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How to Fix Disney Plus Not Working on LG Smart TV

by Natalie
Disney Plus not Working on LG TV

Disney Plus is one of the favorite online streaming platforms for users. What if the Disney Plus suddenly stops working on your LG TV? First, ensure your LG TV is compatible with the Disney Plus application. You can identify it quickly. If your LG TV is manufactured before 2016, it is not compatible. If it was manufactured after 2016, you can easily download and install the Disney application from the LG Content Store.

How to Fix Disney Plus Not Working on LG TV

There are some factors that may influence Disney+ to stop working on LG TV. It includes Disney Plus server error, poor internet connection, outdated Disney Plus app or TV firmware, and more. Regardless of the reason, the issue can be fixed easily in a few minutes.

  1. Restarting the Application
  2. Power Cycling
  3. Reinstalling the application
  4. Updating Disney Plus
  5. Updating Framework
  6. Factory Reset

Restarting the Application

If you face any issues with Disney Plus, the first and foremost thing you have to do is restart the application. It may solve the issue. If it doesn’t solve, try restarting your Sony TV.

Power Cycling

Power Cycling is a process where you have to turn off your device and turn it on after some time. Unplug the power cable from your TV and plug it in again to restart. There is an alternative way where you can initiate a power cycle by using your LG remote. To do this, press and hold the ‘Volume‘ button along with the Power key until your LG TV starts rebooting.

Normally, the reboot process takes only a few seconds. Once you see the reboot logo on your LG TV, release your fingers. It means that the device has been rebooted successfully.

Reinstalling the application

You can uninstall the Disney Plus application and reinstall it on your LG TV to remove the glitches associated with it.

Steps to Uninstall the Disney Plus Application

#1 Press the Home button to bring out the Launch bar.

#2 In the launch bar, enter Disney Plus.

#3 Wait until the Arrow icon appears.

#4 Click on that Arrow icon and select the symbol represented as ‘X.’

#5 Confirm it by selecting Ok.

Steps to Install the Disney Plus Application

#1 Press the ‘Home’ button on your LG remote.

#2 Go to LG Content Store.

#3 Type and search for Disney Plus in the search box.

#3 Select Disney Plus.

#4 Now, click on Install.

installing disney plus on lg tv

Updating Disney Plus

Updating the Disney Plus application can be the solution to rectify the issue. Sometimes, the application without an update will have some bugs and doesn’t function properly. To get rid of this, you need to keep the app updated.

#1 On the LG Content Store, select Apps.

#2 Next, go to the My Apps section.

apps section to find disney plus on lg tv

#3 Search and discover the Disney Plus app.

#4 Click on it and install the latest version by tapping the Update button.

Updating Framework

Sometimes the issue may not be fixed even after updating the application. At that point, you need to update your LG TV. Before starting the update process, you need to identify your TV’s model number. You can find the TV’s model number in the user manual or label pasted on LG TV. You can update LG TV in two ways.

Method 1

#1 On the home screen, go to Settings.

#2 After that, choose All Settings and go to General.

#3 Now, select the About this TV.

about this tv option in lg tv

#4 Click on Check for Updates. You can click on the radio button indicating Allow Automatic Updates option to update your LG TV automatically.

check for updates to update lg tv

#5 If there is any software update release, you will get a prompt notification asking for Install. Click on Install.

update lg tv to fix disney plus

Method 2

You can manually update your LG TV if there is no update available. It can be done by downloading from the official LG website and saving the update program on any external USB drive.

#1 First, go to the official LG website.

#2 Search for firmware by entering your TV model number.

#3 Once found, download and save it on your USB drive.

#4 Connect the USB drive to your LG TV.

#5 On the home screen, click on Setup and Support.

#6 Click on the Install from file option and update.

Factory Reset

This is the final method, where you can fix the error on Disney Plus by resetting your LG TV.

#1 On the Home screen, go to the Menu option.

#2 Then click on Settings and go to All Settings by tapping the three-dot button present at the bottom.

home screen in lg tv

#3 Under All Settings, select General and click on Reset to Initial Settings.

resetting option in lg tv

#4 A pop-up will appear, where you will be asked for confirmation. Select OK.

resetting lg tv to fix disney plus

#5 Wait for a while, and after completion of the reboot, you can configure settings on LG TV.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Disney Plus work on LG Smart TV?

Yes, Disney Plus works on LG TV.

How to fix Disney Plus not updating on LG TV?

First, ensure that LG Smart TV is connected to a standard internet connection, and then restart your TV to update the Disney+ app without any issues.

Can’t get Disney Plus on LG Smart TV?

Disney Plus app is supported only supported models. You can’t find the Disney Plus on the LG Content Store if the TV is not compatible. Visit this LG support page to find compatible TVs.

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