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6 Best Downloader Alternatives to Sideload Apps on Android TV

by Natalie
Downloader Alternatives

Even though Downloader is one of the most used sideloading platforms, it does not stay constant on the Google Play Store. What to do if the Downloader app does not work or if removed from the Google Play Store? Here are the best alternative services for the Downloader app on Android TV. After deep research, our technical experts went through and analyzed more than 20 sideloading tools available on the Play Store. Among those apps, we have filtered the 6 best alternative services for the Downloader app on Android TV. If you’re looking for the best alternative app for Downloader, this article is for you. Here, we have listed the 6 best alternative apps for Downloader to sideload the APK files on Android TV. The only thing you should do is choose your desired one according to your usage.

Important Note: According to the official article from AFTVnews, the Downloader app has now returned to the Google Play Store on November 30, 2023, and you can install it on your Android TV without any hassle.

Top 5 Downloader Alternatives For Android TV

Remote AppsRatingPriceDownload Link
Downloader for TV4.9/5FreePlay Store
TV Bro4.7/5FreePlay Store
Send files to TV4.25/5FreePlay Store
File Commander4.0/5FreePlay Store
Smart TV APK downloader3.5/5$4.99Play Store
Solid Explorer3.5/5FreePlay Store

1. Downloader for TV

Downloader for TV is one of the best tools to sideload the apps on your Android TV. It is also one of the best alternative apps for the Downloader app on Android TV. Since it has the simplest and best User Interface, anyone can download the APK on their Android TV without any hectic process. The Downloader for TV app helps you reduce the work of entering the URL if you’re sideloading the APK using the urlsrt.io website. Moreover, it also has the default FAQ section on the TV app to troubleshoot all your not working issues. Apart from downloading the APK, you can also uninstall the downloaded apps directly from the Downloader for TV app.

Downloader for TV

2. TV Bro

TV Bro - Downloader Alternative

TV Bro is a recommended alternative app to replace the Downloader app for your Android TV. This app looks like a web browser that helps to search and download the app through a web address. So, TV Bro is one such app whose functions are almost similar to the Downloader app. Further, it lets you bookmark your favorite page, search through voice support, browse using two switchable web-rendering engines, and use shortcuts based on your preference.

3. Send files to TV

Send files to TV - Downloader Alternative

Send files to TV, popularly known as SFTTV is a well-known application that is used to download whatever files, including APK you want. It works as a file-sharing algorithm and helps to share the apk file from your smartphone to Android TV. To use this application, you should download and install this app on both your Android TV and smartphone. Once it is installed on both devices, you need to establish the connection between them. After that, you can easily share the apk file wirelessly and install it on the TV.

4. File Commander

File Commander

With the File Commander app, you can access files like APKs, photos, videos, music, documents, and more on Android TV. This app is a powerful file manager where you can organize, handle, and protect all kinds of files from the local, and cloud storage. One of its versatile functions is that it can help to sideload the apk file with the help of Google Drive. After downloading the apk file on your smartphone, you should copy it to your Drive account. Then, all Drive files can be accessed through this file manager app on your Android TV.

5. Smart TV APK downloader

Smart TV APK downloader

Yet another good alternative to the Downloader app is Smart TV APK downloader. It is natively available on the Google Play Store to download for your Android TV. Like the Downloader app, this file manager utility is very helpful in terms of searching and downloading the APK files on Android TV. However, it is not a free source to download and use for all Android-based devices. Instead, you need to pay $4.99 for its one-time activation. Paying for its premium price is the only drawback of this apk-downloader app.

6. Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer for Android TV is considered one of the top-notch file-managing applications. Using this app, you can easily sideload any APK file on your Android TV without any hassle. So, it can be a perfect alternative to the Downloader app. After downloading your desired apk files using any browser on Android TV, you can use Solid Explorer to sideload it. Apart from the general functions, this file manager allows you to protect and backup your files.


1. What happened to the downloader app?

Due to the offensive use of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), the Downloader app was removed from the Google Play Store on November 28, 2023.

2. How do I get the Downloader app?

Since the Downloader app is unavailable on the Play Store, you need to install it with the help of the sideloading method.

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