How to Cast iPhone to Android TV [Easy Ways]

by Natalie

All the Android TV are compatible with the Cast support. Using the Cast feature, you can cast your iPhone or Android smartphone to Android TV. For Android smartphones, you can cast the app or screen mirror the app using the built-in features. But, to cast your iPhone or iPad to your Android TV, you have to install a third-party mirroring app. As of now, the AirPlay feature is not available on Android TV models.

How to Cast iPhone or iPad to Android TV

If you are using Cast-supported apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, or YouTube, you can directly cast the from your iPhone. For all casting and mirroring purposes, you must connect your iPhone and Android TV to the same WiFi network.

1. Open the video streaming app that supports the Cast feature like YouTube on your iPhone or iPad. If you don’t have the YouTube app, install it from the App Store.

2. Play any video on the YouTube app.

3. On the playback screen, tap the Cast icon.

Cast iPhone to Android TV

4. On the available devices, tap on Android TV.

5. Now, you can see the video from the YouTube app on your Android TV.

6. To stop the casting, tap the Cast icon again and choose iPhone.

How to Screen Mirror iPhone on Android TV

For the apps that don’t have the Cast support, like TIDAL Music or Pluto TV, you have to screen mirror it from your iPhone. For screen mirroring, you have to install a third-party app called AirPlay on Android TV from the Play Store.

1. From the Android TV home screen, go to Apps.

2. Select the Google Play Store app.

3. With the help of the Search icon, search for AirPlay for Android TV.

4. Select AirPlay for Android TV from the search results.

5. Click on Install to get the app on your Android TV.

6. Open the AirPlay for Android TV app on your TV.

7. Now, on your iPhone, go to the Control Centre and tap the Screen Mirroring icon.

Screen Mirroring icon

8. Then, click on the name of your Android TV from the devices displayed.

Choose Android TV

9. Now, the entire iPhone or iPad screen will appear on your Android TV. Open any app and play the video content. It will appear on your Android TV.

10. If you keep your iPhone on portrait mode, the content being cast on your Android TV will be small and thin. To see the videos comfortably, it is advised to keep your iPhone in Landscape Mode.

Apart from the AirPlay for Android TV app, you can use other screen mirroring apps like AirBeam TV, ApowerMirror, AirDroid, and AirScreen app.

Supported Android TVs

  • TCL Smart TV
  • Philips Smart TV
  • Hisense Smart TV
  • Panasonic Smart TV
  • Sony Smart TV
  • JVC Smart TV

Supported Android TV Boxes


1. Does Apple AirPlay work with Android?

No, the AirPlay feature is not available on Android TVs. You have to use third-party apps to screen mirror your iPhone.

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