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Best FileLinked Codes to Install Apps on Android TV

by Natalie
Filelinked Codes

After getting the FileLinked app on Android TV, you may look for the working codes to install your desired application on your TV. As the developer or user of Filelinked, you must know all the important codes to download the respective app. There are a lot of codes available for a variety of applications from different categories like streaming, productivity, VPN, sports, lifestyle, Emulators, education, and a lot more. However, FileLiked is no longer available as of now. If it works well on your device, then you can proceed with our guide.

Hence, we will walk you through the ultimate list of FileLinked Codes, especially for Android TV in this article. Before taking a look at the codes, you must know whether the selected code requires a PIN or not to proceed further as knowing the PIN for some codes are indispensable thing while using the FileLinked app.

Importance of VPN

Even though FileLinked is legal to use, the code you are entering to install the app might be illegal. So, use a VPN on Android TV to hide your IP address and location while installing files from FileLinked. You can find hundreds of free and premium VPNs on your Android TV. Choose the best one and install it on your TV before accessing FileLinked and its codes.

Best FileLinked Codes

Below are some of the best FileLinked codes you can use on Android TV. Out of them, a few codes require a PIN to log in and access.

17779393 2222

1. Code 51829986

Stream & Tech Now

This store is called Stream & Tech Now. It has over 500 apps in different categories like Movies, TV shows, Live TV, Sports, Utilities, Media Players, and more.

2. Code 85810914

Electrical MD

This code will take you to a store called Electrical MD. It has more than 40 apps from various categories. Although the number of apps may be low compared to other FileLinked codes, it only has truly useful apps.

3. Code 71607934


The store is called Fire TV Stick, and it has more than 200 apps. The apps available in the store belong to different categories like web browsers, media players, ad blockers, movies and TV shows, anime, sports, and more. It also has modded versions of many apps.

4. Code 22222222

This code is one of the longest-running FileLinked and is called NewTech Evolution. This apk Store requires a PIN code- 4754 to log in. It has 100+ apps from categories like TV shows, movies, utilities, Live TV, and more.

  • Typhoon TV
  • Morph TV
  • ATV Launcher
  • Nord VPN

5. Code 67664537

This code represents a store called Stream It All. It has over 250 apps with categories like Anime, Live TV, Sports, Games, Media Players, and more. This store is one of the most visited Flielinked codes.

6. Code 33627466

It is another one of the best FileLinked codes to use. It is called Stream Doctor and has tons of apps. They belong to different categories like live TV, movies, TV shows, media players, and more.

7. Code 11039868

NxtLvLTech is the name of the store. This store has over 300 apps from different categories like Movies, TV shows, Media Players, Music, and more. You can also stream a Podcast on this store called “Beyond The Streams.”

8. Code 27256340

Dr Venture

This store is called Dr. Venture and is one of the best FileLinked codes. It has more than 130+ apps. These apps are categorized as Live TV, Movies, TV shows, anime, and more.

9. Code 32364318

This code represents a store called iTrustStream. The store has over 120 apps from categories like Media Servers, IPTV Players, Tools, Movies and TV Shows, Sports, and more.

10. Code 17779393 

Jo714 is a store with tons of ad-free apps from different categories like Media Players, Utility, Spanish Movies and TV Shows, and more. This store requires a PIN 2222 to sign in.

How to Use FileLinked Codes on Android TV

1. Turn on your Android TV and open the FileLinked app.

2. On the Your Code section, enter the Filelined code using the on-screen keyboard.

Select Continue - FileLinked Codes

3. Click on Continue. Now, you can access the files available on that code.

Note: Some FileLinked codes require you to enter a PIN to access the files available. For these codes, you need to know the PIN associated with them.

4. Choose the app you want to download and click on the Download icon.

Select Download icon - FileLinked Codes

5. Once the download is done, select the Play button to install the file on your Android TV.

Select Play icon - FileLinked Codes

How to Delete FileLinked Codes on Android TV

1. On the FileLinked home screen, click on My Codes.

2. On the Code History screen, select the Trash icon.

Select Trash icon - FileLinked Codes

3. Select Delete to delete all the codes stored in your FileLinked app.

Select Delete - FileLinked Codes

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is FileLinked not working?

FileLinked has stopped working because the developer has shut down the app and its servers.

2. What are FileLinked alternatives?

Since the FileLinked app is no longer available, you can use any one of the tools listed below to download the app with the help of codes or URLs.
I) Downloader
II) AppLinked
III) Aptoide TV
IV) Unlinked

3. What are the top FileLinked Codes?

The top FileLinked Codes are 51829986, 85810914, 71607934, 22222222, 67664537, etc.

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