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How to Install Downloader for TV on Android TV / Android TV Box

by Natalie
Downloader for TV
Official Link To DownloadGoogle Play Store
Download Linkhttps://urlsrt.io/Downloader-for-tv/
Developer Webpagehttps://downloaderfortv.com
 Size32.3 MB
Latest Version1.0.1
Last Updated26-February-2024

Even though the Play Store on Android TV has tons of media content for streaming, it lacks some popular applications. Fortunately, you can download them on your Android TV with the help of a sideloading tool called “Downloader for TV.” With the help of this tool, you can sideload the APK version of the application you want to install on the TV.

The tool is free to install on all Android Smart TV models, and it can be utilized without any premium subscription. The application also has a built-in file manager to manage the downloaded APK files.

This article will explain the steps to install the Downloader for TV app on Android TV and the steps to sideload third-party apps on Android TV with the same tool.

How to Install Downloader for TV on Android TV

1. Turn on and connect your Android TV to a WiFi connection.

2. Choose the Apps tab and launch the Google Play Store. 

Launch the Googl Play Store to download the Downloader for TV app on Android TV

3. Click the Search icon and type Downloader for TV in the search field.

Select the Downloader for TV app on your TV

4. Choose the app developed by HK Innovate and click on Install.

Click the Install button to download the Downloader for TV app on Android TV

5. Once the installation is over, select Open to launch the Downloader for TV app.

How to Access Downloader on Android TV

The default settings on your Android TV will prevent the installation of third-party apps. So, you need to alter the default settings in favor of the app to install third-party apps.

1. Firstly, launch Settings on the Android TV from the home screen.

Select the Settings option

2. On the Settings menu, select the More Settings option.

Select More Settings

3. On the menu, scroll down to click on the Security option.

Choose Security

4. Further, choose Unknown Sources and find the Downloader app.

Choose Unknown Sources

5. Turn on the toggle to enable the Downloader for TV app to install third-party apps.

Toggle the button to enable Downloader for TV to download the app

How to Sideload Third-Party Apps on Android TV With Downloader for TV

1. Launch the Downloader for TV app and click on the necessary Allow permission.

2. From the Home tab, enter the APK URL and click the Download button.

FYI: If the apk URL you want to enter is too big, use the urlsrt.io tool to shorten the link. Upon shortening the URL, select the urlsrt.io check box and enter only the alias.

Search for the Downloader for TV app

3. Once you have selected the Download button, the APK file will start to download on your TV.

Downloading the app on TV

4. After downloading the apk file, a pop-up will appear on the screen. Tap the Install button to start the installation process. If you want to install the app later, click on Done. The downloaded file can be accessed from the Files menu.

Click Download

5. After successful installation, click Open to launch the app on your TV.

Note – Sometimes, the sideloaded applications on Android TV will not appear under the Apps section. In that situation, you need to install Sideload Launcher on the TV to open the apps you have sideloaded.

Downloader for TV – Features You Have to Know

The Downloader for TV app has plenty of features to enhance the user experience. You can utilize them to ease the sideloading process.

Auto-Installing the Apps

Auto-Install APK is one of the best features available on the Downloader for TV app. By enabling this feature, it will install the APK directly after downloading it on your TV. This feature has been developed to enhance the user experience to avoid the app by installing manually.

Micro File Manager

Apart from downloading the APK, the Downloader for TV app lets you access the downloaded APK files to install and delete them within the app. It also shows the file size, downloaded time, and file path of the downloaded APK on your device.

Built-in URL Shortener

If you’re downloading the APK file using the urlsrt.io website, you can select the check box to avoid typing the entire APK URL. You can simply download the APK file by entering its keywords.

Devices Compatibility

Since it is an Android-based application, you can install the Downloader for TV app on all Android-based devices like Smart TV, Android Box, Nvidia Shield, TiVo TV Stick, etc. Moreover, you can also install the app on your Firestick.

How to Get APK Links to Sideload Using Downloader for TV on Android TV

If you want to sideload an app on Downloader, you need the APK link. There are a handful of websites that offer the APK link. Here, we’ve used the urlsrt.io.

1. Launch the Chrome browser on your PC and download your desired APK file.

2. Copy the link address of the APK file and visit the urlsrt.io website.

3. Click the Get Started button and sign up with your Google account.

4. Select Dashboard from the top left corner and enter the APK URL at the Paste long link tab.

FYI: You can select the Shorten button to generate an automatic URL. You can also make a custom URL by following the steps listed below.

5. Now, select the Adjust icon and select the Custom option.

Click on the Adjust icon

6. Enter the name or keyword of the app and click the Shorten button.

Enter the name of the APK file

That’s it. Now, you have successfully generated an APK link to download the app on your Android TV.

Click Copy or Done

Supported Android TVs and Boxes

You can install the Downloader app on any Android TV model independent of the brand. Make sure that your Android TV is updated to its latest firmware. Some of the supported TVs and TV Boxes are tabulated below.

Smart TVsSmart TV Boxes
Sony Smart TV
Sharp Smart TV
TCL Smart TV
Hisense Smart TV
Mi Smart TV
Philips Smart TV
Skyworth Smart TV
Mi Box and Mi Box S

How to Fix Downloader for TV Not Working on Android TV

Since we’ve installed the Downloader app on Android TV by getting it from third-party sources, you will face many issues with the app while streaming on your TV. In such cases, you need to perform the troubleshooting fixes listed below to resolve those problems.

  • Make sure that your Android TV and the app get the proper internet speed.
  • Restart your Android TV to resolve the temporary bugs associated with the device and app.
  • If there is a new version available for Downloader, uninstall the current one and sideload the latest version.
  • Clear the app cache files for Downloader accumulated on your Smart TV.
  • Update your Android TV firmware.
  • Reset your Android TV to solve the major problems, then set up your Smart TV to install the app again.


1. Can I install APK on Android TV?

Yes, you can install APK files on your Android TV by using the Downloader for TV app.

2. Is the Downloader for TV app free to use?

Yes, the Downloader for TV app is completely free to use on any device.

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