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How to Install and Use Downloader for TV on Android TV

by Neha

The Play Store on Android TV has approximately 10000+ apps in different categories, like streaming, gaming, tools, etc. If the app you want to download is unavailable on the Play Store, do not fret. You can easily sideload the app’s apk version using the Downloader for TV app on Android TV.

The Downloader for TV is a recent addition to the Play Store, which has acquired more than thousands of users within a short period. By simply entering the apk link, you can download the required app easily. You can install this tool on all Android-based devices, such as smartphones, tablets, Android Smart TVs, Firestick, and Google TV.

How to Get Downloader for TV on Android TV

1. Connect your Android TV to a stable WiFi and select the Apps tab on the home screen.

Open Play Store on Android TV

2. Next, hit the Google Play Store tile and search for the Downloader for TV app on the Play Store.

Search for Downloader for TV

3. Pick the app Downloader for TV developed by HK Innovate and select Install on the app info screen.

Tap Install to get the Downloader for TV

4. Now, the application will be installed on your Android TV. After installation, hit Open to launch the Downloader for TV app.

How to Use Downloader for TV to Sideload Apps on Android TV

After installing this tool, you just have to modify a few settings on the TV to sideload apk files through this tool.

1. Navigate to the home screen and hit the Settings icon.

Tap the Settings icon on Android TV

2. Scroll down the settings and select More Settings.

Select More Settings

3. Tap the option Security on the next screen.

Tap Security

4. Hit Unknown Sources on the next screen.

Select Unknown Sources

5. Enable the Downloader app by selecting the toggle switch placed near it.

Enable Downloader for TV

6. Now, launch the Downloader for TV app and tap Allow on the prompts to grant access to the required permissions.

7. Navigate to the Home tab, type the APK link of the app on the URL box, and click Download.

Quick Tip: If you have used urlsrt.io to shorten the APK link, just select the checkbox stating urlsrt.io and type the app’s name alone on the URL bar.

Type the APK link

Note: If you have failed to enable the Unknown Sources feature on Android TV settings, a prompt will display on the TV to turn it on. Just enable it and proceed with the steps.

8. The app’s APK file will start downloading on your Android TV.

APK downloading on Android TV

9. After the downloading process is finished, you will see a prompt on the screen. Hit Install to start the app installation process.

Click Install

10. Once installed, hit Open to launch the app and use it on your Android TV.

Why Choose Downloader for TV?

The primary reason for choosing the Downloader as your apk installer is discussed below.

Auto-Install APK: If you have enabled this option on the app settings, you will be taken directly to the installation screen after downloading the apk file. This feature saves users’ time and skips unnecessary prompts.

File Manager: You can directly manage the APK files by navigating to the Files section of the app. If you want to remove the apk files after installing the app. Go to the Files tab on the app and delete the apk files.

Built-in URL Shortener: You can find the URL shortener, urlsrt.io feature above the URL box. If you use urlsrt.io to shorten the link, select this checkbox and type the app’s name at the end of the URL shown on the URL box.

User-friendly Interface: One of the best features of Downloader for TV is its interface. The app has a very simple and clean interface with no unwanted menus. Even a first-time user can use the application without any guidance.


What to do if the Downloader for TV app is not available on the Play Store?

If the app is not available on the Play Store, you can sideload the Downloader for TV APK (https://downloaderfortv.com/downloader_for_tv_v16.apk) on Android TV.

Can I use Downloader for TV for free?

Yes. The Downloader for TV app is completely free to download and use.

Is it Possible to download APK on Android TV?

Yes. You can install APK on Android TV with the help of the Downloader for TV app.

Do I need the Mouse Toggle app to use Downloader for TV?

No. You don’t need the Mouse Toggle app to use the Downloader for TV app.

Do I need to give access to storage permissions for Downloader for TV?

Yes. To use the Downloader for TV app, you need to grant permission to access your local storage.

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