How to Fix ESPN App Not Working on Samsung TV

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ESPN app is an exclusive sports app that covers a wide range of sports events and matches. It is one of the most popular apps in Western regions like the US. With ESPN, you can get live updates on scores, the latest news, and of course, a wide range of video content. You can access the scores of Cricket, Football, Tennis, Golf, Basketball, and other national league games. If you have installed the ESPN app on your Samsung TV, and if it is not working, it may be due to some technical issues behind it. So, you might experience app freezing, video buffering, can’t load content, etc. If you would like to get rid of the issue, you shall try the fixes given here in this article.

Ways to Fix ESPN App Not Working on Samsung TV

In unfortunate cases, Samsung TV users will have difficulty accessing the ESPN app. Don’t get panic, as the issue is common among all the users. Below, you can find some of the best troubleshooting methods to solve the problem.

Checking Internet Connection

When you notice the app doesn’t load or stream any content, the first and foremost thing to do is to check your internet connection. Fortunately, Samsung TV has a feature to check the internet connection status.

1. Press the home button on the TV remote.

2. Go to Settings -> General -> Network Status. Now you can see the status of the internet connection.

checking network status on Samsung TV

If the router is disconnected, attempt connecting the router to a different device. If the router works fine, then the issue is on Samsung TV. The issue will be on the router if it doesn’t work. Now, you can begin troubleshooting the router by following the below steps.

1. Turn off your router and unplug its power cable from the power socket.

plugging out the cable from router

2. Hold on for a few minutes.

3. Plugin the power cable again to the power socket and turn it on.

Then, restart your router and open ESPN app on your Samsung TV to check whether the internet is working efficiently.

ESPN Server Issue

If you can’t stream videos or even the app doesn’t loads, there can be an issue with the ESPN server. To check it out, you can try opening the apps on other devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc. If the app doesn’t work, you can confirm the issue is on the server. You can also check with sites like Downdetector to analyze the status or social media apps like Twitter to see whether the users are facing the same issue. Go through the tweets of ESPN on their official Twitter handle about the server issue.

ESPN server issue report

Restart Your Samsung TV

If you still face some glitches, you can restart your Samsung TV. Restarting Samsung TV can help you to launch the app, as it clears the temporary memory and cache. The process is similar to restarting your router.

1. First, turn off your Samsung TV.

2. Unplug the TV’s power cable from the power source.

3. Just hold on for a minute and plug the cable back into the power source.

4. Now, you can turn on and launch the app on your Samsung TV. If you still find any issues, try out the fixes given below.

Reinstall ESPN App

Reinstalling the app helps you to clear the data, and you can use the app afresh.

1. Press the home button on your Samsung TV remote.

2. Select Apps, and then Settings.

settings option

3. Navigate to the ESPN app through the list of apps and select Delete. The app gets deleted.

deleting ESPN app on Samsung TV

4. Now, press the Return button on the remote, and go to the Apps.

5. Select the Search icon and enter ESPN.

clicking search icon to install ESPN app on Samsung TV

6. From the search results, select the app and install it.

Update ESPN

Sometimes, the issue may occur due to the bugs present in the outdated version of the app. Updating the app can remove the bugs and technical glitches.

1. Press the Home button and select Apps.

2. Select the Settings icon.

3. You need to enable the Auto-Update feature, which turns green.

enabling auto update in Samsung TV to update ESPN and other apps

4. Once you have enabled it, the apps will be updated automatically on your Samsung TV.

Update Samsung TV Firmware

If troubleshooting the ESPN app doesn’t solve the issue, you can focus on troubleshooting your Samsung TV. i.e., you shall update your Samsung TV.

1. Press the home button on the remote.

2. Navigate to Settings.

3. Then select Support -> Software Update -> Update Now

updating Samsung TV

4. Once you choose Update Now, the Samsung TV begins to check for updates.

5. You will be asked for confirmation when TV finds an update.

6. Select Yes. The firmware begins to download and will be installed.

new firmware update on Samsung TV for fixing issue on ESPN app

7. Once the installation process gets over, the Samsung TV restarts.

Finally, launch the ESPN app on your Samsung TV and check whether the issue is resolved.

Resetting Smart Hub

Resetting the smart hub can bring your TV to default factory settings by deleting all user accounts, settings, media files, etc.

1. Press the home button and navigate to Settings.

2. Select Support -> Device Care -> Self Diagnosis -> Reset Smart Hub.

reset smart hub on Samsung TV

3. Once you select it, enter the PIN to begin the reset.

entering default PIN

4. You can also enter the default PIN – 0000.

5. After that, the Smart Hub on your Samsung TV gets reset.

Reset Samsung TV

1. First, press the home button on the remote.

2. Navigate through Settings -> Support -> Self Diagnosis.

self diagnosis option under support

3. Then, choose Reset.

reset option in Samsung TV

4. Enter the PIN you have set or the default PIN – 0000.

entering PIN to reset Samsung TV

5. Select Yes on the Samsung TV to proceed with the reset process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to update the ESPN app on Samsung Smart TV?

As you can’t update the apps on newer Samsung TV models, instead, you can enable the Auto-Update feature. Press the Home button on the remote, select Apps -> Settings -> Enable Auto-Update.

2. Why is the ESPN app not working on Samsung TV?

The ESPN App may not work due to an outdated version, server issues, or poor internet connection.

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