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How to Set Up and Use Element Android TV Remote App

by Natalie
Element TV Remote App

If you are an Element Android TV user and your TV remote is not working even after trying out the common fixes, you can try using the Android TV remote app to control your TV. Nowadays will the development of technology, you can easily connect and control your Android TV with the help of smartphone apps. Although most Android TVs have their own remote control app, Element TV doesn’t have one of its own. This is why we recommend using other Android TV remote apps like the Android TV Remote Service.

Features of Android TV Remote Service App

  • It has a touchpad which you can use for easy navigation.
  • Use the Google Assistant button to command your Android TV.
  • It has a Keyboard button that gives you a physical keyboard for easy searching.
  • It has a Back button that you can use to go back to the previous screen.

How to Install Android TV Remote Service on your Smartphone

1. Turn on your Android/iOS device and go to Play Store/App Store.

2. Enter Android TV Remote Service or Android TV on the search bar on both of your devices.

3. Choose the TV Remote app from the search results and select Install/Get to install the app on your device.

4. Wait for the installation to be over and launch the app.

How to Setup Android TV Remote Service With Element Android TV

1. Make sure that both your Android TV and the device on which the Android TV remote service app is installed are connected to the same WiFi network.

2. Open the remote app and click on Allow on the permissions asked.

3. Now, your TV remote app will search for nearby devices.

4. Choose your Element Android TV from the list. You will see a six-digit code appearing on your TV screen.

Pair Code

5. Enter the code in the TV remote app and select Pair.

6. Once your device successfully pairs with your Android TV, you can control the TV using the app.

How to Use Android TV Remote Service

1. You can use the Power button to turn off and turn on your Android TV Box or Android TV.

2. You can use the Volume Increase and Decrease buttons to control the volume of the TV.

3. It has a touchpad screen, which you can use for navigation.

Touchpad - Element Android TV Remote

4. Select the Home button to go back to the home screen, and the Mute button to mute the volume.

5. For easy searching on your Android TV, you can select the Keyboard button and it will go to the search menu with a direct input keyboard on the screen.

Search for anything

6. You can use the Google Assistant button to enter a voice command. Your Android TV will act according to that command.

7. To get the D-pad screen on your TV remote app, select the Menu button on the top right side of the screen and click on D-Pad Control.

D-Pad - Element Android TV Remote

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to control Android TV without a remote?

You can control Android TV without a remote using the remote control apps.

2. Is there an Element TV Remote Control App available on Android?

No, there is no specific Element TV Remote Control App available on Android. But there are other Android TV remote control apps that you can use.

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