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How to Use Haier Android TV Remote App

by Natalie
Haier Android TV Remote

Haier Android TV is one of the best Android TVs that you can go with. It is available at an affordable price with excellent features. Like other Smart TVs, it comes with dedicated remote control. Further, you can also use the remote apps to control the Haier Android TV from your smartphone. The remote apps play a vital role when the Android TV remote is not working properly.

How to Use Haier Android TV Remote App

Haier doesn’t have any dedicated remote app to control Android TV. However, you can use Google’s Android TV Remote Service app to control the TV. This app can be used to control all the Android TV models and the application is available on both Android and iOS devices.

1. Install the Android TV Remote Service app on your smartphone from Play Store and App Store.

Haier Android TV Remote

2. To control your Android TV from your smartphone, you must connect both devices to the same network connection. So, check whether you have connected your phone and Haier Android TV under the same connection.

3. After installing the app, launch it on your smartphone.

4. Select your Haier Android TV from the list of devices available nearby.

5. Enter the PIN displayed on the TV screen.

6. Next, tap the Pair option.

7. Finally, now you can use the Android TV Remote Service app to control the TV.

8. From the app you can change the channels on the TV, adjust the volume, and access the keyboard. Tap the mic icon to access Google Assistant on Android TV.

use remote app to control your Haier android tv


There are plenty of Android TV remote control apps available online. Here are some of the third-party applications you can use to control your Haier Android TVs.

  • Haier TV Remote by Remote Planet
  • Remote Control for Haier TV by Frillapps
  • Universal TV Remote Control by Codematics
  • Mi Remote Controller by Xiaomi

Frequently Asked Questions

How to fix the Haier Android TV remote not working issue?

Replace the batteries with the new ones and check whether it is working or not. If it fails to work again, replace the remote with a new one or use the Android TV remote service app.

How to use Haier TV without a remote?

Use the Android TV Remote Service app by Google to navigate the Haier Android TV without a remote.

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