Disney Plus Not Working on Sony TV: How to Fix

by Natalie

Disney Plus is one of the streaming platforms available on all devices such as smartphones, laptops, PCs, and tabs. Though Disney Plus is a unique online streaming platform, many users are facing issues when they use it. In recent times, many users have been complaining that Disney Plus is not working on their Sony TV. There are some issues behind this error. To resolve this issue and to enjoy streaming Disney Plus on your Sony TV, dive into this article.

Steps to Fix Disney Plus Not Working on Sony TV

  • Restarting the application
  • Checking the status of the Disney Plus Server
  • Updating Disney Plus
  • Checking internet connection
  • Clearing cache
  • Using other devices
  • Checking availability
  • Reinstalling the application

1. Restarting the Application

If you face any issues with Disney Plus app, first and foremost, restart the application. At times, restarting the application can solve the issue. If it doesn’t solve, try restarting your Sony Android TV.

2. Checking the Status of the Disney Plus Server

Before confirming an issue in Disney Plus, you need to ensure that the Disney Plus servers are functioning properly. You can check their server status on Downdetector.

checking the status of Disney plus when not working on Sony TV

3. Updating Disney Plus

If you are using the older version of the Disney Plus application on your Sony TV, then it can be the source of the error. To escape from this error, check and update if there are any updates available for the Disney Plus application on your Sony TV.

Steps to Update the Disney Plus application on Sony TV

#1 Press the Home button on your remote.

#2 Click on Apps.

#3 Go to Google Play Store.

#4 Select the Profile icon on the Play Store.

#5 Then, click on Manage Apps -> Updates. There you can see the list of apps that needs to be updated. Select Disney Plus to update.

You can enable the Auto Update option on Google Play Store to update apps automatically.

#1 Select Settings in Google Play Store.

#2 Now go to the Auto Update apps menu.

#3 There, you can see the option Auto-Update apps. It is enabled by default. If not, you can enable it by clicking on the radio button. By enabling it, the apps on your Sony TV will get updated automatically.

enable auto update option in Sony TV for Disney

4. Checking Internet Connection

On some occasions, you need to check your Internet connection. If your internet speed is low, then the application may get stuck or runs slow when you try to open it. So, check your internet speed. The recommended internet speed for Disney Plus is 5 Mbps for HD content and 25 Mbps for 4K UHD content.

5. Clearing Cache

To run your application faster and smoothly, then you need to clear the cache of the Disney Plus application.

Steps to Clear Cache on Sony TV

#1 Go to Settings.

#2 Select the Apps section, you can see all apps.

#3 Select Disney Plus, then select Clear Cache -> OK.

#4 You can also clear the app data by clicking the Clear Data.

6. Using Other Devices

If you face any issues with the Disney Plus application on your Sony TV, then try using the application on other devices in order to check whether there are any compatible issues on your Sony TV. If the Disney Plus app is working fine on other devices, then there may be some technical issues with your Sony TV.

7. Checking Availability

There are possibilities when you try to watch a movie or series on the application, that the content may not be available in your region. The restriction on the content is because the Disney Plus servers are not supported in the specific region. Make sure that you are accessing the Disney+ app in supported countries. For geo-restricted countries, use any of the best VPNs on your Android TV.

8. Reinstalling the Application

If the above methods don’t favor resolving your issue, you need to uninstall the Disney Plus application and reinstall it on your Sony TV.

Steps to Uninstall Application on Sony TV

#1 Go to Settings on your Sony TV.

#2 Now, select the Apps section.

#3 Next, select the All Apps option and select Disney Plus and uninstall it.

#4 Then, install the Disney+ app from the Play Store.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Disney Plus work on Sony TV?

Yes, the Disney Plus application is supported on selected Sony TV models. You can check the full list of models here.

2. How to fix the Disney Plus app sound not working on Sony Smart TV?

For this specific issue, you need to update the Disney+ app on your Sony TV.

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