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Best Applinked Codes to Download Apps on Android TV

by Natalie
Applinked Codes

Applinked app is much needed for Android TV to download the apps with the help of codes. By using this app, you can download any apps that are not available on the Play Store. To use this app, you should be aware of AppLinked codes in a working condition. There are numerous codes available to download different kinds of applications from several categories. Remember, Applinked acts like a downloading medium and it doesn’t host any content. It is considered the best replacement for the Filelinked app, which stopped its function in recent times.

This article deals with the working codes for all infamous and unpopular applications to download for Android TV.

Need of VPN

Even though Applinked is a simple application without any media content, the codes that you’re entering inside the app may lead you to install illegal apps. Hence, it is advisable to use a VPN and hide your location while installing apps from the Applinked app. Below, we have suggested some of the best VPNs for your Android TV.

Best AppLinked Codes

Below we have listed some best codes you can use in Applinked to install your favorite streaming app.

Code 4554

This is the best store with almost all the apps you need. Under this store, more than 175 apps are available in several categories like sports, movies, live TV shows, web series, VPNs, and a lot more.

Code 5555

Code 5555 has mostly movie and live TV apps. There are about 35+ apps available in this store. For those who are looking to install only movie apps, this store suits them the most. Some of the apps accessible under this store are

Applinked Code 5555

Code 3333

This store contains generic apps in different categories like movies, sports, documentaries, etc. It has very few apps when compared with the other stores. The store has more than ten apps.

Applinked 3333

Code 8888

If you love watching entertainment channels, you must try apps from this store. The store has Peacock TV, which comes with hundreds of movies in different genres. It has more than 25 apps, and you can explore the store for a great experience.

Applinked Code 8888

Code 4444

Store 4444 has most of the utility apps compared to the other stores. All the apps under this store are functioning currently. Users can download the apps and enjoy watching content on these apps.

  • SmartTube Next
  • Peers TV
  • OTT Play
  • vPlay
  • Kino HD Premium
  • VLC Player etc.,
Applinked code 4444

Code 7777

The Applinked store 7777 was created by Doc Squiffy, a YouTuber. This store has high-standard entertainment and popular applications with adult content. It also has apps related to movies, sports, live TV shows, etc.,

  • Cinema HD
  • Coco TV
  • UK Turks
  • Free Flix HQ
  • Aston Cine
Applinked code 7777

Code 6464

The store has apps that mostly stream high-quality movies and TV shows. It has more than 45 apps and is a must-try store for users. The apps in this store come with extra features like dark mode, ad-free, etc. Some of the apps are

Applinked code 6464

Code 727272

This is another best stores to use. It provides apps that are mostly movies, documentaries, and anime. The store has more than 100 entertainment apps, and it covers all categories.

  • Happykids
  • Disney+
  • Wuffy Player
  • Rokr
  • Puffin
  • Titan Player
  • Aptoide TV
  • Morpheus TV and more.
Applinked code 727272

Code 719778818

You can find some popular apps in all categories in this store but with limited numbers. The store provides apps that are free from ads. The list of apps are

  • Media Lounge
  • Typhoon TV
  • Strix
  • FX File Explorer
  • Media Lounge
Applinked Code 719778818

Code 301851852

This is the only store that has very few apps. If you are searching for a popular app, you can find it in this store. The store contains only two applications. They are

Applinked code 301851852

How to Use Applinked Codes on Android TV

1. Open the Applinked app on Android TV. On its home screen, you will be required to enter the code.

2. After entering a code, click on Submit. The best part is that it automatically saves the code, and you don’t have to search and enter it for the next time.

Applinked app

3. You can see the list of apps under the specific code.

4. Click on Add Store, which is in the top right corner.

adding store

5. You will be asked for the code to add.

entering store code

6. Enter the code and select Submit.

store code

7. Next, go to the Select a Store text box and click on the dropdown menu.

added store code

8. You can see the added code in the list. Select any one from the list.

9. Select any app from the list and click on Download.

downloading app from the applinked store

10. Once the app gets downloaded, follow the steps to install the app on your Android TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Applinked?

Applinked is an application where you can download any apps on your Android TV or any other device by using the codes.

2. What are the best Applinked Codes for live TV?

Some of the best Applinked Codes for live TV are 4554, 4444, 5555, 8888, 727272, etc.,

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