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Hik-Connect APK – Download the Latest Version on Android TV

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FreeSecurityHangzou Hikvision Digital Technology277 MBv6.2.20.0309March 21, 2024

What is Hik-Connect?

Hik-Connect is a monitoring app from the HikVision. While using the HikVision camera, you can use this app to remotely monitor the household or office and keep it under surveillance 24/7. The Hik-Connect app records and stores the videos in a cloud P2P. It also supports viewing the live feed in the picture-in-picture mode screen.


  • You can rewatch the recorded video footage at any time you want.
  • You can deliver your voice to the surveillance site through the Hik-Connect app.
  • Hik-Connect pushes with images and videos instantly when a suspicious action takes place.
  • It lets users share the recorded footage with other platforms without limitations.
  • Hik-Connect is secured with two-factor authentication and fingerprint access.


  • Hik-Connect
  • Hik-Connect - Prompt

How to Download the Hik-Connect APK on Android TV

Unfortunately, the Hik-Connect application is unavailable on the Google Play Store for Android TVs. Alternatively, you can sideload its APK file (https://urlsrt.io/hik-connect) on your Android TV. The sideloading of the APK file can be done using the Downloader for TV app. After installing the Downloader on your Android TV, go to Settings and enable Unknown Sources for Downloader for TV. Then, refer to our sideloading guide to install the Hik-Connect app on Android TV.

Install downloader for TV on Android TV

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