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Best Web Browsers for Android TV in 2023 [Official & Unofficial]

by Natalie
Best Browsers for Android TV

Browsers are considered the most essential applications on any device. When it comes to Android TV, you might be disappointed due to the unavailability of all our desired web browsers. Since Android TV isn’t dedicated to web browsing, you have very few browsers from the Play Store of the TV. If you want to use any popular browser like Chrome, Firefox, and more, it is only possible by sideloading.

Most people wouldn’t prefer to use web browsers on their TVs, and some might want a browser to visit web pages on a larger screen. Unfortunately, there isn’t much knowledge about which browser will be better on an Android TV. In this article, we shall explore the best browsers for Android TV. 

Best Official Browsers for Android TV

Even though Android TV lacks the most popular web browsers, few official browsers are available on the Play Store. However, they can be used to browse simple websites and watch videos from streaming sites.

1. Puffin TV

Puffin TV browser is designed especially for Android TV. So, you have a lot of browsing features with Puffin Browser on Android TV. You can find the app inside the Google Play Store and add it to your TV. When it comes to its jaw-dropping features, Puffin has a built-in voice search tool to search the web content using your voice and this browser works based on the Cloud-Processing technique to reduce the loading time and enhance browsing speed. However, the app is only free for a while, and then you have to purchase a plan.

Best Browsers for Android TV

2. TV Bro

TV Bro is yet another browser that has dedicated optimization for Android TV. Therefore, the app works well on your TV, and you can navigate through the browser with ease. Similarly, you can click on links and search without much difficulty. With TV Bro, you can enjoy features like bookmarks, multiple tabs, and more. You can download this app from the Google Play Store on the device.

Best Browsers for Android TV

3. TV Web Browser

TV Web Browser is another browser developed for an Android TV, and you can find it in the Google Play store. It has a simple interface and makes your browsing fast and safer. You can easily use it to browse for images, videos, and much more. You can easily navigate through this application on your Android TV. Additionally, you can save your favorite pages and add bookmarks. You can get a premium subscription to get adblocker.

Best Unofficial Web Browsers for Android TV

As we said earlier, the official browsers lack advanced features, and you may find errors while streaming high-quality videos. To fix that, you can sideload the following browsers from a trustworthy source.

1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers with a simple interface and features to make searching easier. Chrome is available on multiple devices. If you buy an Android phone, it comes with a built-in Chrome browser. Similarly, you might have used it on your computer and tablets. However, you can’t get a pre-installed Chrome browser on Android TV and you can’t even find it in the Play Store. So, you need to sideload the Chrome browser apk on your Android TV. However, the browser is not optimized for your TV, and it comes with a layout similar to that on a smartphone. With Google Chrome, you can sync your account with passwords and bookmarks. In addition, you can use it to watch videos from popular sites like Netflix, YouTube, and Disney Plus on Android TV.

Best Browsers for Android TV

2. Firefox

Firefox or Mozilla Firefox is another popular browser available on multiple devices. On Firefox, you can sync your account along with passwords on your Android TV. However, you can’t find Firefox on Android TV, and you need to sideload it from a trusted site on your device. The layout is pretty much similar to that on your PC, and the add-ons on the browser are accessible on TV as well. However, it is hard to navigate through the app using your remote.

Best Browsers for Android TV

3. Opera

Opera is one of the most popular web browser apps on smartphones and PCs. It is a fast browser and brings you better search results. However, it doesn’t have a dedicated app on an Android TV. Still, you can sideload Opera on Android TV similar to Chrome and Firefox. If you use your remote to access the web browser, it may not work properly. So, use a keyboard or mouse when you use Opera on your Android TV.

4. Samsung Internet Browser

Samsung Internet Browser is not one of those browsers developed for an Android TV. Still, the app works well on your Android TV with features to make it desirable. It includes dark mode, text size adjustment, and ad-blocking features. Also, you can set up a high contrast mode in the browser on your Android TV so that you can get the sharpest pictures. This app also provides a tracking-blocking feature. However, you can’t find it in the Google Play Store, and you need to sideload it.

Best Browsers for Android TV

5. Duck Duck Go Browser

Duck Duck Go is one of the best browsers that provides you with better privacy. The app is designed to work on your mobile phone and keeps your browsing anonymous. However, you can sideload Duck Duck Go on Android TV if you want. The app automatically deletes your browsing history after a fixed period. Also, you can clear your browser history with just one click on the clear history button. Also, the app has a default dark mode, and you can change it from Settings. Like other browsers, you can watch videos from streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, and Paramount Plus on Android TV, or any other site you want.

6. Kiwi Browser

Actually, the Kiwi Browser is not optimized for Android TV. But, it works pretty well on your TV with a simple user interface. You should sideload the Kiwi Browser on Android TV if you want to install it. This browser provides a lot of features on an Android TV as it does on a smartphone. For instance, you can turn on a dark mode on Kiwi Browser, even on an Android TV. Also, you can block ads on the Kiwi web browser as it comes with a built-in ad-blocker.

7. Dolphin Browser

Dolphin Browser is one of the browsers that work well on your Android TV. It is popularly accepted as an Android TV browser and needs to be sideloaded on your Android TV. The browser supports features like Adobe Flash Player and Gesture controls. In addition, it has a download manager to manage your downloads and an ad-blocking feature. It also has general features like bookmarks, multiple tabs, and private browsing.

8. Silk Browser

Amazon Fire TV Stick users may have heard about this browser. Silk Browser is a built-in browser on all Fire TV devices. On Android TV, you can sideload its apk version. With a simple layout, the browser is very handy to browse social media and stream videos on popular websites. With Silk Browser on Android TV, you will get a high-speed browsing experience due to the browser’s advanced features. Notably, this browser doesn’t consume a large amount of storage and cache files, unlike other browsers.

Silk Browser for Android TV

Final Words

Now you know the best internet browsers on Android TV. Some of them need to be sideloaded, while others can be added from the Play Store itself. Due to the popularity, You might have used a few browsers like Chrome and Firefox on other devices. However, you might find it hard to use your remote for browsing on your TV. Instead, you can use a mouse or keyboard to browse on your TV similar to your PC.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a web browser for Android TV?

Yes. Android TV has a few built-in browsers like Puffin TV, TV Bro, and TV Web Browser. Even though these browsers lack several features, they can be used for normal internet surfing.

2. How to install an internet browser on Android TV?

Some browsers can be installed from the Google Play Store, and some of them have to be sideloaded from third-party sites.

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