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Google TV vs Android TV – What’s Different?

by Natalie
Google TV vs Android TV

Google TV is the successor of Android TV, which is worthy enough on its own. We have the new TCL Google TV model launched not long before that paves a new way for this successor’s journey. Most people consider that both Google TV and Android TV are just the same. While a few others are not sure which among these two devices they should get. Whatever be your case, the following section will throw light on both of these TVs. Let’s start comparing the contrasting features of Google TV vs Android TV.

What is Android TV?

Android TV is an operating system for Smart TVs, media players, and streaming sticks developed by Google. It makes use of the Google Play Store, which has a collection of popular apps for your TV like Netflix, Disney Plus, and YouTube. It includes games, podcasts app, weather apps, and more. It has an in-built Google Assistant support that makes using an Android TV a lot better. It was launched in 2017 and has developed itself to meet everyone’s requirements.

Android TV

What is a Google TV?

As we said before, Google TV is a new OS for a Smart TV and a rebranded model of Android TV. However, it is a better operating system in comparison and is more intuitive. Google TV Operating System was launched in 2020 alongside Chromecast with Google TV. In 2021, it extended to Smart TV platforms as well as other devices based on Android. Google TV being more efficient implies that future Google devices won’t include Android TV anymore.  

Google TV

Is Android TV Better than Google TV?

Google TV can be considered to be an updated version of an Android TV. Therefore, all the features available in an Android TV are still available on Google TV. For instance, Google TV supports the Google Play Store, and you can access all the apps in it. Also, you have the built-in Chromecast features that help you cast all the supported apps on your TV. In comparison to Android TV, Google TV has a lot of better features. It gives you a more customized and personalized experience.

Google TV vs Android TV: Interface

If you think that just by changing the interface of Google TV, not a lot of things might change, you are wrong.  The Android TV interface focuses mainly on the apps and then on content. However, the Google TV interface focuses mainly on personalized content. You can get a curated recommendation for movies and shows on your home screen. These recommendations belong to the apps you use frequently and depend on the shows you enjoy watching.

Android TV home screen

Google TV has a dedicated tab for Live TV. The live TV section gives you easy access to your TV Providers like YouTube TV and Sling TV. One of the attractive features is that you get to see a channel guide that makes you aware of the schedule of the app. It was a much-needed feature for anyone who wanted to spend time on TV more efficiently.

Google TV Homescreen

Google TV vs Android TV: Parental Controls and Profiles

Google TV has a better Parental Control feature in comparison to Android TV. With just the same Google account, you can have access to multiple profiles. These different profiles will have different personal recommendations depending on the past streaming. Also, you can have separate profiles for your children and impart content restrictions easily.

Parental Controls

At the same time, Android TV doesn’t support multiple profiles in the same Google account. Also, you get content recommendations depending on the same account. Still, it has parental control settings with content restrictions. Without any doubt, Android TV doesn’t stand up to Google TV when it comes to Parental control.

Google TV vs Android TV: Smartphone and Smart Home

Google TV lets you use your smartphone as the remote control for your TV with the Google TV app. Unlike Roku and other services, the Google TV app combines content browsing with it. Also, the use of your smartphone makes it easier to navigate through your apps and enter passwords. Also, you can create personalized watchlists with the app. As of now, this feature is available only on the Android Platform.

Remote app

In the same way, you can control an Android TV with the Google TV app. Both the Android TV as well as Google TV support smart home devices and smart lights. For this, you can use Google Assistant to command or give general commands.

To Conclude

Google itself is shifting its devices from Android TV OS to Google TV OS. As you know, Google TV might be more valuable and useful in a lot of ways. Also, it stands above Android TV with its more customized and personalized experience. However, Android TV has a lot of basic features you are looking for including, the built-in Chromecast, Google Assistant, and Google Play Store. So, it is all up to you to choose the device that meets your requirements and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Google TV different from Android TV?

Yes. Google TV and Android TV are different, even though Google TV is a rebranded version of Android TV. However, this difference is in a good way, as Google TV comes with features to make your streaming better.

Which is the best, Google or Android TV?

Google TV always stands a bit over Android TV because of its additional features. Also, it has all the features offered by Android TVs.

Will Android TV be upgraded to Google TV?

Google TV is more of an upgraded or rebranded version of Android TV. It is expected that Google TV will replace Android TV with the newer version of Google-based devices.

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