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Best Miracast App for Android TV

by Natalie
Miracast app for Android TV

When it comes to sharing screens between devices wirelessly, Miracast apps help you with their simple interface and ease to use. With Miracst apps, we can cast anything ranging from videos and images to pdf and other files. Miracast apps are efficient for mirroring your devices over Wi-Fi. Also, Miracast supports full HD Display, 4K resolution, and 5.1 sound surround. In this section, let’s explore and compare the best Miracast app for Android TV.

Best Miracast Apps for Android TV

The use of Miracast has extensively increased in the business and education sectors. If you need to add a Miracast app to your device, check out the following apps.

AirScreen – AirPlay & Cast & Miracast & DLNA

AirScreen is one of the best wireless Miracast, AirPlay, and DLNA apps for your devices. You can cast your smartphones, tablets, and computers to a bigger screen conveniently over Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

Miracast apps for Android TV: AirScreen
  • AirScreen assures you privacy over the internet and prevents unauthorized access.
  • Additionally, it supports a screen recording feature and helps you save favorite content.
  • It is supported on Android, PC, and Mac. You need to have the app on the receiving device while the casting device can work without the app.
  • Air-Screen lets you cast supports thousands of apps, including Google Chrome, Safari, YouTube, and more.
  • The app has in-app purchases for premium features that add more functions.

Miracast for Android to the TV: Wi-Fi Display

If you have an Android device and would like to cast it on your TV, go for the ‘Miracast for Android’ to the TV’ app. It is developed by the Corneo apps and lets you connect your smartphone to your Android TV.

Miracast apps for Android TV: Wifi Display
  • Miracast for Android to the TV app is free to use and ad-based app on your Android TV.
  • One of the most advantageous features of the app is that it connects to all brands of TV.
  • The app is user-friendly and connects to your TV without any hassle.
  • It is a very small app and doesn’t take a lot of space on your phone.
  • The app has in-built features to regulate the resolution of the video on your TV.


EZMira is an official Mirascreen app developed by Mirascreen LTD. So, if you are looking for a cool option for Miracast apps, go for EZMira. 

Miracast apps for Android TV: Ezmira
  • One of the attractive features of EZMira is that it is free to use.
  • Additionally, all features are unlocked for you without any additional payment or subscription.
  • You can use either Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or QR code scanning to set up the casting on EZMira.
  • Also, EZMira supports DLNA so that you can connect even if your devices aren’t synchronized.
  • Furthermore, you can access the internet from a TV screen, and it supports YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, and Vimeo.

Screen Mirroring – Miracast for Android to TV

The screen mirroring app is another brilliant casting app if you have an Android smartphone (version 4.2 and above). This app is developed by Studiosoolter to cast videos and apps on your TV.

Miracast apps for Android TV: Screen Mirroring
  • Screen Mirroring is a simple-to-use app and is free to use without subscription plans.
  • Additionally, you can get more premium features by purchasing a subscription plan.
  • The app casts to your TV with simple steps and maintains a stable connection.
  • With this app, you can cast videos, photos, and PDFs to your TV from your Android device.
  • This ad-based app lets you connect to more than one device simultaneously.

Miracast Screen Sharing/Mirroring Shortcut

Miracast Screen Sharing is one of the most efficient Miracast apps you can add to your device. The app is designed so that everyone can use it with ease.

Miracast apps for Android TV: Miracast
  • One of the main advantages of Miracast Screen Sharing is that it is ad-free.
  • Furthermore, the app is free of subscription plans, and you can access all of its features.
  • Miracast Screen Sharing app can connect to all brands of TVs.
  • Also, it is so efficient that it has zero lag between casting the content from your casting device and the TV.
  • With a Miracast app widget on your home screen, you can cast your phone on your TV with a single tap on a button.


AllCast is not a native app on your Android devices Google Play Store. The app lets you cast photos, videos, pictures, and music from your Android devices on your TV.

  • Apart from Android TVs, you can connect to Xbox, Sire TV, Apple TV, and Smart TVs with AllCast.
  • Since you don’t have an official AllCast app, you need to install its apk version on your device.
  • It has both free and premium tiers that you can choose based on your requirements.
  • The free version has ads and a limitation on the time of streaming.

AirDroid: Remote access & File

AirDroid is a popular Android-based Miracast app for your phone and tablet. If you have the app, you can access your device from PCs and Mac. Apart from casting, it is a very useful file manager.

  • AirDroid also lets you access your device over a web browser. Also, you can access it on your Android TV.
  • AirDroid is a completely free app without in-app purchases and subscriptions.
  • When it comes to app size, AirDroid is very small and doesn’t require a lot of space on your device.
  • Additional features on the app include SMS, contact management, screen recording, and more.

AllCast TV Screen Mirroring

Out of all Miracast apps available on iOS, AllCast TV Screen Mirroring is one of the most simple and effective.

AllCast TV
  • With just one click, you can connect your iOS device to Android TV in HD quality.
  • You can use the app to screen mirror photos, videos, apps, games, websites, documents, presentations.
  • There is no need for the receiver to install the app. Instead, you can select your TV in the app and start mirroring.
  • The connection is made over Wi-Fi, and the app lets you cast even browsers on your TV.

Miracast – Wifi Display

Miracast – Wi-Fi Display is one of the simplest Miracast apps that you can connect to your TV. With your smartphone, you can cast apps and videos on your TV.

Wifi Display
  • You can use the Miracast – Wi-Fi Display app for almost all brands of televisions.
  • Also, the app is free, and you don’t need any subscription to use it.
  • The app is very small and doesn’t need space to occupy.

Screen Mirroring & TV Miracast

Screen Mirroring & TV Miracast is a handy Miracast service on the iOS platform. This app has a simple interface making it easy to use it.

Screen Mirroring and TV Miracast
  • You can cast your photos, videos, music, web, and more from your iPhone or iPad to your Android TV.
  • Apart from Android TVs, it is supported on multiple Smart TVs models, including Roku, Samsung, and LG TVs.
  • It is a subscription-based Miracast app that costs you $8.99 per month or $30.99 per year.
  • Also, you can get a 3-day free trial on Screen Mirroring & TV Miracast.

When you watch movies, videos, and other apps on your TV screen rather than on your phone, you can see more things in the same frame. If you can connect your device to your TV wirelessly, you can enjoy watching content from them on your TV. So, choose the best Miracast apps for Android TV and mirror your devices easily on the TV.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Does Miracast support need internet?

It depends on the type of video you are casting. You need internet only if you are mirroring an app that runs on the internet. If not, the connection is a separate Wi-Fi connection between the devices.

Is screen mirroring and Miracast the same thing?

It might seem that both screens mirroring and Miracast are just the same thing. But technically speaking, they are a little different from each other.

Why doesn’t my device support Miracast?

Not all devices support Miracast, and some devices have it disabled.

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