn on Adblocker on Android TV.

Turn on Blokada to block ads on Android TV

11. If you want to set the app to run automatically after the bootup, go to App Settings.

Select App Settings to block ads on Android TV

12. Turn on the Start on the boot option.

Start on boot

13. If you are still experiencing ads, select Host List to block ads from specific TV apps.

Select Host Lists to block ads on Android TV

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is there any third-party app that you can use to block ads?

Yes, there are a lot of third-party apps that you can use to block ads, and the most famous one is the Blokada app.

2) How to block ads on Android apps?

You can use the Blokada app to block ads on Android TV apps.

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